Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today was a special day. We stood before our family, friends, church, and God and made a commitment to raise Heath to know and love the Lord! We prayed that we would be BLESSED with His love, wisdom, and guidance as we take on this incredible responsibility!

We have been entrusted with this most precious little guy! And today we dedicated his life to the Lord and dedicated our lives to guiding him, loving him, praying for him, teaching him, cheering for him, comforting him, laughing, and playing with him! We have been given the best gift in Heath, he is wonderfully and perfectly made! And we are privileged to walk along side of him as he becomes a man of God.

We are so thankful for all of the people who treasure Heath and will help encourage him in his faith in the future. We enjoyed celebrating this day with Mark's family and some close friends, and of course, we deeply missed having Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Mal, and Uncle T. here today! So for all who weren't able to be there, here are some photos from the service and brunch at our house afterwards.

Nolan was quite fascinated by the big screen and band behind us! He didn't really realize we were praying!

Heath did great, was content, and didn't mind when Pastor Doug held him! At one point Nolan made a blankie hat, and he talked a bit here and there while on stage, but overall did a pretty good job in front of so many people!

We had Nolan dedicated when he was 10 months too! And now he's my big boy!

The best family pic we could get with 2 tired boys!

Our adorable little guy! Absolutely LOVE that smile!

Opening up his new Children's Bible from Oma & Opa...

and a special card from Mommy & Daddy...

and the best little note from his big cousin Payton!

And lastly...a video of the dedication. It was so fun to be able to share this occasion with our dear friends Ernie & Kim Krauth and their cutie little girl Ella. You'll see them in the clips as well!

All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.
Isaiah 54:13

We pray that you will love the Lord, that you will be strong in your faith, a leader, confident in who God made you to be. We love you so incredibly much and are honored to be your parents!

Mommy & Daddy

S.H.S. B.F.F.

Becky, Kerri, and I were inseparable for the four straight years we were at Streamwood High School. We hung out at school, passed notes in the hallways, went to each other's houses after school, slept over at least 2 times a week (all 3 of us in the same twin bed), and went to the mall and church together every weekend. We went to every dance & football game together, stayed up way too late watching movies (well, me with my eyes closed), saw each other through every boyfriend and breakup, and LOVED everything about our high school experience TOGETHER!

Even though we all went to different colleges and have moved miles apart we have still kept in touch and we pick up right where we left off every time we are together!

This weekend Becky came out to visit. It was her first trip to Colorado and just a quick one, but we made the most of our time together.

Friday we spent time catching up, playing with the kids, looking through our year books and stalking old friends on Facebook. We had a nice dinner out at the White Chocolate Grill and got to walk around the mall kid free!

Saturday we all went up to Breckenridge for the day! The fall colors were beautiful and the weather was crisp. It actually felt like autumn compared to our 80 degree weather down in Parker!

We walked around town, ate lunch at Erik's,

enjoyed the scenery,

snapped some photos,

and went hiking.

We finished the day off with Becky's specialty dinner- chicken marsala! It was delicious! And we stayed up late laughing at old pictures!

Today she got to celebrate Heath's dedication with us! It was nice to have someone from home be able to attend since my family wasn't able to be there!

Becky, thanks for visiting! It was so fun! Kerri, we missed time we'll have to do a trip with all 3 of us- but actually sleep in 3 different beds!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go Broncos!

Mark just loves this time of year- Football season! And it's even better getting to share it with his two boys!

Last week Nolan wore his old jersey and it was a bit snug- he wore it for 2 years! And Heath didn't have a Broncos shirt in his size- so he sported his Bears t-shirt, much to Mark's dismay! So we HAD to go out early this morning to find new Broncos shirts to fit our growing boys! Nolan got an Eddie Royal jersey and we also found Heath this t-shirt so the boys can match! And now Nolan's old Champ Bailey jersey can be passed down to Heath too!

Nolan is saying, "We're #1!"

After sporting his jersey all day, Nolan even asked if he could wear it to bed! Maybe their new shirts brought the Broncos luck because they won today! Go Broncos!

p.s. Just thought I would remind you all that the Bears are 2-0! Bear down!

Free Candy...o.k. We're there!

