Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Marky Mark!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Mark's 34th Birthday this past week! 

We went out to Hapa Sushi with the sibs for a fun KID FREE night! 

Yum! We love our sushi! 

And we love our brothers and sisters that we are lucky enough to call...FRIENDS! 

Thank you Oma & Opa for watching the boys for us so that we could relax for the evening! 

The next day we celebrated again with the whole Jansen fam! 
The Broncos were playing that day so we all put on our blue & orange to cheer them on to victory! 

We had a yummy burger lunch, the kids played, and Mark opened up a few gifts- a gift card, check, and clothes. A year of necessity gifts, but I guess that's what we really end up wanting in our old age! Ha! 

All these boys LOVE the Broncos...almost as much as their Daddies do!

Us girls got in on the fun too! 

Then it was time for Mark's favorite..."moist chocolate cake" and a Broncos WIN! 

January 13th is Mark's real birthday. It was a Monday, so he woke up and got ready for work that day. He came downstairs to find his birthday chair all decked out for him! We already bought him some new clothes so he knew he wouldn't be getting many more gifts. But we surprised him with a Family 4 Pack to the Nuggets game for that Friday night. Nolan and Heath had never been to a Nuggets game and Mark and I hadn't gone in awhile, so we were all excited for a fun night! 

Mark had a birthday Starbucks and walked into work to find...

a Tinker Bell Birthday Party! Just what he wanted! Love that so many people love him and love to give him a hard time! He SO deserves it!  

After work Mark came home to Skype with my fam and open a few gifts...
He got some money and an electric carving knife from my parents! And he got a vintage Blackhawks t-shirt from my sis and Flob. 

And the boys picked out a flying, hugging cat card and gummy peach rings for their Daddy! Thank you to everyone who spoiled Mark on his special day. He felt very loved. 

After we Skyped we headed out to Noodles & Company for dinner. We dine at only the finest establishments with our children! 
But the boys were as happy as could be to chow down on spaghetti & meatballs and mac 'n cheese and to be able to drink POP! It's the little things really. This picture cracked me up! Brooks was also shoving whole meatballs into his mouth! He's a little piggy! 

 It was a good day, but the fun didn't stop there. Friday night we headed downtown for the Nuggets game! 
This picture is a little bit blurry because we were walking and my flash went off, but I love how cute Mark and Nolan look. They look like twins. The boys just adore their Daddy and want to be just like him! Which makes me one proud and happy Mama! They couldn't have a better role model! 

The boys thought the Pepsi Center was very cool! Heath was running all over like he owned the place. Typical. But I kept having to grab him and pull him back over to us because it was so crowded. 

They loved watching "Rocky" the Nuggets mascot! And they thought this statue of him was pretty cool too. 

 Pretending to be Avs players! 

And one more with Rocky before we found our seats! 

We were on the third level but it was nice because we didn't have anyone sitting on either side of us and there was a wall behind us, so we had room to wiggle and spread out a bit. 

Even though we were high up, we saw everything just fine because of the ENORMOUS new Pepsi Vision jumbo-tron they put in! This thing was ginormous! But the boys loved it of course! 

By the time we found our seats and watched the 1st quarter the boys were starving. So we headed out to redeem our meal tickets that were included in the Family 4 Pack. 
We scarfed pizza and chicken fingers and chips and nachos and the boys enjoyed some pink lemonade too. And we brought Daddy's Peach Rings for dessert. The boys had full bellies and were ready to cheer on the Nuggets, dance, sing, and to watch Rocky, the dancers, and "blow ups"(blimps). Oh, and they followed the game a bit too! Ha! 

Nolan was shaking our keys to "MAKE SOME NOISE"!!!!

He actually watched the game a lot and asked Mark questions and was interested in everything Mark had to tell him about what was going on. 

Heathy sat on my lap for awhile and we sang and danced and snapped some "selfies"! 

It was a close and high scoring game which is always fun to see. And Rocky made a backwards shot from half court which was cool too. But the Nuggets lost. Bummer! The boys did great time and had a fun first Nuggets experience! There was very minimal whining and only one poop break. It was a super late night and they were exhausted the next day! But it made us hopeful once again for all of the fun activities we will be able to do with our boys as they are growing up! We missed Brooksie, but we knew he would not be able to handle a game yet. Thank you to the Krauths for watching him for us so that we could make this memory with Mark. 

