Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a fantastic Mother's Day this year! It was full of lots of fun and I was completely spoiled as always! So proud to be a Mom to these boys and so blessed to have Mark by my side supporting me through this incredible job. 

We started off the festivities with Moms & Muffins at Heath's preschool. 

They opened up our time together with this sweet song! Heath did such a good job! 

Then his teacher read the story, I'll Love You Forever. Which, normally, I think is a pretty creepy story- you know how the Mom creeps into her grown sons window and rocks him to sleep- that's weird, right?! But it was sweeter this time with Heathy singing and reading along in parts. 

Here he is laughing at the creepy part…I'm with ya buddy! 

And then, of course, my phone storage was FULL! SAD! Bad timing…but I got these videos below from a friend. They are terrible quality, but you'll get the jist.

LOVE was made for YOU and ME! 

After the songs, Heath gave me this gift. 

He made a Shrinky Dink necklace for me!
I proudly wore it all day! 

They also made these flowers with Sharpies and plastic water bottles. They heated them somehow to look like the work of the artist Chihuly. They were so pretty! 

Next we ate muffins and enjoyed our time…just the two of us! It was a fun morning! 

The next morning was Muffins with Mom at Mammoth Heights! 
Nolan dug right in! 
We sat with Nolan's friend Reilly and her Mom. So we snapped pictures for each other! 

We made these sweet flowers together with buttons and pipe cleaners! 

And then it was time for him to be off to class! It was quick but so special! Love this dude who made me a MOM! 

On Mother's Day weekend, Nolan had his last choir performances of the year. 
And it was his best performance yet! I will never tire of hearing him sing! 

Here are some clips from his songs...

You're a Mom! If you love your Mom give me a "WOO HOO!" Loved it! So cute! 

After church we stopped by to see Mark's Mom and give her some gifts! We all sure love and appreciate her so much! She is an amazing Mom and dedicated OMA! Glad we got to spend part of our day with her! And then later that day we Skyped with my Mom too! Loved "seeing" her on her special day as well. 

The boys got me Starbucks for breakfast, new Nikes and work out pants, and a mani/pedi gift card.  Nolan made me this Mason Jar candle holder at school too. 

Then we went out to the new Culvers in Parker for dinner! This Mama always wants a good burger for ALL special occasions! The boys LOVED Culvers too…especially the custard dessert that came with the Kid's Meals! We had the best day together! Thank you to my handsome guys for giving me the best day! And a HUGE thank you to my awesome Momela for setting the BEST example for me of how to be a selfless, supportive, encouraging, and FUN MOM! I learned from the greatest! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Three

These three have my heart! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Wildlife Experience

Heath's preschool class took a field trip to The Wildlife Experience. I was so happy to be able to join him for the morning. I just love any one-on-one time I have with the boys. And Heath seems to especially need and love the extra attention. 
He wanted me to take his picture by every statue! 

He posed like this deer. Ha! 

And can you see him in the back there? Yeah. He wasn't supposed to be climbing around back there, but I just had to snap his photo quick before promptly being a good Mom and chaperone and asking him to come down. 

With some of his classmates! 

What a little love. 

They took a live animal class first. Love his sweet smile and enthusiasm in this photo. He really LOVES school and loves to learn! 

He got to touch a snake! 

Then we watched a 3D movie on the IMAX about Antarctica. 

They had a snack and seemed to enjoy it, but Mama was {shhh!} bored! 

A class photo with Miss Karen and Miss Liz. 

Then we got to explore the exhibits. 

Once again, he wanted his picture next to almost every animal we saw. Ha! 


He wanted to press every button! 

He took this picture for Nolan because he knew he'd love the Toucan! 

We walked through each habitat and talked about the land and weather and animals you'd find there. 

Scared in the cave! 

Watching the prairie dogs pop up! 

Playing in the game room with Brayden! 

It was a quick morning field trip but OH SO MUCH FUN with my middle! Love these memories! 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Now that it's almost the end of May, maybe I should update the blog on APRIL! 
and more Soccer! 
We are the Flames fan club! 
We literally have only had maybe 3 practices or games that have been warm and sunny! We've done a LOT of bundling up and have been very WET! 
Here are some pictures from one of our few sunny games! We've had 1 practice and 2 games cancelled. But the boys are having fun and improving in their knowledge of the sport and their skill.  

After the game we celebrated with Slurpies at 7-11 on "bring your own cup day"! The boys thought it was SO fun to fill up our pitcher! 

Oh, just a typical morning. Woken up by three crazy boys rarin' to go first thing! 

The start of baseball season is always a big deal around here! 
My Rockies guys! 

But look who I managed to get to wear his Cubbie gear for the Rockies home opener against the Cubs! The Cubs won the series even though Nolan was hoping the Rockies would "broom the Cubs"! Ha! He meant SWEEP! 

game playing with this cutie

And then this happened! Yuck! I'm SO over snow! 

Celebrating sweet Nora's 1st birthday! Her Mama and I both share a love for Nordstrom, so I started the tradition of gifting her something fun in a pretty silver box each year on her special day! Love my little BFF. 

Really needing to focus on the simplicity of this verse lately. Made a chalk design as a reminder for the fam! 

Earth Day fun...
This cutie reused items at school to make me this sweet flower! 

A rainy Earth Day practice with Coach Mommy while Daddy was out of town! We powered through and I was quite proud of myself! I can wrangle 7, 5-7 year olds any day…it's the soccer part that was a little sketchy! Ha! But we survived! Mark SO owed me after that one!

We always like to clean up trash at our park on Earth Day, but since it was raining, we post-poned this little tradition until the next day. 
Bags ready to beautify our park! 

My little helper did not quite get the concept! He was not thrilled about picking up the "yucky, yucky trash"! 

These cuties had fun exploring and hunting for litter! 

Brooks had more fun climbing than do-gooding! Ha! This picture was taken 2 seconds before he face planted into that pokey bush! It was so hard not to laugh! 

Nolan had a birthday party for a school friend at this fun Arapahoe Park. When we went to pick him up, we stayed and played for awhile! 

Random Raisin Book breakfast! 


O.k. so that was a whole lot of catch up! More fun to come! Hoping this summer I can stay on top of the blog!