Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All about: Heath

A post completely dedicated to our littlest guy: Heath!

We have been playing hard for the first week of my track off! Here are some pictures of all the fun we've had!

The weather has been pretty nice around here this week so we hit up the park a few times! Heath loves to swing!

You know how most babies love to play in the tupperware drawer or bang on pots and pans...well, not our "Monster Baby"! He likes to smack ceramic bowls together and throw 9x13 glass pans around the kitchen! And he's quick too! He can get those suckers out of the cabinet in no time at all! I turn my back for 2 seconds and there he is clanging away on my bakeware!

This isn't the best picture of him because he was kind of fussy in the bath just before his nap, but I wanted to document what his hair looks like when it is wet- it curls right up! So cute!

Oh brother! One minute they are the best of friends and the next they are completely annoyed with each other. Heath will come over and mess up what Nolan has worked so hard on setting up- his duplos, puzzle pieces, Batman guys, cars, etc. You name it...if Nolan has it...Heath wants it! And Nolan will swipe anything he wants out of Heath's hands just because he can- he's bigger, and stronger, and faster! So I really treasure all of these moments where they play so nicely together! Nolan was helping Heath with the names and sounds of all the animals in the puzzle!

Eating snacks and playing in the tent together in the basement!

Cruisin' around the house with his Nemo walker AND...

Oma Bosch's walker too!

We just LOVE this boy! He's one cool dude!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rocky Mountain High...Colorado

This past weekend we arranged for Mark's whole family to come up to one of our favorite places on earth: The Van Eps Family Cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake! It was a Christmas/thank you for watching our kids so much present for Mark's parents! We are so fortunate not to have to pay for day care for our children. So we try to do little things to thank Barb for the time and love she gives to our children each week!

And we could think of nothing better than a family getaway to the mountains in this beautiful log cabin home that our friend D.J.'s Dad built! The Van Eps have been life long family friends to Mark's family and we have had the pleasure of spending weekends away with our friends in this incredible space! And now it was time to make more memories there!


The kids had a blast playing in the loft and the "secret room"...really they just had fun playing everywhere! As long as they were together!


And we had some great outdoor fun too!



Mark got to go skiing with his siblings and had fun teaching Brad and Wes how to snowboard!


I just love these family photos that we took!



We had a relaxing weekend away, laughed a lot, ate well, and just had fun being together!

Daddy and Nolan Time

Nolan LOVES his "Daddy and Nolan Time"! Ever since Heath was born it has been very important to us to have some one on one time with Nolan. And this Sunday was the perfect opportunity for a little Father-Son bonding time at...MONSTER JAM!

Nolan has loved monster trucks for over a year now. Ever since Grandma Inge got him Stone Crusher last year for Christmas. Then the Easter Bunny brought him Grave Digger! And for Christmas this year the Syers fam bought both of the boys about 5 NEW monster trucks! This is when he met his favorite: Monster Mutt! It is so fun to listen to him race them around, crash into other cars, and use his deepest, toughest voice to shout their names!

So needless to say, Nolan was psyched to go to the real live MONSTER JAM with Uncle Wes, Auntie Cara, Payton, Brady, Uncle Tim, Rylan, and his very favorite Daddy!


It was SUPER loud so they had to wear headphones! And Nolan sported his cool monster truck shirt that Oma got him for Christmas! Sadly, Monster Mutt was not there, but he still had a blast watching his two original faves: Stone Crusher & Gravedigger!


What a fun afternoon! Nolan has been wearing his headphones around the house and telling Heath and I every detail about Monster Jam all week! He already can't wait to go back next year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We had SUCH a lovely Valentine's Day together as a family!

It started a bit early on Sunday when Nolan got to pass out his Valentine's to all of his cousins! He had been waiting to do this for weeks!
Giving Oma & Opa his "brotherly love" Valentine!

Passing out his "I WHEELIE like you!" Valentine to his cousin Cohen! He picked out each Hot Wheels car specifically for his "friends"! And he was super excited about his own new yellow "Ferrari California"!

