Monday, February 13, 2012

cuatro ninos

This past week I had two fun opportunities to spend some special time with my nephews! I'm an old pro with boys so adding one more to the mix was nothing!

On Thursday we picked Brady up from school and brought him back to our house for a play date! Nolan was super excited to have someone other than his little brother to play with! And he was thrilled to be able to stay up and play all afternoon instead of having to take a nap. The second Brady climbed into the third row of the pilot the craziness ensued! They were singing and laughing and bouncing and screaming at the top of their lungs! And it stayed that way pretty much the entire drive home. The older 2 boys said they were trying to wake Brooks up. Nolan said, "Mommy, Brooks is sleeping too hard!" Poor guy, good thing he is so easy going and just slept through it all!

When we got home they went straight to the toys and it didn't take long before our house looked like this!
There pretty much wasn't a toy in the house that they didn't play with!

Silly to the max!

I took this picture on my phone and sent it to Cara to let her know that we were doing just fine and having a fun afternoon. After lunch and Heath going down for a nap, Brady and Nolan played light sabres, trains, Nickelodeon Fit & Toy Story Mania on the Wii, and Zingo!

I did not get much done around the house that afternoon, but more importantly I just spent time playing with these cute boys!

Then this past Saturday we had the pleasure of watching Cohen for the evening so that Brad & Jayne could go out on a date.
Heath just LOVES his cousin! He's hugging him in this picture! When Nolan heard that Cohen liked raisins he ran into the kitchen and got his little cousin a box. He's really a thoughtful boy. Then of course they all needed a raisin snack.

And then they all needed to put on their Rockies hats too! Nolan is saying "hoo hoo hoo hoo" and pumping his fist, cheering on the Rockies. And when I said, "Say Cheese!" Cohen closed his eyes and made this sweet little pose! Too cute!

We picked up a pizza for dinner, played Squinkies (And encouraged Cohen to eat the pizza, NOT the Squinkies!), and created some cars and watched PBS Kids on the ipad. 1 ipad and 3 small boys does not always work out. Busy little fingers all want their turn. But they did pretty well sharing after a few discussions with Daddy/Uncle Marky.

We love living so close to Mark's family and being able to raise our boys with their cousins. Their bond is so special and we pray that they will grow up continuing to be best buds!

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Cara S. said...

Thanks again for taking Brady last week. He had a great time (and he fell asleep before we even drove past Brad and Jaynes!)