Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Visitors

This past week we had the pleasure of having my mom and brother visit! My mom stayed for 10 days and my brother for 4! As always, my mom was up for some Colorado adventures! And we spent a lot of time chasing after and playing with Nolan! He has taken off over the past few weeks and is also saying so many new words, so it was perfect timing for them to be here! Brother- thanks for coming for a summer vaca- 
Nolan LOVES you! 

Whenever my mom comes to visit she completely spoils us! She cooks, cleans, bakes, does laundry, takes us out to eat, and cares for Nolan. This time she even cleaned my refrigerator! We have a blast just hanging around the house and being together- doing normal Mother/Daughter things! 

We wish she lived here and that we could spend time together all the time! Thanks mom for a wonderful visit! When Nolan woke up from his nap today he said, "Where'd go?" and looked around for you. He misses you already- "Ba, 'A-ma!" 
(Bye Grandma!)  

It's a...


We can't believe it! I'm officially outnumbered 3 to 1 in this house! We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks healthy and strong! Our little baby boy was moving like crazy and even had the hiccups! It is always so fun to see him in action and to hear that all looks well. We are so blessed to have two boys to raise to know God, serve others, respect and love the women in their lives, and of course-play sports and get dirty! Mark is looking forward to more blue and even more- balls! I can only hope and pray that my boys turn out to be as great of a man as Mark is! Some pictures and a video from our Dr.'s visit are below! In the quick video, you can see his heart beating, watch him hiccup, and turn his head!  

After our appointment we made lots of phone calls and went home to tell Nolan and my mom! She had made cupcakes during the day, so we frosted them blue, added some "boy" sprinkles, and brought them over to surprise Mark's family at dinner! 

I can't wait to start doing some planning now! Thinking about Nolan's big boy room, buying a few new things for the baby, and finalizing his NAME! We'll keep you posted! 

Monday, July 13, 2009


My Dad sent us a Cubs PEZ dispenser in a fun package from my family last week! And it has proven to be great motivation for our wobbly walker. Nolan is still teetering around and not choosing to walk all the time, but he LOVES when we cheer and clap for him when he is successful. Here's a clip from our evening together tonight. Mark was at baseball so we picked up Chick-fil-a for dinner and had a blast playing, walking, reading, and having a bath. The video is a bit shaky and dark, but I had to set the camera up myself! Although, you do get a peek at my prego belly in all it's glory! I work tomorrow, but then I have 5 days off- Ahh, the life of a part-time teacher! We are looking forward to our visit from Grandma and Uncle T. on Wednesday! Check him out! 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're a Grand Ol' Flag

We had a fantastic 4th up at the Bosch Family cabin! We did all the usuals- the parade, eating, game playing, tractor rides, and fireworks! Nolan had a blast and was a filthy sticky mess in the end! He was so tired he actually feel asleep 15 minutes into the fireworks. Check out the pics below from a great day in the foothills. 

Nolan rode in his 1st Indian Hills parade! Last year he just watched from the road. I don't think he understood why in the world we would throw away all the candy! But he sure enjoyed a lolly pop and tootsie roll along the way! 

Uncle Dave bought Nolan popsicles just his size! 

The Barker Fam's dog- Roscoe. Nolan LOVED hugging, kissing, and snuggling up with him all day! We are doomed! 

Driving the tractor with Uncle Ken

Nolan had a blast trying to keep up with the big boys all day! Josh and Jake are great older cousins and take such good care of him! 

Enjoying some sparkler fun- despite the great smoke out of '09. 

Watching the fireworks right above our heads from the comfort of the cabin driveway! It's a perfect location! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Start Spreading the News!

Exciting stuff has been going on around here! Not only is Nolan up and moving a little, but we are also expecting another little one! December is going to be one busy month for us! The new baby is due December 7th, Christmas the 25, and Nolan's birthday is December 30th! We like a crazy life I guess! 

We are super excited about the new addition to our family! And so is Nolan. He loves watching babies and smiling at little girls. He kisses my belly when we ask where the baby is. I think by the time this baby is born he will be a great helper as well. 

Here is an ultrasound picture from my 12 week appointment. The baby has been super active and has had a fast heart rate. I've felt great and the baby bump is starting to grow. We think that the baby looks just like Nolan did at 12 weeks, except maybe a bit smaller- more petite. So maybe it's a girl? Or maybe just a regular size baby boy. What do you think? 

Every good and perfect gift comes from you, Father of lights. James 1:17

Monday, July 6, 2009

Step by Step

Big news around this house! Nolan FINALLY took his first steps! We have been patiently (sometimes) waiting for Nolan to be ready to walk. He is definitely a boy who wants to do things his way and in his time! We have worked hard in PT the past 6 months and have made great progress! He is such a joy to us daily- sitting, crawling, scooching, whatever! But the pride these parents felt, when he decided that Sunday was the day to start moving in the upright position, was immeasurable! 

We dropped Nolan off at Uncle Wes and Aunt Cara's house for the afternoon. Mark and I went to a movie and ran errands while Nolan slept. When he woke up, Cara was at the mall and Brady was sleeping, so Uncle Wes and Payton decided it was a good time to practice walking. Nolan has been an expert at walking everywhere- as long as he could hold on to someone's hand, the wall, a chair, etc. But he never wants to take the risk to do it on his own. He has become quite fast at crawling and getting anywhere he needs to go on his knees- it's easier for him, no matter what the surface- gravel, concrete, sand, grass, etc. So why should he have to walk? 

 After our movie, we were in Walmart looking for some back to school deals, when Wes called us and said, "Dude, Nolan just walked a few steps across the room to me!" You can imagine our surprise and disbelief when we heard those words. It was probably just a fluke right? Well, we rushed over to see with our own eyes. And although, he's super wobbly, and doesn't choose to walk every time, and needs some MAJOR motivation (a.k.a.: food or live animals- 2 of his favorite things), HE DID IT! 

 Check it out below! Thanks Uncle Wes for helping out! And thanks to everyone who has been praying for him and for us in this journey! Keep it up- we still have a long way to go. But his confidence and strength are building and we know it's only a matter of time before he's zipping around the house on two feet, instead of his knees, butt, or whatever crazy method he decides to try at the time! We love our little guy for his unique, funny, stubborn, cautious, and just so darn cute self! 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cancun Baby!

We got back last Sunday from 10 EXCELLENT days in Cancun, Mexico. We went with Mark's whole family and had a wonderful week together! The weather was great, the pool was warm, the beach was fun, Happy Hour was a blast, and the company- the best part! Nolan is one lucky boy to have been out of the country before 2 years of age! He is an experienced traveler and did awesome! He loved every second of it! Thanks Mom and Dad Jansen for a vacation we'll never forget!