Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day at Bozo Farms

For Memorial Day weekend we went up to Mark's family cabin in Indian Hills, fondly known as "Bozo Farms". We spent Sunday afternoon and evening and all day Monday, relaxing at the cabin, getting outside between rain showers, feverishly playing Uno Attack, munchin' on yummy food, and celebrating Payton's 5th birthday! It was a nice escape and good way to unwind before my last week of school. I'm now done with school (HOORAY!) and looking forward to the next 5 weeks of vacation and being a mommy! School starts up again in July, but I'll be working part time next year! I'll teach Monday, Tuesday, and every other Friday at my same school and still in 1st Grade! It will be a wonderful way to balance both family and career! Enjoy the few pictures from the cabin and I'm sure we'll have a lot of summer fun to post about in the coming weeks! 

Nolan lovin' some indoor Smores around the fireplace! 
Yummy marshmallows! 

Brady and N.B.J. playing some tunes on the player paino! 
Grabbin' some time outdoors while the weather was cooperating. Nolan was such a trooper crawling around in the rocks, dirt, and grass! He's a tough dude- bruised, scraped, and calloused knees and all! Good thing he's getting closer to walking everyday! 
Payton Ruth is 5! Hard to believe! She's the perfect mix of girly girl and tom boy! As  you can tell by her requested "Blue Dinosaur Princess Cake". Nice work on the cake Cara! 

Monday, May 18, 2009


We spent the weekend in College Station Texas celebrating my brother's graduation from Texas A&M University! He received his doctorate in Political Science! It was so fun to see his life there, to visit his office next to the Bush Presidential Library, to take a tour of the campus & learn all of it's traditions, and to spend great family time!! 

The weather was HOT the first few days but a storm blew in and cooled things down a bit for Saturday afternoon through Sunday! Mark was very happy to see some clouds so that he wasn't dripping in sweat constantly. The air conditioning was never cool enough and he always seemed to have too many clothes on! I told him to quit complaining because he wasn't the one having to wear a suit, robe, and velvet collar in 90 degree weather! 

We are so proud of my brother and his hard work! He'll be teaching two classes at A&M this June and then will be off to teach at the University of Oklahoma in August. Somewhere in between we are hoping for a visit from him here in Colorado! Nolan loves Uncle T.'s funny faces and silly voices! 

Here are a bunch of my favorite pics from the weekend! I would have loved to make a video from all of our adventures, but school is closing in on me, my To-Do list is way too long, and Mark worked tonight! So posting a few pics is much quicker and does the trick! 

Gig 'em! Whoop! 

Dr. Tyler Charles Johnson 

Nolan loves other people's Tyler's "Martin Luther" hat was a hit! 

Playing in the hotel pool. 
Nolan in his surfer dude swim gear. 

In front of the "12th Man" statue at Kyle Field. 

At my brother's office building- the statue has pieces from the Berlin Wall- pretty neat! 

Dinner at the Dixie Chicken- a very cool restaurant/bar with good grub, pool tables, and dominos at your table. 

Cuddling with Uncle T. at his apartment

My blue eyed boy lookin' studly! 

Saying goodbye to Texas! 

Belated MOMS Day!

I love being a mom! Especially when I get great hugs from this big boy! This was a picture after a long and busy day at Oma's on Mother's Day. Nolan has been super cuddly and sweet lately... and I'm lovin' it up! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009