Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Countdown Begins!

We got to see a final glimpse at our little guy yesterday. This was our last ultrasound until we get to see him in person!! Crazy and Exciting at the same time! I am about 30 weeks along, but measuring 1 full week ahead! So anytime at the beginning of December we can expect this bouncing baby boy to arrive! And I'm not choosing those words lightly- this boy sure is bouncing A LOT lately!

Here is his profile- for the first time we think he looks different from Nolan. Nolan has my button nose. This baby seems to have a longer/straighter nose- like Mark. But we got to see that he has hair! That was fun! Nolan had the best hair when he was born, and it looks like he will too!

This is a shot looking straight down at his face. I usually think these pictures are a bit creepy, but I like how it looks like he has the same great cheeks Nolan has! Gotta love the jowls!

And here is his foot! So cute!

We have a lot to do in the next 10 weeks- finish the basement, get a new roof, decorate Nolan's big boy room and set up his new bunk bed, add the finishing touches to the new baby nursery, and so much more! But in the midst of our home improvement and the craziness of day to day life we are praising God for a healthy baby and a joyful 21 month old!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Battle Wounds

This is what happens when you combine an adorable face, a new runner, and concrete! Ouch!

And if you look really closely, yes, he does have a tomato in his mouth and a seed on his lip! His new favorite food!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seasoned Traveler

Good thing I brought this-
Because apparently now on Southwest you have to bring a birth certificate, shot records, or passport for your child under the age of 2 in order for them to fly! I can't tell you how many times we've flown domestically without it! And for some reason I just decided to throw it in my purse, and I'm glad I did because otherwise we would have had to run home, grab it, and catch a later flight! San Diego here we come!

So our trip started off well! Flight was on time, Nolan was wonderful- just put on his DVD player and he's good to go. Well of course, he did have a sucker, fruit snacks, smarties, and wheat thins along the way!

Our bags came quickly, Jayne was on her way to pick us up, and here's where things started to get a little sticky! After a header into the concrete bench and a face plant while running through my legs on the pavement, we loaded up the car only to realize Nolan's blankie is MISSING! Mark frantically runs back in to look for it- no luck. We search the waiting area, baggage claim, and path back towards our gate, all while Jayne is waiting in the car with Nolan only hoping not to get yelled or whistled at too badly by the crazy airport cops! Thankfully she didn't end up having to circle around the airport, because finally after asking a police officer if he had seen it or had anybody turn one in to him, I made another trip retracing our steps, and ended up finding it right behind where the police officer was standing in the first place! What a relief! I almost started crying when I found it! No big surprise there huh?!

Now off to Escondido! We had a fantastic long weekend spending time with Brad & Jayne and visiting with great college friends in the area. Nolan was WAY overtired from weird naps, lots of travel by plane and car, and pure busyness! So he wasn't quite his fun self all the time, but he did alright and enjoyed yet another trip to another new and exciting place! We love being able to travel with him and are enjoying his free ticket while we can! This was our last adventure as a family of 3 because this prego is staying put for the next 2 1/2 months!

I made a video of all of the fun stuff we did in California! Uncle "Bra" and Auntie Jayne thank you for such a nice weekend! Nolan keeps saying "Bra" ? and looking around for you. We miss you like crazy already! Skype ya soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tough Stuff

I'm amazed at what a big boy Nolan is becoming! This weekend we went up to the Bosch Family cabin on 2 different days to celebrate both the 10th birthday of our ring bearers and Labor Day. Nolan had a blast up at the cabin now that he can run around everywhere. The cabin was fun before, but the rocks, dirt, gravel, sand, hills, sticks, etc. made for some hard obstacles for a crawling kid! As you can see from the pictures below, nothing stopped him now! He played hard all day, kept up with the big boys, got filthy, and crashed in the car on the way home!

For the next three weeks, I will be off track and home with Nolan everyday! We are looking forward to some outdoor adventures while the weather is still warm, a trip to California to visit Uncle Brad & Aunt Jayne, and good college friends, the start of our big basement project, and lots of shopping for Nolan's big boy room and the new baby nursery! It will be so nice to have some relaxation time as my belly gets bigger, my back hurts more, and as I seem to get exhausted after the simplest of tasks! I'm so looking forward to making the most of our last few months as a family of 3!

Nolan is understanding more and more each day about the baby and he "talks" about the baby a lot! He recognizes the baby in ultrasound photos, he tells me which of his matchbox cars is the baby's, and he pretends to talk to the baby on the phone. (Well, along with Cookie and Ernie too!) Little does he know how much his life will change in just a short time! But what a wonderful change it will be! We can't wait to see our boys grow to be friends!

"kick, kick, kick, kick"

"--ovel" (shovel)

Running the bases

Nolan loved the fire and kept saying "oooh" and "more" as he saw all the tiki torches lit!

Playing with his cousins on Labor Day

Exploring the land

Showing off his bruise- he accidentally got hit with a wooden bat just above his right eyebrow.

Trying to play ladder golf with Daddy

Super Boy!

Going on a little walk with the fam!

Capping off the day with a much needed BATH!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who's having more fun?

Spoiled Rotten

Yesterday was my birthday, but for the past week I have been nothing but SPOILED ROTTEN by so many friends and family members! Dinner at P.F. Changs with my Women's Group, a pool day and lunch at Qdoba with my small group girls, taco feast and D.Q. ice cream cake with Mark's fam, Tokyo Joe's lunch and a way cool CAT card from my school pals (they know just how much I LOVE animals!), and a day of love from my boys at home! I got so many phone calls, Facebook messages, and gifts in the mail. And even got to "see" my family last night through Skype! Here are a few pics from the festivities along the way! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make my day so special! 

Celebrating my birthday the night of the Bears-Broncos game. The cousins each wore their favorite team gear! (I won this jersey battle against Mark because it was MY special day!) The Bears proved to win one for me that night! 

Nolan LOVED singing Happy Birthday to his mommy! He loves music! 

I got to spend the actual day with these 2 adorable boys! Nolan and his buddy Jax. Jax's mom and I job share our 1st grade classroom and help watch each others boys on our days off. 

Nolan had a blast with the balloons Mark blew up to decorate. 

My birthday chair- Happy 28th Birthday from all your Chicago Favorites! Ever since we were little my family has had the tradition of a birthday chair. The family decorates a special chair in some creative theme and then the birthday girl or boy sits in the chair to open up their presents! Mark hasn't always embraced this tradition but in the end always comes up with something creative! 

He even surprised me that night by having my favorite Chicago Style Pizza delivered- Lou Malnati's! 

Somebody does really like me! 

My fun new gift from Mark and Nolan- a Canon Rebel xsi! 

Nolan and I took a shot together before Mark and I went out to a movie! It was so nice to have a night out together! Thanks Oma and Opa for watching N.B.J.!