Nolan wanted Oma to take his picture with their Valentine bags from "Omie & Opie". How sweet! If only he didn't always have that forced CHEESE smile!

When Mark got home from work on Monday, he and the boys presented me with these beautiful roses! A dozen fire & ice from Mark! Perfect because Mark always sings the Garth Brooks song "She's Every Woman" to me! You should look up the lyrics if you don't know them..."she's sun and rain, she's fire and ice, a little crazy, but it's nice..." Perfect for me! And the boys both got me a yellow rose. Yellow stands for friendship...I really hope and pray the boys always see me as their friend!

Nolan loves being my little "baker man"! He helped me make our dinner that night!

And this big guy just looked on! Oh how he would have loved to help mix the batter, but we all know how that would have gone! This little Monster would have had all sorts of messy fun!

Our finished product! Heart shaped pancakes!

Check out all our loot! The boys got cards, cookies, and candy from Grandpa & Grandma! And check out the HUGE Toy Story card they got from Auntie Mal...it's 3-D! She sure knows how to spoil them!

She also got them these adorable t-shirts! This was the best pic I could get of them! They were too busy at the park to sit for long and the sun was too bright that in every photo I got of them they were squinting ! Nolan thinks Heath's "Love Stinks" shirt is hilarious!

Some people think that Valentine's Day is just a Halmark holiday. But I LOVE it! I love taking time to make treats for special people. I love giving and getting cards with words specifically chosen to tell the people you care about exactly how you truly feel. I love dressing the boys in red and getting pretty flowers to brighten up the house. I love everything about Valentine's Day! And it was a super fun way to kick off my next track off!

Here's to 3 weeks of lovin' on my boys!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love these girls

This past week my Women's Group celebrated 8 years together! Sarah blogged about it as only she can! Click here to read her post about our hot date and to see some fun pics too!

Here's just one photo that Sarah did not capture: Some of us got the silly face memo and some did not! Love Sarah's "evil laugh"! And really love that we are all brunettes!

Monday, February 14, 2011

i ::heart:: valentine's day!

p.s. love, love, love this blog for lots of fun holiday ideas! Check it out: eighteen25!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

'cause baby it's cold outside!

This past week has been mighty cold around here! Gone is our 60 degree weather for sure! Even though we can't stand the cold and snow, it did manage to bless us with 2 days off of school this week! We were cooped up inside due to the frigid weather, but on top of that we hunkered down and tried to get rid of a nasty case of pink eye for Nolan, a terrible ear infection for Heath, and horrible snotty noses for both of them! We are finally on the mend and have been venturing out of the house a bit more! But here are some fun photos from our week of freezing temps and stubborn sicknesses!

We snuggled up and watched a couple movies! Can you tell in this picture that Nolan's eyes are just not quite white? They never really got "pink", but were goopy for a couple of days!

We took baths to wash the germs away! And kill a little time too! Here's Nolan rockin' out to some ABC's!

And we played in just about every room of the house...just to mix it up a bit!

The boys LOVE their Pillow Pets! Nolan insisted that I take their picture with them!

We headed over to our friend's house for a little social interaction!
Rick & Mandy built the best little cave under their basement stairs! The boys LOVE playing in it, reading books, and watching DVD's while the adults hang out! It truly is one of Nolan's favorite places ever!

Nolan also found a new love this week...
OREO cookies!
He had never had one until we went out to dinner at Grandpa's favorite restaurant- Famous Dave's! The dessert that came along with his kids meal was a package of Oreo cookies! And needless to say, it was LOVE at first bite!

Daddy took him out the next day to pick up some of our own from King Soopers! And it has been a Daddy/Nolan treat before bed each night!

Nothin' beats oreos and milk! Nothing!

We ended up getting a lot of snow sort of unexpectedly last night!
It made for some good Daddy-Nolan bonding time while shoveling the driveway!

What a good helper!
But that only lasted so long...

before this became WAY MORE FUN!


Next weekend we'll have more snowy fun as we kick off my next track off with a weekend away with Mark's family at the Van Eps family cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake! We can't wait!