Friday, September 30, 2011

School Photos

Nolan got his school pictures back this week!
And I was very relieved and happy to see this smiling face looking back at me...
Nolan said the photographer said "BANANAS" and that this was really funny and made him smile and laugh! He also told me he got tickled by feathers too! Whatever they did, it worked, and I'm glad he posed nicely! They didn't take the pictures until after recess and snack time, so his hair is a little poofy, but at least his mouth is clean! I ordered this shot and his Class Photo. (On a side note: I DID NOT choose this school themed background! I checked the box for a grey background. But I actually think they turned out kind of funny and sweet like this! Perfect for 3 year old Preschool!)

And here's his class picture. He's got a half smile/half looking at the camera thing going on, but I still love it! How in the world to get 11, 3 and 4 year olds looking and smiling at the same time seems impossible to me! When we got home from school on Monday, Nolan sat down with me and pointed to each child and told me their names! He said, "This is my friend Sam, and this is my friend Quinn." And he did that for each kid! I love that he is having so much fun at school and making so many new friends!

Just for fun I'll include these 2 pics that I did not order! (Shh!) They start 'em young with Senior Portraits! Ha!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

Today is the first day of Fall! And we are ready for all that it brings: mums, pumpkins, playing in the leaves, hoodies & jeans, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so much more!

But to say goodbye to summer and to check off one more new experience for Nolan, Mark had a great idea the other night...

get a treat from the ICE CREAM TRUCK!
We heard it's music coming down the street and the boys literally RAN out the door to wave it down outside our house! (Yes, I was THAT mom snapping a picture from the front porch as they made their decision on what to buy!)

And the choice was...
This Spiderman popsicle with gumball eyes! (And let me tell you, have prices gone up since I was little! $3.25 for this bad boy!)

But, it was well worth it!
Nolan LOVED it and scarfed it down in no time!

We let him watch a show and eat his ice cream as a before bed treat!

Lick your lips good!

The ice cream man told us that this was probably his last night out for the season, so we were so glad that we caught him just in time! And that we chose to do this at the END of summer...I don't know if our wallets could have handled the $3 plus dollar goodie each night we heard the happy tunes strolling through our neighborhood! Ha!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I completely forgot to post photos from our day up at the cabin on Labor Day! I tracked back on at school and have been super busy with teaching, dropping off/picking up Nolan from preschool, and doing some "nesting" as well, that these just totally slipped my mind!

We were out REALLY late the night before Labor Day at Rebecca's wedding so we decided to sleep in, relax at home, grab some coffee, and head up to Indian Hills around noon! It was a nice laid back family morning. For the second time in a row, I forgot to bring my camera with me for the day! So I snapped these pics on my MIL's camera.

The boys love playing with Sammi and Benji! They get their doggie fix this way!

This was pretty much Heath all day! Running and exploring in the open!

Nolan L-O-V-E-S the sandbox and old trucks and animals! He would stay here all day!

Pure joy!

Mark is just the best Daddy! The boys can't get enough of his fun!

Being with their cousins all day is pretty awesome too!

We took some time to rest, lounge around, chat with family, and play some games!

The weather was perfect!

The boys spent a lot of time playing with Auntie Sue! She is so much fun and really takes time to PLAY and show interest in what the boys are into!

She helped Nolan create these ramps along the wooden edging.

And she took the little ones for a ride in the wheelbarrow! We told Heath to hold onto Cohen and he really took us seriously! He would not let go! He was a very good protective older cousin!

And of course, it wouldn't be a day at the cabin without tractor rides!

We had so much fun in the Autumn mountain air that we actually decided to go back up again next weekend! We are going to bring the boys up and spend the night and play all day in God's beautiful creation! It feels so good to check out from t.v. and internet and my ever growing honey-do list at home! We can't wait!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Go Broncos, Let's Go!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brendon Degner!

On Sunday we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my sweet friend Rebecca! Rebecca and I have taught together for 7 years. She started out teaching Kindergarten at Antelope Ridge and then we were lucky enough to grab her onto our 1st Grade team and I even got to teach with her for a couple of years on A Track. She and I are completely compatible as team mates and friends! She is super organized, detail oriented, creative, cute, and thoughtful! All of these traits make her the best teacher and helped her put on a FABULOUS wedding as well!

The wedding & reception were outside at the beautiful Arrowhead golf course! The weather was perfect and the views amazing!

Rebecca looked, as always, simply stunning! And Brendon's joy was evident the entire evening!

Three of my former teacher friends were bridesmaids in the wedding! From left to right:

Tara...she taught 1st grade with us for a few years while she and her doctor husband and darling daughter Ava lived in Denver while hubby Adam did his residency. They moved to Portland for Adam to do his facial plastics fellowship this past June and we miss her FUN and sense of humor so much!

Brooke... my first job share partner! She just had her second baby this past December and decided to leave teaching to be a stay at home mommy! The perfect job for her! I miss her positive outlook and calm nature! We had a fun 2 years team-teaching!

