Thursday, April 18, 2013

Party like it's 2003!!!

O.k. so if you've read my last post then you know the whole history of Davis and I. About 6 months or so ago she moved down to Alabama. Her husband and his family will be moving their business from the Chicagoland area down to Alabama. They have family that lives down there and it will be much more cost effective to run a small business there. So Kati, Chicago girl through and through, has moved to the deep South! Quite a change. But she LOVES her man and is making many sacrifices so that they can start a new life for their family there. 

Currently, she is living in an apartment while they are building a house. Currently, she is also living ALONE! Bill is wrapping things up in Chicago and making countless arrangements to put things in place for their move, which should be finalized next fall. Wow! I can't even imagine moving across country ALONE! But she was offered a position at the one and only hospital in the area that hires her particular position. So she had to jump on the chance when it arose. 

 I thought this brave lady would enjoy some company! And this busy mama was in desperate need of a get away! So we started dreaming of our weekend together a couple of months ago. I am off track in April and the Springtime in Alabama is simply divine. So I booked my ticket! And Kati came up with the theme for our weekend, "Party like it's 2003!" So fitting! So fun! 

As the weekend approached, I busily prepared things around the house to make the weekend go a little smoother for Mr. Mom. I did laundry, laid out outfits, emptied the dishwasher, packed Nolan's school snack, prepared jerseys and water bottles for soccer...the list goes on and on. Mommy's- you know how it is...the hubbies don't even have a clue as to all the little details we get into place ahead of time to make the days run effectively. I knew Mark was totally capable, but I just thought I'd help him out a bit. 

And then the glorious day came...
I left little post it notes all over the house for the boys to read while I was away. They dropped me off at the airport last Friday afternoon. I kissed them goodbye and headed off for a weekend of freedom! 

I had a lay over in Atlanta and then flew from there to Gulf Port, Mississippi. To be at the airport BY MYSELF was so nice! I just brought a carry on and my purse, so it made traveling easy. It was quiet and calm and lovely reading magazines on the plane and eating dinner BY MYSELF! I didn't get in to Gulf Port until almost 10 p.m. Kati picked me up and we made the hour long drive to Spanish Fort, Alabama where her apartment is. It was so good to see her and so good to chat and catch up on our drive. Once we were back at her apartment we enjoyed a glass of wine and chatted for awhile longer too. 

The next morning we slept in. People, I did not get out of bed until 8:45 a.m.! Heavenly! We drank coffee, had breakfast, and then headed to the beach! Her family has a house in Orange Beach, but it was being rented out, so we booked a room for the night at a hotel right on the beach. 

It was about 80 degrees and sunny and absolutely perfect! For being a Saturday, it really wasn't that busy either. 

Kati don't kill me for posting this picture, but you just look so cute! We layed out, listened to some music, and took naps. Oh, and we got a little fried too. We applied sunscreen, but apparently, not very thoroughly. With the breeze and some clouds, we didn't even feel it until we got back to the hotel later. 

We took a walk on the beach and I had to check out the water and waves a bit too. 

Don't mind the pasty white Winter skin, but we also indulged in a couple of yummy beers on the beach. Ibita Strawberry...I had never heard of them but they were so good and refreshing! And everyone uses Koozies there too. It's so strange, you really never drink a beer without one. People even bring them to bars- another Southern thing. 

Kati and I ended up having very similar hats! We snapped this "selfie" right before we left. 

We went back to the hotel, showered, and got all dolled up for a fun dinner. 
This was the view from the restaurant. Amazing! We went to Cobalt. Delicious seafood! 

We had fun cocktails, the best Firecracker Shrimp I have ever had, Grouper and Fried Catfish. I definitely ate as much seafood as I could on this trip. So fresh! 

After dinner we hopped on a shuttle from our hotel to a VERY fun bar called the Flora-Bama. It was right on the border of Florida and Alabama, hence the name. And it was totally Southern and totally amazing! We had the best time! 
We listened to fun bands! 

And drank their famous Bushwhacker! Basically an iced, creamy, Kahlua drink, with some other alcohol mixed in. Delish! 

Had to pose with the bras of course! Ours stayed on...don't worry! 

We sang and danced and had a few more drinks and definitely partied like it was 2003! 

This was the lead singer of the band we listened to for most of the night. They were really good. They sang mostly fun country's a little peek...

