Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Fun!

While the whole family was in town we didn't have a lot of set plans. But we did a couple of fun activities together. It happened to snow one night and it was bright and sunny the next day, so we headed out for a little snow fun! 
Brooks and I throwing snow balls at Daddy. 

Brooksie took rides up and down the street on this little pull sled. 

His favorite snowy activity was shoveling with his new shovel from Oma & Opa. 

Daddy showing him the ropes. 

The boys each have a shovel now and had fun helping Daddy clear our driveway and a bunch of neighbors' driveways too. 

Nolan tried to sled down our tiny little front yard. It didn't really work too well. The snow never lasts long around here with all of our sun, so we are still looking forward to going sledding some day soon. 

But since sledding wasn't really an option he quickly switched to snowballs. A fun alternative! 

Nolan also loves making Snow Angels. 
He wanted me to make one too and he snapped this picture of me! Cute boy. 
Here they are- side by side. 

More snow angels in the fresh snow in the backyard too. 

I got some great shots of the boys in the awesome light. 

And I love this pic of Brooks, Bob, & Mal. I used her camera for most of these pics. I forgot how much I love a good camera...MUST GET MINE FIXED!

We lasted about an hour before we were cold, wet, and cranky and ready to go inside to get warmed up. But it was a fun filled hour. 

Another Johnson family tradition is to go bowling around Christmas. My Dad loves to bowl and has always bowled on a league. This happens to be his first year not bowling on the St. Peter bowling league. So he thought he was a bit rusty, but it is still something he enjoys and now even more so with his Grandsons. 
Heathy tried pushing the ball down the lane and using the ramp.

We got pizza and apps. 
Silly boy! 

Auntie helping Heath find his ball. He is so independent. He really didn't want or need much help at all. He would even yank the ramp back and forth by himself. 

Grandpa trying to teach Nolan proper technique. 
He mostly chucked the ball down there. But he preferred to try to roll it by himself over using the ramp. 

Brooks followed Mark all over. He would even get real close to watch him bowl his frames. 

They had the Cosmic Bowling going for the first game but put the lights back on for our second. Which my Dad preferred. 
Nolan cheering on his grandparents. 

My brother took these pics and sent this to me. Cool! 

We all had a great time! My Mom and Mark were going head to head each frame, but Mark won out. My Dad, brother, Laura, Mal, & Bob all bowled solid games. I think Tyler won out on their lane overall. The boys each bowled two full games with scores in the 70s. And I had 2 of my best games in a LONG time! Scores in the 80s and 90s! Woo hoo! Sophia...aren't you so proud?! 

After bowling Uncy Flobby treated the boys to a few games in the arcade- he won a ball for Brooks and a Nerds stuffed animal. Heath wanted nothing to do with it because it happened to be PINK! But Nolan said he didn't care, he was just excited that Bob won it and he was happy to be the recipient of his luck! AND Bob also took them into the photo booth for the first time! The boys were so excited because they know what photo booths are but we've never let them actually take pictures in one. They turned out cute! They thought they were hilarious and that "Uncy Flobby looks AWKWARD"! They love that word. Silly kids! 


Jill Sloothaak said...

Marge, I am sooooo proud! You would have been proud of my Christmas bowling skills too -- I got a 136! WHAT??!?
Love these fun posts, and love that you were able to enjoy time with your family.

Cara S. said...

Love all the fun snow shots!