Sunday, February 6, 2011

'cause baby it's cold outside!

This past week has been mighty cold around here! Gone is our 60 degree weather for sure! Even though we can't stand the cold and snow, it did manage to bless us with 2 days off of school this week! We were cooped up inside due to the frigid weather, but on top of that we hunkered down and tried to get rid of a nasty case of pink eye for Nolan, a terrible ear infection for Heath, and horrible snotty noses for both of them! We are finally on the mend and have been venturing out of the house a bit more! But here are some fun photos from our week of freezing temps and stubborn sicknesses!

We snuggled up and watched a couple movies! Can you tell in this picture that Nolan's eyes are just not quite white? They never really got "pink", but were goopy for a couple of days!

We took baths to wash the germs away! And kill a little time too! Here's Nolan rockin' out to some ABC's!

And we played in just about every room of the house...just to mix it up a bit!

The boys LOVE their Pillow Pets! Nolan insisted that I take their picture with them!

We headed over to our friend's house for a little social interaction!
Rick & Mandy built the best little cave under their basement stairs! The boys LOVE playing in it, reading books, and watching DVD's while the adults hang out! It truly is one of Nolan's favorite places ever!

Nolan also found a new love this week...
OREO cookies!
He had never had one until we went out to dinner at Grandpa's favorite restaurant- Famous Dave's! The dessert that came along with his kids meal was a package of Oreo cookies! And needless to say, it was LOVE at first bite!

Daddy took him out the next day to pick up some of our own from King Soopers! And it has been a Daddy/Nolan treat before bed each night!

Nothin' beats oreos and milk! Nothing!

We ended up getting a lot of snow sort of unexpectedly last night!
It made for some good Daddy-Nolan bonding time while shoveling the driveway!

What a good helper!
But that only lasted so long...

before this became WAY MORE FUN!


Next weekend we'll have more snowy fun as we kick off my next track off with a weekend away with Mark's family at the Van Eps family cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake! We can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

We love the boys (and of course their parents)! It is fun to have them come over and enjoy the "nothing cave." Let's get together again soon!