Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brendon Degner!

On Sunday we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my sweet friend Rebecca! Rebecca and I have taught together for 7 years. She started out teaching Kindergarten at Antelope Ridge and then we were lucky enough to grab her onto our 1st Grade team and I even got to teach with her for a couple of years on A Track. She and I are completely compatible as team mates and friends! She is super organized, detail oriented, creative, cute, and thoughtful! All of these traits make her the best teacher and helped her put on a FABULOUS wedding as well!

The wedding & reception were outside at the beautiful Arrowhead golf course! The weather was perfect and the views amazing!

Rebecca looked, as always, simply stunning! And Brendon's joy was evident the entire evening!

Three of my former teacher friends were bridesmaids in the wedding! From left to right:

Tara...she taught 1st grade with us for a few years while she and her doctor husband and darling daughter Ava lived in Denver while hubby Adam did his residency. They moved to Portland for Adam to do his facial plastics fellowship this past June and we miss her FUN and sense of humor so much!

Brooke... my first job share partner! She just had her second baby this past December and decided to leave teaching to be a stay at home mommy! The perfect job for her! I miss her positive outlook and calm nature! We had a fun 2 years team-teaching!

Sarah...she started out teaching Kindergarten with Rebecca, but came up to teach 1st grade with us for a few years as well! She is a fantastic teacher who motivates those around her to be their very best! She now teaches closer to her home at an Elementary school in Highlands Ranch. It was so fun catching up with her at the wedding!

The bridal party taking photos!

My current teaching pals! From left to right again:

Nancy...my animal loving friend! She is determined to get me to love her little fur babies! She has the best sense of humor and is great at helping me not take my job too seriously!

Laura...my new job share partner this year! She is very organized and a great planner! We have taught together for my entire career but are now getting to share our kiddos. It has been a seamless transition!


Paige...a.k.a. Stephie! This girl is so much fun! She has the sweetest heart. She is teaching Kindergarten this year, we miss having her on the team, but love that she is just right next door!

Nikki...we have also taught together since I started! She is so thoughtful and a great friend to all. Not only is she gorgeous, but an amazing teacher with great classroom management! I've learned a lot from her!

And here's the happy Bride and Groom! Mr. & Mrs. Degner!

Needless to say we all had THE BEST time at the wedding! We ate, drank (well, not me of course), laughed, talked, danced, and let loose for the evening! It was a blast!

Snapping a pic with the gorgeous bride!

I just LOVE that not only are we all compatible professionally, but we are the best of friends! And so are all of our husbands! Here Paige and Mark are dancing until the wee hours of the morning! This prego mama was up until 2 a.m.!

We just had such a nice evening out celebrating Rebecca and Brendon and their new married life together! We are so happy for them and wish them nothing but love, health, and happiness for the rest of their lives! Thanks Bex for a beautiful night! Everything was just perfect! We love you! (g.b!)

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