Saturday, April 19, 2014


On the Wednesday of my Spring Break we planned to head to The Denver Zoo for a day with the animals! The weather was supposed to be nicer then in turned out to be. But we wore layers and hats and it was just fine. A bit cloudy and a bit chilly at times, but the zoo was pretty empty which was so nice! There were times when we were walking around when we saw no other people. It was great! 

Here are a bunch of pictures from our day...

The boys loved spotting the peacocks all over the zoo! They love that the colorful ones are the BOYS! 

This baby Leopard was one of our favorites of the day! 

They LOVED the Feline House! 

And they spent a long time watching the giraffes too. I think they are so pretty. And they remind me of a pretty friend of mine too. You know who you are! ;)

We warmed up for awhile in Tropical Discovery. It was nice for Brooks to get out of the stroller and walk around a bit too. He really enjoyed looking in all of the tanks that were at his level. 

Nolan thought the chameleon in this tank was pretty cool! 

Can you see the HUGE fish behind us? 

 The elephants are pretty amazing! 

Brooks was waving and waving at this guy! 

Being a monkey with the monkeys! 

They were waiting all day for the penguins. One of their many favorite animals of all time! 

Bird World…oh Bird World…I don't know why, but my boys LOVE you! 
They even said that Bird World was their "dream come true"! 

After Bird World the boys were pretty hungry, so we stopped, for a hot minute, to eat our PBJ sandwiches by these big hippos. 
But the boys didn't want to stop for long…we pretty much ate our lunch as we went. 

The boys think that this monkey is so funny every time we go to the zoo because it's a TITI! Just like what they call their Auntie! We texted her this picture! 

The Orangutans were very cool to watch. They were swinging around and eating and we even saw a baby. 

I loved how this little guy was sitting. Ha! 

After we made it all the way around the zoo and had checked out almost every animal, I asked the boys if they were ready to leave of if there was anything else they wanted to go see again. And what did they choose…BIRD WORLD! 
So we headed back for a second tour of BIRD WORLD! Can you tell how exhausted Brooks is in this pic? He fell asleep in my arms as we walked through. We stopped on this bench to check out the parrots and he woke up. 

On our way back to the main entrance/exit we spotted some more peacocks. 

And the lions were out now. They weren't when we passed by earlier in the day. 

So amazing. How can you not be so in awe of God's creation after a day at the zoo?! 

We had a great day. And it was so nice to feel like I can take all three boys to an all day outing and manage it by myself! We are turning a corner here people. And it's pretty awesome! My boys are at a busy stage, but they are also becoming so much more independent. And this day went pretty seamlessly. We had a whiny, or cold, or stubborn moment here or there, but really, it was fun! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MY Spring Break!

Both Nolan and Heath shared their Spring Break with Grandma. But my Spring Break was the week after. It was wonderful to have Grandma here to watch the boys all week while they were both off and while I was still teaching. Nolan actually had 2 weeks off, so his second week matched up with mine which was nice as well. It was nice to be able to sleep in most days and not have to worry about his routine while I was off. It was a hard transition for me only having 1 week off this year. I REALLY miss my Year Round schedule. 2 more weeks would have been very nice. But since I only had one week off (And we didn't end up traveling anywhere- which I was really bummed about- I had wanted to make it home to Chicago to see family, friends, and baby Oliver, Kerri's newborn.) I decided to just chill with the boys this week. We did a few fun things, but really, we just hung out. And it was just what we needed. 

We started out the week with a family hike. We love that just 15 minutes up the rode we have access to great trails with incredible views. We love being active as a family. Such good habits to instill in our guys. 
The boys did great. They loved exploring. Can you spot them making their way UP that hill. 

There they are at the top. I sent Mark up after them because I couldn't see them from the trail. 

Brooks walked most of the way as well. He stopped over and over again to throw rocks. 

Heath was slow on the way up…but boy did he LOVE the way down! He ran the whole way. Ha! 

 Nolan was my walking buddy for most of the way. I had to keep moving because it was a bit windy and chilly. 

At the top! 

We stopped and had a snack on this bench. 

love him

Exploring and throwing rocks.

