Monday, October 27, 2008

The Incredible Scooching Boy

For some reason Nolan in COMPLETELY content to stay in one spot! He sits and plays with a basket of toys, "reads" books, or makes baskets on his mini basketball hoop. He can stay in the same place entertaining himself for a long time. No crawling. He stands, waves, claps, says Ma Ma and Da Da, pushes up on his hands, feeds himself smalls bites, rolls over- all of the developmental milestones have been met. But yet he just doesn't want to crawl! Maybe he's lazy- like his Daddy! Or maybe he doesn't want to do it unless he can do it perfectly- like his Mommy! Who knows! But for some reason over the past few weeks he has figured out his own method of movement- the scooch! He goes all the way across the floor on his bottom! Check it out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This morning Mark and I had the pleasure of dedicating Nolan at church. We had been wanting to do this for awhile now, but our church only does it on certain weekends during the year, and none of the previous dedication Sunday's had worked with our schedule. So today we stood before God, our church community, family, and friends to say that we are so thankful for the precious gift of Nolan in our lives. We dedicate our lives to raising him to know the Lord. We pray that he would grow up to love God and serve others. We are so blessed to have been given Nolan, he is such an easy going, happy, silly, and sweet little guy! We dream of what his future holds and can't wait to see him grow! Thank you to all of the loved ones in his life who care for him and pray for him, and will encourage and support him throughout his life.

Below is the video of parts of the dedication service for all our dear family and friends who live far away to see! We missed you and wish you all could have been there!

After the service we came back to our house for some yummy chili and fellowship! I really didn't get very many good pictures of Nolan. He stayed up for the little party when he should have been napping, and wasn't really wanting to pose for the camera. It's a shame too, because he looked so cute in his new outfit. You'll have to see it in the video I guess! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Murder at the Underwood Estates

Thank you Leensvaarts for an awesome night full of mystery, intrigue, and wine! Who would have known my husband was a murderer!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few weeks have been nothing but running from one place to the other with very little down time in between. Work, daycare, Oma's, home, shopping, errands, Bible Study, out to eat, church, and few fun outings thrown into the mix. We definitely enjoy our few quiet moments at home to play and cuddle. Good thing Nolan is such a low key little guy. He pretty much has a fun time no matter what we are doing! Fortunately, in just 6 school weeks and 2 days, we'll have 5 1/2 weeks off to relax! Not that I'm counting down or anything! Here are a few random pictures of the past week or so!

Babysitting Payton and Brady

Reading...This first grade teacher is SO proud! Nolan LOVES to read. He had just woken up- if you were wondering about the whole bed head look! And did you notice the pool of drool around his collar- yep- he's been working on his top teeth for too long now!

Playing at Small Group...standing is his new favorite past time. Don't you just love his new jeans? I'm so excited for him to be able to wear all his new winter clothes since it has gotten cooler.

Take a closer look to see what Nolan was playing with as we adults were making Hobo pies for dinner. What's a Hobo pie you're wondering? Leftovers from our rained out camping trip.

Thanks for my cool sweatshirt Uncle Tyler! Sorry if I jinxed the team yesterday!

All bundled up for the pumpkin patch. How could you not want to squeeze those cheeks? So loveable!

Nolan's favorite face these days! The crinkle nose.

Nolan looking like such a big boy in his khakis and shoes!

"My mom made me sit on all these lumpy orange things...I did not want to pose! This was the best shot she got! Ha Ha!" Nolan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Road Trippin'

This past weekend I flew to Chicago on Friday night, stayed up until 3 o'clock in the morning talking to my oldest dear friend Kerri, woke up early, hopped in the car with my besties from highschool, drove 5 hours to the good ol' town of Oskaloosa Iowa, spent an amazingly fun day with great friends and a new, especially silver one, attended the wedding and reception of my highschool hand holding friend Keith and his stunning new bride Hannah, got down on the dance floor, slept in the immaculate ? Red Carpet Inn (at least we had 2 double beds instead of our usual sleeping arrangements in highschool- 3 girls, 1 twin bed), woke up Sunday morning (early again), drove 5 hours back to Streamwood- thanks for driving Beck, Skyped with Mark and Nolan, had dinner with my family, visited my grandma, baked cookies with my mom, went to bed late, woke up at 3:30 a.m., rode to the airport with Mal, flew out by 6 a.m., arrived in Denver by 7:30, drove home with my boys, jumped in my car, sped to work, worked all day setting up my classroom and planning, left school at 3, went to class until 6, and then FINALLY made it home to cuddle on the couch for an hour and then go to bed! It was fast, furious, and a LOT of fun!