Sunday, August 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Nolan LOVES baseball! He carries his bats around the house and swings at or bangs everything. I've been calling him "Bam Bam" lately because he LOVES to whack his bat at anything. Not always the best when the bat is coming towards your head, 
so we've been having many a talk about the appropriate use of things. 

Nolan LOVES, as Ming Ming of the Wonder Pets would say "Doing it my own way"! My stubborn little boy is so sweet, but definitely has a mind of his own. We've had to try "Time Out" a few times when he chooses not to listen. He goes to his little floor mat by the front door for a minute or two to calm down. He actually does a great job of staying put. He never gets up and always wants to give a big hug when he's done serving his time! 

Mark giving Nolan some batting lessons- trying to teach him to swing through, not to chop at the ball- his preferred method of playing. 

Nolan also LOVES Dora, as well as Elmo and Cookie Monster, but he LOVES her backpack and always sings along with the "Backpack" song. It's actually one of his favorite words! So we hit up The Children's Place for a more manly version of Dora's purple explorer pack. It's still a little big for him so he doesn't wear it for long, but he tries it on, walks around, and likes to fill it with his balls. 

Nolan LOVES his Daddy! He wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Mark is the funniest person in the world to him. They love rough housing and watching sports.

 But, unfortunately, Nolan is also going through a little separation anxiety! He does NOT LOVE when we leave him, and especially Mark! He cries when we drop him off to go to work or to the church nursery! And he has become attached to us in large group settings- it takes him a little while to warm up to others and wants us within sight at all times!  So we are definitely praying that this is just a phase because he used to go to anyone, not mind if we left him for bit, and was Mr. Social! He is still his happy, silly self, he just needs a bit to feel comfortable- and then he's on the go again- running, dancing, playing "catch", and giving "knuckles" to everyone in the room! 

And at the same time, Nolan LOVES being Independent! He wants to walk everywhere, try everything by himself first, and definitely has a mind of his own! He has very little interest in eating- hard to believe, I know! But he'd much rather be on the move then sitting in his high chair! 

Nolan LOVES his cousins!!! He has a blast playing with Payton and her pets- Nolan also LOVES animals of all kinds. Katie the mouse and Penny the bunny are a highlight of any visit to the Syers home! He makes so many animal noises and notices creatures of any kind everywhere we go! Brady is also such a great bud as he lets Nolan tackle him constantly! Here's a shot from our dinner tonight! The kids all looked so cute eating their dinner together! 

And finally, Nolan LOVES ketchup! Not the healthiest of choices, but hey, at least it gets the kid to eat! He would eat it on anything if we let him! But we'll stick to dipping hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and maybe an occasional odd choice like scrambled eggs or it has been know to show up on cantaloupe sometimes! 

I feel like I could go on and on about Nolan at this age! He is having a grand time learning so many new words, playing hard, and exploring his world! We just LOVE him to pieces! 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Party Like it's 1999!

10 years ago...The Backstreet Boys blared in my Mercury Topaz as I drove to Streamwood High each morning. Today...'Hey Diddle Diddle' seems to be the tune Nolan and I jam out to in our glorified mini van, on the way to the grocery store.

Back then I worried about what I was wearing to Prom or how I could get out of going to Japanese class that week.  Fast forward 10 years and I'm fretting over...did I pack enough diapers and why didn't he poop today? 

10 years ago I dreamed of my awesome dorm room at Calvin and all the hot boys I would meet there! And today I sit picturing our finished basement and thinking of ideas for new baby boy's bedroom! 

My how life has changed! But yet, fun, challenging, and sweet in both phases!

This past weekend Nolan and I traveled back to Streamwood for 4 days so that I could attend my 10 year Highschool Reunion! What a great excuse to spend time with my family and friends in the area! Here are some pictures from our busy week! We had a blast! 

Nolan playing with my old Fisher Price Little People! He loves putting all the people in the cars and playing with the 25 year old air plane! 

Nolan has a good ol' time when Auntie Mal gives him baths! 

Playing beanie babies with Grandpa! 

Nolan discovered his new love for whole peaches! He'll eat them down to the pit! 

Our friends, the Sloothaaks, drove down from Zeeland, Michigan to spend a rainy day with us! 
We hit up the Looney Tunes play land at Woodfield Mall to keep us busy on a wet morning! Nolan had just a little bit of fun as you can see from the above picture! 

Nolan and Trey are 9 months apart and have so much fun chasing and tackling each other now that Nolan can run! Here's a few pictures from their few and far between quiet moments together! 

My old crew at our reunion! Kerri, Don, Keith, Becky, and I! It was so good to be back together. It's crazy that we are all now married or engaged and between us have a 3 year old, 19 month old, a baby due any day, and dreams of future bundles in the months to come! We are so blessed to still have each other to love and support throughout the years! 

Cuddling with Auntie Mal after a busy day on the run! Nolan loves watching movies with her! 

Nolan's first ICEE at Target with Grandma. He sucked it right down and had red lips to show for it! (Notice the Cubs hat- we were rooting hard for them in the Rockies-Cubs wrap around this weekend!)

Dinner and yummy ice cream at Colonial! 

Visiting with Great Grandma V.E.E.H.M.M.S. (Verna Edna Emma "Hamburger" Maleske Mueller Swanberg- what a name!) 

Nolan LOVED my parents cats! He looked for them the second he woke up and searched the house for them multiple times a day saying "Where'd they go?" over and over again until he spotted one! 

Through plane rides, many visitors and car trips, lots of restaurants, and late nights, Nolan did amazing! He is such an easy going boy and loves exploring his world! Thanks family for a wonderful stay! Can't wait to see you in December! Skype ya soon!