Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Busy August Weekend

What started out as a weekend with not much planned turned out to be a fun filled few days with friends and family! We spent time on Friday night relaxing at the house, celebrating Nolan's 2 front teeth, watching the Olympics, and enjoying our yard.

But, we were gone most of Saturday - Mark reveling in the joys of his Fantasy Football draft and poker, and myself spending some quality time with Nolan, Cara, Gwen, and the kids: Payton, Brady, and Rylan. We had a "peaceful" dinner at Firebowl, followed by a fun evening at the park. Nolan LOVED his first experience on a park swing and laughed hysterically! Only to scream in fear a few short minutes later when three moms were screeching and making loud silly noises in order to attempt to get one, nice, smiling photo of 4 kids under the age of four.

On Sunday, we hiked Devil's Head with our great friends Rick and Mandy and their awesome pup- Murphy. The weather was perfect at this point, a bit of sun and a cool breeze. The hike wasn't too rough, 1.4 miles up then 200 some, steep steps to the look out tower. It was a beautiful view and it felt so good to be active! Thank goodness for Mark- he carried all 20 plus pounds of Nolan up and down the mountain! Our timing was excellent, we finished and headed back to the Leensvart's for excellent chicken enchiladas, Arnold Palmers, the closing ceremonies, and funnel cloud viewing. There were tornadoes touching down in other parts of Douglas County and we watched them from their street!

Right about now we are exhausted and dreading work tomorrow! Good thing we have a 3 day weekend to look forward to!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy Days

We had a lazy, rainy weekend...and it was wonderful! We are all fighting colds, so we ate out, slept in, cuddled with Nolan in bed, took naps, and lounged around in sweats watching hours upon hours of the Olympics. And in the midst of not doing too much, Nolan had two, new, small accomplishments that, to us, made our weekend monumental!
1.) He now says "Da Da". We aren't sure if he totally knows what it means yet, but Mark is pretty pumped. And it is so cute to hear! And, 2.) He started clapping. How fun to see him celebrate and show excitement, or possibly, just do it to make more noise! We haven't been able to catch either of these fun new milestones on video, but see below for a glimpse of our big boy this weekend. We are constantly reminded of how blessed we are to have such a happy, healthy baby! He brings more joy to our lives then we could have ever imagined!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bear Down!

Daddy's working we have free reign to...root for the Bears!!! We thought we would help kick off the Chicago Bears first preseason football game, which is tonight, by trying out Nolan's most excellent Bears track suit from Uncle Tyler! Nolan sure looks like he could be their star line backer some day! Or the next "Frige"! Bear down!