On Saturday morning we got up and headed over to the streets of Southglenn for the Arapahoe High School Homecoming Parade! Both Uncle Brad & Auntie Cara teach at this high school so we thought we'd show their school some support, and of course...rake in some free candy!

While I was trying to get a good picture of the three boys Nolan kept charging the camera and laughing! He thought he was so funny!

Heater looks grumpy here, but he really did have a good time!

Nolan watching the police car! He saw a fire truck, athletes, floats, the king & queen and got a LOT of candy! He loved running into the street in between floats and grabbing every piece in sight! And he and Heath both got gold footballs too!

When we got home he put all of his candy in his Halloween bucket. He has been playing with the candy and carrying the bucket around everywhere! And he is talking about Halloween all the time! Too bad he just can't decide what to be! It ranges from Spider Man, to a dragon, to a fireman, to a black puppy, and his latest, thanks to Uncle Wes & Brady: a golfer. Stay tuned to find out what costume he'll actually wear. Mommy has one idea, and Nolan usually has another! Let's see who wins!

Brotherly Love

Nolan has been very sweet to Heath lately. It is just about the cutest thing! He will come up to him and hug him, or tickle him, or ask to hold him, and say, "I love you brother!" I just hope it always stays that way!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Shave me!"

The title of this post has been Nolan's request just about every day lately! Which may seem weird coming from a 2 year old, but he watches Mark get ready for work every morning and just wants to be like his Daddy!

Yesterday Nolan was in the room when I was getting ready to go out with some friends and he asked me, "Are you shavin'?" I told him no and said girls don't shave their faces, they only shave their legs and their armpits! To which he once again replied, "Shave me!"

So finally we gave in to his request and pretended to shave him! He loved every last second of it! He is obsessed with beards and all people who have beards- Santa, Noah (you know- from the ark), and Grandpa are the only 3 we know. So of course having a white shaving cream beard was just the best!

Then this morning, once again, we received the same request, "Shave me!" And once again, we pulled out the shaving cream and "razor" and went to town! As much as fun as this new routine is, let's just hope this really does not become a daily ritual at the old age of 2 years 8 1/2 months!

Nap time?

This is what I saw when I got Nolan up from his nap the other day...

Wait...where's Nolan?
Oh, there he is...
on the floor. With his comforter, sheet, 3 blankies, 2 pillows, and every toy and stuffed animal he could get his little hands on!

And look at that smile of delight! He was a busy boy taking everything off his bed, lining up his animals, singing, talking, making up stories with his toys, and definitely not sleeping!

Another Lazy Labor Day!

As you can see we truly DID NOT labor on Labor Day!
We relaxed at the cabin!

Heath got his first tractor ride from Auntie Sue! Auntie Sue and Heath have a special relationship! She just loves him and dotes on him! And of course he LOVES anyone who will give him their undivided attention!

Wow...I actually got all the kids to look at the same time! Sweet! They loved playing in the rocks and loading up their trucks!

Kids both big and small played all day! Bocce ball, shuffle board, Blokus, the sandbox, swings, the list goes on and on. The cabin has fun around every corner! We actually did do a little work and went on a hike! Nolan decided to do the whole thing- half on his own, and half on Opa's shoulders. But I was proud of him! Only a little whining, lots of laughing and exploring, and his new favorite- rock climbing! The only problem was that he wanted to do it all by himself! Which is both a little scary and impossible at the same time! But I admire his independence!

And of course, Nolan had a grand old time with a chocolate chip cookie too! He thoroughly enjoyed every last nibble of melting chocolate!

Us girls actually had a few seconds of down time when we were not chasing kids, washing their faces, feeding them, etc. etc.

I just love this! Oma Bosch with her 11 great grand children! We actually managed to get them all to cooperate for a photo! They have so much fun together!

And look at this awesome silly face picture! Those kids sure know how to have a good time! And they sure love the cabin!


My birthday this year happened to fall on the most perfect date:
Being the Beverly Hills 90210 fanatic that I am,
I was lovin' this day!

And I got the BEST birthday sister!
She came to visit us again for another long weekend! Check out all the fun and celebrating we did in the video below: