Thursday, February 25, 2016


Grandma came to town in January. We LOVE Grandma time! 
The boys drew her pictures to welcome her.

During her quick trip, the boys were lucky enough to score dates! Panera for the BIGS...
and Culvers for the little guy. 
Silly pants! 

Brooks and Grandma made the beds each morning. 
They set the standard HIGH! 
Nolan and Heath loved coming home and finding their bed creations! 

Grandma snuggles are the BEST! 

Everyone still needs hugs from their Mommy…even when you're 34!

Saying goodbye is never easy. Nolan always gets so sad when Grandma has to leave. He has such a sweet heart. But lucky for us, we'll see her again so soon- Spring Break!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fiesta FOREVE'!

Mark's birthday was waaaaay back on January 13th. Which also happened to be Cowboy Day for Brooks at school. 
We weren't sure he would love wearing a cowboy hat because he doesn't really like ball caps and will rarely even wear a winter hat. But for some reason he completely LOVED everything COWBOY! We borrowed a hat and scarf from Oma and he wore them every chance he could and never wanted to take them off…even sleeping in his scarf! 
Loved his little profile! 
Must be a Cowboy at heart! His favorite part of the day was eating trail mix around the "campfire". He now wants to make everything into a trail mix! Ha! 
He also liked making this porcupine craft! 

That night it was time to celebrate the man of the house. If you know Mark, you know he LOVES Mexican food and will always choose this cuisine for any event or occasion. So we decided to make this year's birthday chair a FIESTA theme! 
When Mark got home from work it was time for gifts! 
The boys are always so excited to give! 
Another cool piece to hang in the basement. Slowly we are getting it decorated. 
Brooks got Mark a new sweater. 
And we also got him some more bar ware. 

Oma gave him a Nothing Bundt Cake and Brooks was happy to deliver it. 

And Nolan rolled around in the tissue. Crazy kid. 
Some of the decorations...

Mark also opened a few cards from other family and friends and then we finished our night with dinner at Hacienda! 
We LOVE us some Hacienda and the boys do too! 
This one eats like an adult now. So it's fun to take him out to eat! The waiter was so impressed by the way he pounded to large tacos with all the toppings! And Brooks is OBSESSED with Chips & Salsa…so he's always up for some Mexican. Heath, on the other hand does not like cheese. Weird! Who doesn't like cheese? So, he opted for chicken fingers instead of tacos like his bros. 
And he MUCH preferred this...
This cake was EVERYTHING!!!! 
And FREE for the birthday boy! You should have seen the boys' eyes pop out of their heads when it was delivered to the table! 
They were in chocolate heaven...
and it was gone in no time! 
We had such a nice night celebrating the man that brings the calm and fun to our family! What would we do without him! 

Later that weekend, we celebrated with the whole Jansen crew as well! 
Of course, we always seem to celebrate Mark's b-day on the day of a big Bronco play off game so everything was BLUE AND ORANGE! 
Mark requested breakfast burritos and donuts for his birthday brunch! It was perfect food for both adults and kids! 
We sure do have a lot of kids! 
We had a nice time celebrating Mark's birthday and are so blessed to have so many fun and loving people to support us! 
Happy Birthday Mark! May all of your dreams come true this year! We LOVE you!