Monday, August 31, 2015

White Fence Farm

We had a fun evening out at White Fence Farm! My family and I have had dinner at the one in Illinois, but we have never visited the one in Colorado. So we thought it would be fun to take the boys while Grandma was in town! 
While we waited for our table the boys played in this tree house. 

And on the playground. 

There were a lot of good photo ops! 

Riding a horse! Ha! 

What fun…instead of waiting in a crowded lobby, you can wait outside and PLAY! 

We checked out the pond and ducks too! 

 Love my Mama! 

The Black Sheep of the family! Ha! 

Ready to EAT! 

We had LOTS of yummy food! Nolan chowed down! Cottage cheese, red beans, cole slaw, french fries, beets, fried fish, shrimp, mac 'n cheese, and of course FRIED CHICKEN! Delish! 

 After eating we walked around some more and checked out all the fun! We stopped to listen to a Dixie Band and the boys road a slide, The Pig Chute, that came down right behind the musicians. 

These pictures are DARK, but you can see...
it freaked Heath out! 

But Nolan LOVED it and rode it over and over! 

We loved spotting these Muppet chickens! 

Next we visited the petting farm. 
Sweet goats. 
They only had goats out that day. 

Grandma bought some food for the boys to feed the goats. 

Brooks really wanted to feed the only baby, but the big guys kept butting in. 

 He was so funny, he kept trying to overhand throw the feed into the pen! 

But eventually they got it to the little baby in the corner! 

The boys also got wooden coins with their Kids Meals that they got to trade in at the Sweets Shop for a special treasure. There were just so many fun little moments along the way the whole night! 

It was getting dark, so you can't really see, but here is the fam standing in front of the peacock aviary. There is one up on that tree branch. I had never seen one off of the ground.  
Glad we tried out a new spot and made some special memories too! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bits and Pieces from Grandma's Summer Vacation

My Mom came to visit for her annual Summer Vacation in Denver. We had a great time and LOVE having her live with us for 10 days…just doing normal life together. This post is full of the day to day fun with Grandma. I'll have a few posts to come of some of the special activities we planned with her! 

We spotted this Beanboozled box at Hobby Lobby one day and knew we had to buy it to try with Grandma! 
We had a blast spinning the wheel and trying the flavors. You never knew if you were getting a yummy one or if you would get BEANBOOZLED! 

The boys thought it was HILARIOUS! And were such good sports even when they got a nasty flavor! 

Grass clippings, dog food, baby wipes…and more! It was so funny to watch people's reactions to the gross ones! It was a fun little game and we saved some to do with Auntie & Flobby! 

School Clothes shopping! Grandma bought them each a new shirt!

She brought them each a new coloring book. 

And she bought them each a fun new folder of their choosing too! 

Park time! 

Racing cars down the slide!

One day we visited Mark's office. 
My Mom got to see where he works each day. 

And then we all went out to lunch at Illegal Pete's. Nolan had his first burrito and LOVED it! 

A little outside time! 

Nolan and I decorated a welcome message for my sister and Bob to see as they arrived to their new HOME state! 

Heath won an award at baseball while Grandma was in town. It was for Unselfishness on the field! It was pretty neat that he won it while Grandma was there to see! 

Book Time! 

The boys LOVE that Grandma LOVES to read to them! 

Dinner at Uncle Gerry's house! 
The boy's loved playing frisbee with their dog. 

Mark and Kate dancing to some 70's music! 

Grandma took the boys to see the Minion movie one day. They stopped to smile and snap a pic by The Peanuts Movie poster. They can't wait for this movie to come out as well! 

Grandma is so fun! 

Making Peanut Butter Cookies! 

Playing Squinkies!

More pool fun! These two were too cute eating their lunch and laughing together! 

And of course they had Grandma dates! 
Heath chose Sonic! Double fisting!

Brooks wanted ice-cream so they went to Coldstone! 

And Nolan wanted a bagel, so they ended up at Panera. 
The boys told Grandma that when they are older, they will take HER out on dates. Too sweet!

One night we tagged along with Mark to watch him play softball. 
The boys had fun splashing in the creek and playing with their cousins and friends while Mark played. 

The Ice Cream Truck came down the street one day so I told the boys that they could get their wallets and buy something for themselves. 

They were SO excited and happy! 

$4 for this Spiderman treat! Oh boy! Good thing they used their own money! 

Water Balloon fight! 

We did a Water Balloon toss too! Grandma and I dominated, the boys decided it was too slow paced for them. They preferred to whip through about 80 water balloons in about 10 minutes! 

It was fast and furious but a fun way to cool down! 
This works too! Ha! Nolan loved it…Heath, not so much! 

But he did enjoy the Sprinkler! 

We did this a couple times while Grandma was in town. 

Mal & Bob watched the boys for us one night so that Mark, my Mom, and I could go out to dinner. 

We had yummy tacos and good conversation at La Sandia!

Another exciting moment from my Mom's trip was that she was here when Heath lost his FIRST tooth! 
Look at that adorable smile! 
He was thrilled to wake up and find a dollar in his Tooth Fairy Shark, this note, and a book! 
Love that Grandma could be a part of these FUN firsts! 

Mallory snapped these pictures of Grandma and her boys on her last morning with us! 

They sure adore her! Just wish Grandpa could have come too!