We had a grand ol' time and didn't leave until 2 a.m.! What?!!! It was so fun! 

After a late night out we slept in until 10 a.m.!!! It was awesome! We rolled out of bed and were starving so we went to Ducks for a good, hearty Southern Breakfast. It was raining, so we decided that a lazy day sounded great! After breakfast we went to a model house to look at all of the fun choices that Kati has made in designing her new home. We looked at tile, shingles, brick, and more. It was cool to "see" what her house will look like. But boy, is it overwhelming. So many decisions. But she is doing a great job. I can't even imagine. 

We also went to a little outdoor mall in her area. We popped into little Southern boutiques and shops. I just love the way they dress in the South. So cute. 
At the mall I spotted this cat statue. I knew my boys would have loved it, so I had to snap a picture with it to send to them. They are so weird, but they loved it! Ha! 

Then we went to check out Kati's lot. It's perfect. Wooded and green and their neighborhood will be so nice for raising kids. 

We spent the rest of the day relaxing. We watched "Pitch Perfect" {great movie by the way!}, went out to dinner {more fish for me! Tilapia this time}, and even watched another movie, "21 Jump Street" {funny at times, but kinda dumb at other points}. It was a chill day and so nice to just do normal things. Things we would do together if we actually lived by each other. 

I think that I must have been really relaxed because the next morning I couldn't sleep in. I must have been all caught up on sleep. But I made myself stay in bed until 8! I was leaving later that day, so we planned on just taking it easy that morning and stopping to check out a few Alabama sights on our way to the airport. 
I had to snap my picture with a Palm Tree. They are everywhere. Kati and Bill will even have Palm Trees planted in their landscaping. Cool. 

I liked this little sculpture thingy that we saw at a little gift shop we stopped at. It has the Alabama state flag, flower, and more painted on it. 

In the gift shop there was a tank with this alligator and a turtle in it. Both native to this area. I knew my boys would have liked seeing it! So I sent them a post card with alligators on it. 

Our next stop was the USS Alabama battleship. It was pretty impressive. We didn't go on it, but we walked out onto a pier to get a better look. 

It was gloomy this day as well. It misted off and on, but no rain. BUT it was still warm! 

Due to the humidity Kati and I both had what they like to call, "Hurricane Hair". It was frizzy and poofy and was in immediate need of a pony tail at this point. Ha! 

After checking out the war Memorial, we headed into Mobile to have our last lunch together at this cute restaurant- Spot of Tea. 

We ate outside and I had Sweet Tea and Seafood Bisque. So good. When in the South do as the Southerners do.

After lunch Kati dropped me off at the airport. There were tears, not knowing when we would see each other next. But we did discuss a couples weekend at the beach for our next trip down to Alabama! Or possibly, when their house is down, we'll haul the kids with us. 

But it was so nice to have this special time with my dear friend.  Thank you Kati for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you for sharing your new state with me! I am SO proud of you! It was so good to reconnect, to laugh, to talk, to share our hearts. I can't wait to see you again! Love you girl! War Eagle! 

I left temps in the 70's and landed back in Colorado in a blizzard. Crazy April weather! I loved my time away, but there really was nothing like seeing the smiling faces of my boys when I hopped back in the car. They were so cute and so happy to see me! Thanks Mark for being super Daddy this weekend. 

Every Mommy should take time to get away! This week at home has been so much more manageable after a couple days of rest, coffee, wine, sun, good food, laughs, and girl time! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I had a fabulous weekend away with my dear friend Kati {Davis} Hart in Alabama! The whole weekend was super fun and had me feeling nostalgic. So before I share all the details of our time together, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and share some {o.k. ALOT} of pictures of Kati and I over the years! 

I spent about an hour looking through old photo albums with Heath and Brooks this morning! I laughed and laughed and even teared up a bit as I flipped through the pages. But mostly, I just felt so so so thankful that God has given me so many lasting friendships that change, but deepen throughout the years. I have been so blessed with girlfriends who love God and love me! These relationships are invaluable! Simply priceless. 

Here is the story of Davis and I! 

We met at Willow Creek Community Church during our Junior Year of High School. We became fast friends and were super involved with our youth ministry there. 
Here we are at our Winter Retreat, "Blast". We had to buy coordinating Performance Fleeces before we went of course! 

