Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sloothaak Family fun: Photo Dump

After being at my Grandma's house in Whitehall for a day we drove down to Zeeland to spend some MUCH NEEDED quality time with our dear friends, the Sloothaaks! It had been almost a year since we had seen them on our cruise to the Bahamas and our kids had not hung out together since Christmas of 2010. It was so great to all be together! 

That evening we piled the kids into their mini van and headed down to the beach at Holland State Park. Nolan is truly IN LOVE with their mini van! He wants us to get one so bad! Funny boy! 

It was scorching hot that day so the evening cooled down nicely and we had a fun little pizza picnic, played in the sand, watched boats, and splashed in the water! 
When we pulled up Nolan said, "I didn't know there was a big sandbox at the beach!" I guess it had been awhile since we had been there! Sweet boy, the beach is ONE HUGE sandbox for sure! 

Heath has always had weird feet things. He doesn't like you to pick between his toes, he doesn't like flip flops, and this day we found out he DOES NOT like sand! Perfect for a day at the beach. He didn't want his shoes off and wanted to be carried. Eventually he sort of warmed up to it and walked in it a little. Definitely something I hope he grows out of!!! 

The kids had fun throwing rocks into the water! 

Love this precious three kiddo hug! 

I am so thankful God brought this girl into my life! We were instant friends and have managed to stay tight despite space and time! 

We sure hope these kids will also be besties for life! 

Love this shot! 

The Sloothaaks have a fabulous yard that we spent a lot of time playing in! 

The next day was overcast and a little rainy so we hit up Deanna's Playhouse for a little indoor fun! 

Heath wore this knight's helmet almost the whole time we were there! 

It was a big open space with just about every toy imaginable! The kids had a lot of fun exploring and playing! 

After long naps the sun came out later in the evening and it was back outside to play! Isn't this shot of Rowan and Heath adorable! They all played together so well! 

It was so nice to be together. To talk, to laugh, and to share our kids with one another. John, Jill, Trey, and Rowan are flying out to see us in Parker in just a month! We can't wait to have them here and to spend a whole week together! 

Thanks Sloothaak fam for the best 2 days! We love you!!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

going home...

Last week we flew HOME to Chicago. 
 This was the first time that we have flown with all three kids! 

 Everything went super smooth and the boys were awesome! We flew in the evening so Brooks slept the whole way and Nolan and Heath watched a DVD. We landed, got our bags, and were picked up by my sister and her boyfriend Erik in his family's conversion van. (The only way we could all fit in 1 car! Ha!) We drove back to my parents house and the boys ended up staying up until almost 1 a.m. playing with my parents and their fun toys! They were so excited to be there! 

Early the next morning we woke up, got ready, and drove straight up to my Grandma's house in Whitehall, Michigan, 4 hours North of my parents house in Streamwood. Once again, despite little sleep, the boys did great on the drive. They read books, snoozed off and on, and played with little toys they brought along. Before going to my Grandma's house we made a quick pit stop for lunch at Dog 'n Suds! Our favorite little drive in diner right on White Lake! 

 It was so good to see my Grandma and let the boys explore the house and town my Dad grew up in. 

 Here they are doing some coloring in her front porch...

 and running around in her front yard. 

 My whole extended family came over for dinner. It was great to catch up. After dinner we took a walk down to the lake and played at the park. 

 It was unseasonably hot this weekend- in the mid 90's! 

 Love this park right on White Lake! My Dad played here, my siblings and I played here, and now my boys are playing here! Great memories! 

 Mark and Nolan swinging

 The boys loved throwing rocks into the lake. 

 This is where I grew up fishing with my Grandpa. Someday soon, our boys will fish here with their Grandpa too! I love watching the boats and we saw a Mama Swan and her babies too! 

 Proof that Brooksie was along for the ride! 

 Love bringing my guy to the places who have made me who I am today. 

 Here is some of the fam that came to Grandma's house: (from left to right): cousin Brian and his daughter Leah, my Mom & Dad, Aunt Kathy, her husband- my Uncle Jeff- Dad's younger brother, my cousin Kristin-married to Brian- daughter of my Dad's sister Beth, and her daughter Allie, and my younger cousin Matt. 

 The boys enjoyed some snuggle time with Grandma before bed! It was so funny because Nolan has always loved soft, cozy rugs and bath mats. My Grandma has small little rugs next to the beds in her house. So Nolan wanted to sleep on the little rug instead of the twin bed. Of course, Heath needed to do the same thing. So we set up their rugs right next to each other on the floor, the boys laid down, and  fell right asleep! They slept great too! As long as they slept, we didn't care where! Ha! 

 My Grandma and Grandpa would always sit right next to each other in these Lazy Boys. It was so sweet. Now, Nolan loved sitting in the Lazy Boy right next to his Great Grandma. 

 Great Grandma and the boys

Sunday morning we slept in, walked downtown to Pitkins to pick out candy, and visited with my Aunt Beth and her husband Frank. Here she is loving on Brooks! 

We had a quick but wonderful visit in Whitehall. Then we were off to Zeeland for Sloothaak family fun! More on that to come...