Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter. We went to church with Mal, Bob, and my Mom and celebrated our Risen Savior! Without his love, grace, and sacrifice, I would have nothing. These precious smiles are all because of Him! 
When I asked Brooks what happened on Easter, he told me "The rock is gone! Jesus is in Gitta's lap!" You see, Miss Brigitta is his teacher. And she was telling the story of Easter with a felt board. And when she took the rock away she put the Jesus piece in her lap to hide him and show the miracle! I couldn't stop laughing! Jesus was not there! He was in Miss Brigitta's lap! Ha! So we had to go over the story with him again- The rock was rolled away. Jesus was not there! He had Risen! He had Risen Indeed! Love the sweet hearts of my boys! 
And I love that they know first and foremost that not only did Jesus go to heaven, but that he now lives in their hearts! 

Earlier that morning the boys had a surprise from the Easter Bunny! I took a bunch of videos from their basket search- 
A trail of jelly beans led them downstairs to find their baskets! 

They love their Easter baskets that Grandma made. Such a fun family tradition! 

Later that morning we headed to Oma & Opa's to join the Jansen family for Easter brunch. It was still snowy out, so we were all inside this year. 
Monterey Jack himself! This kid is OBSESSED with cheese, so his brother's named him Monterey Jack- from Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers! Such a cute little nick name that he LOVES! 
The cousins all ate lunch down in the basement- their hangout! 
After we all ate, it was time for the famous Jansen Easter Egg Hunt! Barb & Bruce hid hundreds of eggs in their house! It was too wet and snowy outside. Bummer! But we managed to make it work with a lot of people and a lot of eggs in a tight space! The kids have a blast no matter what! 
Nolan could barely contain his excitement! He was hyper and crazy and could have used a few laps around the house! 
Oma calling out the next color! 
There were a few new categories this year- camouflage and wild animal eggs! 
Uncle Flobby helping Arie! 

All of the kids standing in attention! 

Brooks insisted on opening his eggs between each round! 
Finding a blue egg in the wine rack! 
Chillin' between rounds! 
Brooks found another egg in the bathtub! They really were hidden in every nook and cranny! 

And then, of course, when the hunt is over the organizing begins. I think we were only 2 eggs short when all was said and done! Nolan loves this part too! He loves opening his eggs and sorting them back out by color. Thank you Oma & Opa for a fabulous day and for all the effort it takes to pull this off- rain or shine! 

That afternoon we headed home to relax! 
We love these cuties, 
but they were on a SUGAR HIGH! 

And these 2 Easter Bunnies were exhausted! We had a couple of quiet hours at home that evening.  

Every year I make the boys an Easter Egg meal. This year it was their Easter dinner! 
They love cracking the eggs to find what's inside! 
Turkey, carrots, grapes, Grandma's famous Jello Eggs, and more! 
Pretty fun! 
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, 
Because He lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know He holds the future, 
And life is worth the living, 
Just because He lives! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Break and Beyond!

Wrapping up our time with Grandma and my Spring Break...
Grandma & Grandpa gave the boys these cute little Easter Basket surprises! 
They each got 5, $1 bills and some little chocolate peanut butter bunnies too! It was a super fun gift! 

We went to the Saturday night Easter church service. Then we went over to Mallory & Bob's house for dinner. 
Mark and Bob hard at work in the kitchen. 
They made these fun Peeps Rice Krispie treats for dessert. 

And they set up a fun Easter Egg hunt for the boys. They had done so many hunts that they were super surprised and excited to find that this time the eggs had candy inside! 
Happy little bunnies! 

Snuggle Time with Grandma! 
She stayed a few days after Easter and was able to be here while I was on break. 
She took the boys to the movies to see Kung Foo Panda 3!

Just a random shot of this kid! He loves watching Netflix on the iPad and looks adorable in his headphones too! 

Grandma bought the boys Star Wars Shrinky Dinks! They had never done them before and were amazed watching them shrink down in the oven! 
We had another great visit with Grandma! Thank you for always making special memories for our family! 
We LOVE you! 
Can't wait to see you this summer! 