We were the typical high school girls. We loved to be crazy and have fun! We loved boys and clothes. Funny thing is, we still love all of those things TODAY!  

This picture is from "Sand Blast", our summer camp after Senior Year. We lip synched to Back Street Boys, "I Want it that Way". We still love those hotties too!

Shortly after camp, Kati and I took off for college! We had both decided to attend Calvin College. So naturally, we wanted to be roomies! Best decision ever! 
Calvin changed our lives. We broke up with our boyfriends within weeks and had the time of our lives meeting new friends, staying up late, and getting involved in everything we possibly could! We soaked up all Calvin had to offer! 

Kerri drew this on the door into our dorm room. 

We LOVED our new found freedom! 

We hit up every floor date we could! Little did I know that on THIS particular floor date I would meet my husband and the father of my children! Ha! 

Chaos Day! We're BHT born and we're BHT bred, and when we die we'll be BHT dead. So RA RA for Bolt-Heyns-Timmer, RA RA for Bolt-Heyns-Timmer, RA RA for Bolt-Heyns-Timmer YA! 

80's Skating Party and the first time I ever held Mark's hand! We're sexy and we know it! 

BHT Fall Retreat- making Kati do all the work! 

Chester on the "Piece O'"! 
Piece o' Sh*$! We bought this nasty second hand couch for our room and covered it with a slip cover. It was so old and gross, that naturally, it got it's name. And I {lovingly} got the nick name "Chester" in high school, because I was known to grab a handful every now and again. Chester the __________, if you know what I mean! Ha! 

Another Chaos Day pic...
our sophomore year, we both decided to room with new college friends. She with Betsy and I with Jayne. But we stayed in the same dorm...we couldn't stray too far from each other! 

BHT Fall Retreat Sophomore Year...still grabbing a piece! 

another decades skating party

At a dorm fundraiser, Kati paid money to smash a pie in my face! 

That's what friends are for! 

We attended many basketball games together! 

our Spring Formal

 Our Junior Year we moved off campus and into a house together. 
We were both freshman orientation leaders our Junior Year. 

And life off campus was AMAZING! We loved living in our dumpy old house and we loved our new roomies! Here we are getting ready for a wild night out at Steak 'n Shake! Don't we look HOT?!

All of us girls drove down to Cedar Point for a fun fall day riding roller coasters! Best amusement park ever! 

O-Town was our house's favorite band! Knock Knock! We spent many a study break dancing and singing to their amazing jams! 

Who knows? But crazy moments like this one were a regular thang! 

Look...we even made house t-shirts! 

Senior Year, Katye, Jill, and Rudy moved out and Nora and Kelly moved in. But Kati was a constant! 
We enjoyed our house duties. {NOT!} But we made the most of them, that's for sure. We could even make raking...

and shoveling, fun! 

 Bye Bye Neon! Silly, so silly, we are!

Silly even showed up at my bridal shower! 

And then it was time to graduate! Woo hoo! Those four years at Calvin were the best. Graduation was bittersweet. So happy to be done studying. So happy to be getting married. But so sad to be leaving all of my best friends. Can it really be 10 years ago? Why do these pictures seem like they were just yesterday? 

That summer Kati stood up for me in my wedding. I moved to Colorado and she moved to Chicago.

But she visited me that Winter. 

After our move, our visits were fewer and farther between. They mostly consisted of a meal or a few hours chatting. But we tried our best to keep in touch and always made it a priority to see each other when I happened to be back in Chicago. 

I also had the honor to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. She may be a Hart now, but she will ALWAYS be "Davis" to me! Here we are at her reception, doing one of the things we do best...singing to boy bands! 

Kati and her husband Bill like to come to Colorado to ski. So whenever they do, we drive up to the mountains to see them. In this photo Nolan was our only child.

A few years later, back in Breck, and we have two more! Ha! She is so good with our boys. 

Kati is a neonatal nurse practitioner. She has worked in downtown Chicago and Milwaukee and now ALABAMA. She has 2 silver labs and a fun hubby. Our lives now are quite different. Yet, despite all the changes, we are still the same fun loving, girly girls who like to lay out, dance, shop, talk, get dressed up, be crazy, and do life together! 

Our friendship has stayed the same and I am so grateful. 

So that was a blast from the past for sure! 
Tomorrow, I'll update you on our weekend together in Alabama!!!