Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Just a catch up post for the month of March! 

Heath had Dr. Seuss week in Kindergarten.
Mixed up Monday
Fox in Socks

Rhyme Time Tuesday! 

Wacky Wednesday
I had Wacky Wednesday in my classroom too! 

Theodor Thursday
Oh, The Places You'll Go! 
Dress like what you want to be when you grow up...
and bring your favorite book by Theodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a Dr. Seuss. 

Favorite Character Friday
The Cat in the Hat

What a fun filled week for our 6 year old! 
The Cat in the Hat meets the Lorax meets Little Leaguer! Heath ate this chocolate Lorax mustache before practice one day! His teacher made them! 

 Some recent Art Work from the boys...
Heath's Abe Lincoln
Brooks drawing our family
Nolan's LOVE Pop Art was chosen to be displayed in the library at school! 

Little Monkey Business Field Trip for Brooks...
Daddy went with and took him to Mc Donalds for dinner afterwards. They had a "super fun" morning together! Super is Brooks' current favorite word! EVERYTHING is SUPER! 

This kid and his faces…he keeps us on our toes! 

Walking to school on a day I had off after conference week! I miss being able to start their mornings with them this way, but teaching a.m. Kindergarten has worked out well for our family this year. 

After dropping the boys off at school we went to spend some time with Auntie. 
We walked to King Soopers for a treat and then to the park for some play time. 
Brooks bossed us all around the playground! Up and down every slide. We made a lot of "choo choos" that day and had a great time together! 

Here are some clips from Nolan's March Choir Performance. I didn't have the best view of him, so I wasn't able to get much video that wasn't blocked by the head in front of me. But I especially loved hearing him sing harmony for the first time. He is so cute!

 St. Patrick's Day fun! 
I always set up a few little fun leprechaun touches. He sneaks in while the boys are sleeping and leaves them "gold"/ chocolate coins throughout the house. He plays with all of their green toys and stuffed animals and leaves his green pee in the toilet! The boys just get such a kick out of it all! They are on the look out for the leprechaun all day! 
I left them each a card to let them know just how "LUCKY" we are to have them as our sons. And they each got some green and rainbow treats as well. 
And for breakfast- Lucky Charms and gold coin pancakes with mint green chocolate chips and green sprinkles on top too! Got them all sugared up and then sent them off to school! Ha! 
They brought these sweet gifts for their teachers too! 
There were leprechauns in both of their classrooms that day as well! But lucky them, they did not get pinched, they were sure to wear as much green as they could that day! Brooks even wanted to wear green pants and a beard like a real leprechaun! He had to settle for his "It's not easy being green!" Kermit the Frog t-shirt! But he looked pretty stinkin' cute! 
And of course we finished our night with Shamrock Shakes for dessert! We LOVE this tradition! That night we had a whole conversation with Nolan about how there "technically must be girl leprechauns, even if we can't see them, because how else would there be more boy leprechauns to hunt for gold. The girl leprechauns must be at home cooking and watching the babies and stuff." Oh man! This kid! Apparently leprechauns are stuck in the 50's. 

Lila's birthday party!
Brooks had the best time with his sweet friend. 

Brooks even had his first play date this month. His friend Gibson took him to McDonalds to play with some of the other preschool friends after school one day. I picked him up there after I got out of school. He had a good time and LOVED riding in Gibson's car and watching a DVD on the way. When we left he said, "Gibson's Mom loves me"! Ha! It is fun for us to watch him make little friendships and try new things! 

Play time! After I pick him up from Preschool Lunch Bunch we come home and play together for awhile before he takes a short afternoon nap. I love this one on one time with him. 

Nolan and I doing some Science Experiments! Growing crystals! 

Celebrating great Parent Teacher Conferences! So proud of these boys! 

And finally, I posted this on FB this month. I love this song. And I love it's message. I think it's important for us to remember these words, especially in a time when our country seems divided and at war constantly. And our Face Books feeds are filled with so much sadness. Through it all, this should be our mission. 


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

We had another lovey dovey Valentine's Day! The boys each picked out Valentines that were perfectly them! 
Brooks chose Baymax! 
He's still working on writing his name completely independently, so I helped him write his. He need help with a few of the strokes and can do some on his own. But it is such good practice for those little hands to do it themselves instead of having their parents sign them. Building that fine motor strength and motor planning every chance we get. 
He was proud of his hard work! 

Heath picked out Yoda...
He just had to sign his name, not address them to individual students, but he has a big class. 28 Valentine's signed and green glowstick light sabres put in.

And Nolan picked out scratch board Sharks. 
This was the first year he had to address them to specific classmates. It was fun for him to write their names and pick out which ones he wanted to give to each friend. 

And of course, I put together my favorite teacher Valentines! 

And I made these cute water bottles for Nolan to bring to his class party too. They were adorable! 

Mark was able to go to Brooks' party. 
They had fun decorating and eating cookies together! 
After I picked Brooks up from school, he was so excited to show me his Valentine jug and all of the cards and candies he got! 
He also made me this cute little card! 

We weren't able to make it to Heath and Nolan's parties this year. 
But they had a great time! Heath's favorite part was playing "Cupid's Arrows". They had to shoot Qtips out of a straw by blowing through it and then trying to hit a love target. Sounds pretty fun! 
Heath showing off his Valentine collection basket that they made at school and all of his loot! 
Nolan had to bring in a Valentine collection box that they made at home. When we saw this Shark box kit at Target, we knew it would be perfect to go with his Shark Valentines! He was so proud of it! And it was so easy to make with all the materials right there. 

Since the real Valentine's Day was on a Sunday, we were able to spend the whole day together! Of course, I planned a few sweet and special things for my little loves. 
I bought them Snow White as a reminder of our favorite ride from Disney World- The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. They had never seen it before, so I thought it would be a fun way to relax later in the day, cuddled up under a blanket watching the movie. 

Mark ran out that morning and picked up Valentine donuts and Starbucks and roses for me! 

And I put out a few cute decorations! They are always so excited to run downstairs and to see if there are any surprises for them! Their happiness and smiles mean the world to me! 

I let the boys choose a fun activity for us to do together as a family that day! They chose bowling! We bowled last year on Valentine's Day as well. I think it's becoming our tradition! 
Heater Bombs is a pretty good little bowler. 
Brooks started out using a ramp, but ended up pushing the ball down the lane without it during our second game. 
Nolan was the only kid to get a STRIKE that day! He had a few spares too. 
Here are our end scores of game 1. We played a second game too but I didn't get a picture. But we were all pretty consistent that day. Other than I think Nolan and Heath tied the 2nd game. We had a really fun time! We got pizza and pop too! But, boy, is bowling expensive these days! Maybe that's why we only do it once a year…on Valentine's Day. How romantic! 

After bowling, we came home to watch Snow White! This was our favorite part of the ride at MK. And it was so cute and fun to see it on the screen! 

After the movie, Auntie & Flobby stopped by to drop off some little treats. 
The boys got the cutest cards, some candy, and some little tsum tsums. 
They were thrilled! 
They also got some thoughtful gifts from Oma & Opa and Grandma & Grandpa too! $5 bills and Sonic gift cards! They are quite spoiled! And VERY loved! 

That night for dinner, we made the boys breakfast for dinner- their favorite. Complete with pink milk! 
Nolan showing off their new little tsum tsums from Auntie & Flobby! 
Chowing down! 

As soon as we could, we put the little love bugs to bed and Mark and I got Maggiano's take out, had a glass of wine (or 2…who am I kidding?!), and watched The Bachelor 20th Season special! It was the perfect Valentine's Day for me! I couldn't ask for more! Love those men of mine !