The rest of my Spring Break was spent just laying low. Brooks had school so I enjoyed a few mornings with just my big boys. 
Scooter rides, park play, exploring...
I was happy for some sunshine and relaxation! 

One day we picked up Brooks from school, ran through Sonic, and then came home to have an inside picnic and movie afternoon! 

Taking Brooks to school one morning...
And check out my new handsome, glasses wearing hubby! After years of staring at the computer screen for work, it was time to get some glasses! They really help him and look pretty cute too! 

One day we stopped by Mark's office and then headed to Subway with him for a lunch break! 

Nolan started soccer. Just one practice and game a week. 
A good way for him to stay active this Spring but it doesn't add too much stress to our schedule. 

Auntie's house after church one Sunday. Mark and Bob worked to put together their new grill. Auntie made us all smoothies and the boys ran wild in their town house development! They love her little neighborhood- a big field to run in and a park super close! 

Auntie's babysitting services...

Brooks finished the whole alphabet at school! He wanted to show off all his hard work. He was so proud! He loves making all the crafts at school, but now we need to get cracking on actually naming the letters and sounds. He'd much rather build with blocks, kick balls, and slide than do school work! Oh, the baby of the family…you sure are somethin' else! 

Nolan's teacher, Mrs. Littrell, has to have her knee replaced. She will be out recovering for at least 6 weeks, which means, she may not be back for the rest of the school year. We were super bummed to find out this news. Nolan loves her! So we made a little get well soon basket to give to her before she left. 
Hopefully she'll be back a day or two in June to hug the kiddos and send them on their way to 3rd grade! 

Nolan had a Thursday evening birthday party for his friend Jonathan! He loved getting to hang with his buds at Sky Zone after school! 

Opening Day! 
We were all sporting our black & purple to cheer on the Rox! 
Mark and his boys! 

Another busy Spring Weekend...

And Opening Day for the Navy Hawks too! 
A quick little storm blew through, but we were still able to get the game in. They lost, but looked pretty good for their first game! It was fun to see them in their uniforms and to watch them come together as a team. 

After the game I had to run straight to my Women's Group Overnight at the Embassy Suites! We always have the best time. Chatting, Happy Hour(s), laughing, pigging out on junk food, staying up late, kid free relaxation! We sleep in and enjoy a delicious omelette breakfast the next morning. It's quick but so special. This year we were celebrating 13 years together! And we didn't even take any pictures! But we made even more sweet memories! While I was away…the boys played! 
Fro Yo fun! 

The next morning I left the hotel and met up with the boys for the Hawks 2nd game! Which they ended up winning! 
It was fun to watch Heath score his first run! 
He was SO excited! 

The Jansen cousins came to cheer on #4! I had to leave the game early to take Nolan to a choir performance. But the Hawks beat the Littleton Thunder 20-8! 

Nolan's choir performed at the Cherry Creek Nursing Home. 
It was so sweet to watch them bless the residents with their songs. Afterwards, the kids were encouraged to chat with the residents. Nolan met a nice man named Chuck. It was the cutest thing to watch him introduce himself and shake hands. He told me afterwards, "I knew that I would have to speak loud and repeat myself. Old people can't hear very well." Ha! I love any opportunity for my boys to learn about people who are different from themselves. Every life has value and should be respected and celebrated. 

The next day, Mark was off to CinemaCon in Vegas for 4 days! I was single Mommy of 3 so I jumped at the chance to head to Chipotle for dinner to support Mammoth Heights' fundraiser. No cooking or clean up for me sounded great! And the boys chowed down! 
We survived the week and the boys were very good for their Mommy! But we sure were happy to have Mark back! 
Just in time for another Spring storm! The pictures above and below are from Friday. 
Mark made all the necessary storm preparations. He covered the tulips and daffodils and made a wine run! Just in time…here's the weather today- Saturday morning! No soccer or baseball for us today- other than the cage! 
Spring time in Colorado sure is fun!