Sarah...she started out teaching Kindergarten with Rebecca, but came up to teach 1st grade with us for a few years as well! She is a fantastic teacher who motivates those around her to be their very best! She now teaches closer to her home at an Elementary school in Highlands Ranch. It was so fun catching up with her at the wedding!

The bridal party taking photos!

My current teaching pals! From left to right again: animal loving friend! She is determined to get me to love her little fur babies! She has the best sense of humor and is great at helping me not take my job too seriously! new job share partner this year! She is very organized and a great planner! We have taught together for my entire career but are now getting to share our kiddos. It has been a seamless transition!


Paige...a.k.a. Stephie! This girl is so much fun! She has the sweetest heart. She is teaching Kindergarten this year, we miss having her on the team, but love that she is just right next door!

Nikki...we have also taught together since I started! She is so thoughtful and a great friend to all. Not only is she gorgeous, but an amazing teacher with great classroom management! I've learned a lot from her!

And here's the happy Bride and Groom! Mr. & Mrs. Degner!

Needless to say we all had THE BEST time at the wedding! We ate, drank (well, not me of course), laughed, talked, danced, and let loose for the evening! It was a blast!

Snapping a pic with the gorgeous bride!

I just LOVE that not only are we all compatible professionally, but we are the best of friends! And so are all of our husbands! Here Paige and Mark are dancing until the wee hours of the morning! This prego mama was up until 2 a.m.!

We just had such a nice evening out celebrating Rebecca and Brendon and their new married life together! We are so happy for them and wish them nothing but love, health, and happiness for the rest of their lives! Thanks Bex for a beautiful night! Everything was just perfect! We love you! (g.b!)

Monday, September 5, 2011


On September 2nd I turned thirty!!!

I had wonderful celebrations and felt so spoiled and loved by family and friends! People keep asking me how it feels to be 30. Not really much different. The number doesn't really matter to me...I guess it' more about what I've accomplished in JUST 30 years! I have a wonderful husband, a cozy home, a successful 8+ years teaching career, and THREE healthy, happy boys! I'm choosing to not be sad about the new 3 in front of the 0, but to look forward to what will come in my next 30 years!

Here are some photos from a few of my birthday festivities!
The first birthday celebration- The Melting Pot with my Women's Group! Natalie and I share a birthday week so we always celebrate together!

The next night my school girls took me out to P.F. Changs for dinner as well! I didn't get a picture, but they SO spoiled me this week- dinner out, lunch on my first day back at school, cards, and coffee! I LOVE working with some of my best friends!

On my REAL birthday I woke up to more surprises from my boys!

Mark always does a GREAT job with my birthday chair! I absolutely LOVE balloons! Some people think they are worthless, but I think they are OH SO FUN! A birthday MUST!

Mark got me a cleaning lady for the day to clean my house! I had to work 4 hours that morning, tracking in my classroom. It was SO nice to come home to a sparkling house and GIFTS! The boys also got me a cute new purse from ALDO! They are helping me open it in this photo!

My creative Mom sent me all these little baggies full of 30 little things! It was so fun! And the boys especially LOVED the ones with candies!

I always call the boys "pickles" so they got me the perfect card! A pickle card with googly eyes! Nolan was SO excited about it that as he ran in to my room to give me my morning kiss and shout "Happy Birthday", the next thing he said was "We got you a pickle card!" The boy CAN NOT keep a secret! Hence why he WILL NOT know the new baby's name until he's born! Ha!

Heath LOVES the card and plays with it all the time! He kept holding it up and saying "EEEE", his version of "CHEESE" and wanting us to take his picture!

My bestie Jill, sent me such a thoughtful gift. She helped me celebrate my whole birthday WEEK! Each day leading up to my birthday I had a special note to open! On my actual birthday I got a BEAUTIFUL gift- a Lisa Leonard hand stamped sterling silver necklace!

After doing my birthday chair I had a bridal shower to go to for my friend Rebecca. So, no party for me on the 2nd, but it was really fun to be able to celebrate her and her big day with my closest friends on my birthday!

So the next day, we celebrated with Mark's family! Barb asked me what I wanted for dinner for my birthday, and my prego cravings only wanted 1 thing: loaded baked potatoes! So that's what we had! And they were delicious!!!

And of course I got to choose my cake: Oreo ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! So stinkin' good!

Me and my big guy and his CHEESY smile! He LOVES birthdays and loves all the traditions that come along with them: balloons, presents, candles, cakes, singing, and more! He's just like me with this, I LOVE birthdays and making a big deal out of the special person on their special day!

Both of the boys helping me open cards and presents!

Look at the HUGE glow of 30 candles! And look at the HUGE belly too!

Of course all the kiddos had to help blow out the candles, and the best part...licking the frosting off of them!

Chowing down! Nolan ate his whole piece, some of mine, and he even managed to swipe some bites from Brady's plate as well!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my wall on Facebook, texted, called, sent a card or gift, and celebrated with me in person! You sure know how to make a girl feel special!

And the best part yet, the party continues next weekend! As part of Mark's gifts to me, he and I get to go away for a kid free night! We CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!!!