 I loved my Spring Break because I took time to do things I love. Like being creative...
I switched up my chalkboard for Easter! 

On Monday we got to spend some time with Cohen and Arie. 5 boys is a wild good time. They played with everything in the house but they entertained themselves the entire time! 

Heath had school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so Nolan, Brooks, and I had a little time alone. Nolan and Heath really are best friends. But it was good for them to have a break from one another.  

We spent a lot of time playing outside. 

And I spent a lot of time rockin' on the front porch while the boys played. After we picked up Heath from school on Tuesday we met Mark for lunch at Chic-fil-a. 

Heath and I enjoy playing with his Chic-fil-a Kids Meal prize. It is a card game called "Go Ape!" It's just like "Go Fish", but with cute monkeys on the cards. He was so sweet trying to hold all of his cards in his hands without showing me. :) We'll have to keep working on this skill. Ha! 

I also loved my Spring Break because I had time to work out every day. This is the view from my treadmill. Heath shooting hoops because he didn't nap this day. 

When you are the son of a Kindergarten teacher, your Mama makes you do school work every day, even over Spring Break. He wrote this paragraph one afternoon while his brothers were sleeping. He's becoming a sweet little writer. 

Over Spring Break we had time to do fun things like take loooooong bubble baths with the jets on! The boys love this, but during most busy weeks we usually have them take quick showers to save time. So they thought being able to soak and play in the tub was a real treat. 

Unfortunately, this boy was just not himself during the week. We could tell something was up, but we thought it was just a bad head cold. But when he kept complaining that his ear hurt we decided to take him in to the Doctor. And sure enough, he had a double ear infection. And one ear was really, really bad. This was a doosie of an infection and it really knocked him out for a couple of days. Here we are snuggling up one night with a few of his favorite pups. He said he chose his coziest animals that night to make him feel better. I'm so glad he's feeling better now and that he didn't miss any school. He's still going for that perfect attendance! 

The boys celebrated the Rockies home opener! They sure love their Daddy and of course all of his teams! Nolan has really been enjoying watching games with Mark this year. He tells Mark the counts and who's on base. Mark has been waiting for this for sure! It's really cute. 

I found this pic on my phone. The boys took it at Little Ricci's one night when we got pizza. 

A little silliness at South Glenn. We sure have had some great Spring weather lately! 

One of our favorite Easter traditions…an Easter Egg lunch! I fill a dozen plastic eggs with lunch foods for the boys to crack open and find. Turkey, pepperoni, cheese, fish crackers, grapes, fruit snacks, etc. They love it! Nolan is our garbage disposal. I swear he finished all 12 eggs in about 4 minutes. He's always been able to wolf it down! Remember what a chunky baby he was? How can anyone forget? 

Brooks got his lunch in an Easter basket. And of course he got the sports eggs to play with while he ate. He's our little baller! 

A couple of years ago, the Sloothaaks sent us these talking eggs to hide and find. After we had our Easter Egg lunch we had fun hiding them in the house. They say, "You hoo…over here…you can't find me…" and you have to listen for their voice and find them. Then when you crack them open there are little animals inside. Pretty fun! We've been looking for one to pick up for Brooks too. Because sharing 2 between 3 boys doesn't always work well. 

One day we went to the zoo- which will have it's own post. Another day Barb watched the boys for me so that I could run a few errands. And another day was spent reading Divergent. It was that good. I read it straight through over 2 days and just about completely ignored my boys. But it was awesome. I love a good book! Mark read it after me in about 3 days. So that in itself tells you just how good it is. Ha! Can't wait to see the movie this week and to start the next book in the series. 

And that's about all we did over Spring Break. We really missed not traveling, or getting to see the Sloothaaks, but I think God really knew what I needed. Rest. My doctor just upped my medication again due to my slightly high TSH level. So I know that rest is really important to me. It's the only way for my body to really feel right. But it's really hard to get when you are a Kindergarten teacher and a mom to three little boys. So I am learning to trust in God's plan for me. I am working at releasing control. And I am focusing on slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life. And this Spring Break was just that.