Thank you for being you. You are funny and easy and silly and sensible. You are dedicated and fun and loyal and cute. We love you so much! And just for you...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Break!

Here are a bunch of photos from our day to day life during Winter Break. 

My Mom brought a bunch of tiny candy canes and did a candy cane hunt for the boys down in the basement. So fun! 
Nolan found his first and then Heath. Then we played a few more rounds. 

Playing with Grandpa.

Bouncing on Uncle T's air mattress.

Nolan showing Grandpa how to play "Angry Birds" on the iPad. 

On the Monday before Christmas, my Dad, Mom, Tyler, and I grabbed lunch at Freddy's and were planning on doing a little last minute shopping at Target. After lunch I was driving through the parking lot to Target, when out of nowhere, we got HIT! 
A girl was not watching where she was driving and was looking down. I saw it coming so I tried to speed up to avoid her hitting us straight on. I'm glad I did because she only ended up clipping our back bumper on the passenger side. Thankfully we were going fairly slowly in the parking lot and that everyone was o.k. And thankfully her insurance is paying for all of the damage! Yay! It added a little drama to our break though for sure. 

Uncle T. brought Brooks' birthday gift. Thunderwear and a motorcyle. He also got him another motorcycle for Christmas. Brooks likes motorcycles and buses right now. :) Funny.

Mark's wrap job. Makes me laugh. 

A little Ninja play time. 

And some more rough housing with Flob. 

Grandma planned a fun penguin craft for the boys...

Even Brooks got into it. 

They turned out so cute! 

The weather has been so pleasant. 
We've had a couple of park trips over break. 

And we've been able to bike and scooter. 

Nolan and Uncle T. building his new Arctic Batman Lego Set. 

Brooks and Uncle T. playing ball.

Mallory & Bob asked Mark to sing/play in their wedding. So he got right to work practicing. You know he only has 9 months until his performance so he figured he better get started right away. 

Playing Duplos with Grandpa.

Reading with Grandma.

After the results of the games on Sunday, Nolan and Mark had to prepare for the playoffs. 

Brooks brought Mal and Bob probably at least 10 or more different balls in a row. Mal would throw it and he would go get another. He made up this funny game but knew just what he wanted them to do. 

Grandma introduced the boys to "Candy Crush". 

Grandma's traditional dates with the boys...
Panera. Blueberry bagels and Wildberry smoothies. One date with Nolan. 

And the next day with Heath...
He wanted to do the exact same thing that Nolan got to do. 
After they went to Panera, they also went to Target so that he could spend some Christmas cash on TMNT ooze just like Nolan got for his birthday. Seeing a theme here. That is why we have to impress on Nolan so much the importance of him being a leader! Heath follows his every move. Grandma also bought the boys a new Plane! 

My Mom offered to watch the kids so that Mark and I could go out for New Years Eve. Rick & Mandy were having some people over, so we headed over there for a relaxing evening kid free. We just chatted and had wine and yummy snacks. And the boys watched "Planes"...

ate popcorn...

and had ice cream sundaes. 
We rang in the New Year with friends knowing that our boys were in the best hands! Thank you Mom! You're the best! 

The next morning I woke up to this face in mine. He sure is cute, but he is also as annoying as can be! Especially at 7 o'clock in the morning. Ha! 
He must have known Grandma was leaving that day because NOW he decided to be ornery! 

Grandma's flight left about 11a.m. So after breakfast we snapped a few last photos with her before taking her to the airport. 

The boys wore their St. Peter t-shirts that day in honor of Grandma. 

Wow. Is she the best! We miss her the second she leaves the car and are already dreaming of Spring Break! We love you Grandma! Thanks for making more amazing memories with us! Slowly all of your prayers are being up- moving here! 

We had the best break and it was so nice having our whole family together! We were so happy that Grandpa got to come out and see our new house too. Our family has a fun year ahead and we can't wait for more togetherness! Love you all!!!