Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday

Today's blog post is a flashback of a bunch of STUFF we've been up to for the past couple of weeks and months that haven't made it onto the blog yet. 

So this happened recently...
We took down the crib. I got a bit teary eyed when I was taking the bedding out. No more babies for us. Which is a good thing. But it is still the end of an era. The end of a wonderful era. Although we are more than ready to be done with the baby phase, it is bittersweet. I love babies. Just can't handle any more. I love my guys. They are getting so big, which is great. But I will miss their tiny bodies. Glad they still like to snuggle. 

But my sadness didn't last long because it was super exciting to start preparing their new beds and rooms. We are still working on painting/decorating, so I'll post some finished photos at another time. But for now, here are some snapshots of my happy boys! 

Nolan moved out of his shared room with Heath and now has his own room (Brooks' old room). This way he gets enough sleep and doesn't get woken up by his little brother who is not as good of a sleeper.  We bought him a full size bed, and a...
new Bean Bag for his new room! He is loving his new independence and own space! 

Heath moved on up to the top bunk! He thinks he's so cool and climbs up in many different ways! He misses Nolan but likes sharing a room still with Brooks! I think he would be lonely in a room by himself. He likes and needs to be with people. He's not so much a fan of alone time. 

And this little guy has transitioned so well to his new Big Boy Bed on the bottom bunk! He messes around and or cries when we first put him down for naps and at night, but he falls asleep shortly and sleeps well. He rarely gets out of bed until we come get him! It's been great! We are very proud of him! 

Fiesta Day at Mammoth! Nolan said everyone loved his sombrero! He said he was the only one who wore one so everyone who saw him in it made sure to stop him to tell him how cool it was. Thanks Auntie Kim for letting him borrow it! He wore it all day long- even for all FOUR of his recesses! Yes, you read that right, on his full days he has 4 recesses- 1 at Kindergarten, 1 at Lunch, 1 at KED, and 1 at Aftercare! He loves his full days! 

Practicing some letter writing. He wants to be just like his big brother. So whenever Nolan is doing homework, he likes to do work too. 

This kid had raging double ear infections. He threw this MAJOR tantrum in Target while we were waiting for his antibiotic prescription! Glad it didn't last long…because it was ROUGH! 

We finished up our Winter Season of soccer. Nolan had a great season and continued to improve his skills and confidence. We are taking the Spring season off and will probably do some swimming lessons. Then he'll choose between soccer or baseball for the summer- he says he likes them both but is kind of wanting to try baseball. 

We are proud of him for his efforts and for wanting to stay active! 

Heath had a good season as well! We LOVED his coach. She was great with 3 and 4 year olds and on the last practice she made them these little goody bags. She said a few kind words about each player. Here he is accepting his ribbon and treat! 

He was so proud to have another ribbon to add to his collection! 

An impromptu Monday night dinner at IHOP! The boys LOVE "Pancake World"! Thanks Uncle T. for the gift certificate! The boys ate every last bite of their dinner that night! 

Heath's class took a field trip to Little Monkey Bizness! 
He had the time of his life! 

Here he is with his buddy Camden. They ran NON STOP for over 2 hours! 

He climbed and ran and slid and crawled and was such a good boy! 

I think he did this slide about 20 times in a row. No joke. 

Brooks and I hung out and had a good time as well! 

Dr. Seuss Week in Nolan's Kindergarten Class…
Monday Mis-matched Sock Day
Fox in Socks and The Foot Book

Rhyme Time Tuesday- Create silly rhymes for all the members of your family...

Wacky Wednesday
Here is Nolan being WACKY! 

We sprayed his hair blue, he wore all of his clothes backwards, and he wore mismatched socks and shoes! He LOVED this day! 

Theodore Thursday- 
They had to bring their favorite Dr. (Theodore) Seuss (Geisel) book! Nolan chose a Johnson family favorite- Wacky Wednesday

Favorite Character Friday- 
Nolan dressed as Horton! He is a nice, helpful, and loving Elephant! Just like Nolan. 

The Cat in the Hat!

Nolan's finished product from another fun session of ART ENRICHMENT! Minion Canvas. He really enjoys this after school club! 

This kid! He is a bossy pants. He "tells" us what to do all the time. He has a mind of his own that's for sure. This morning he would only eat his breakfast if it could be done on the island. Whatever you want third child! Ha! 

Our weather has been off and on around here...
One day snowy...

and the next- warm and sunny! 

We love any opportunity to get to the park! 

How did he get this big? 

We let Heath & Nolan have a sleep over in Nolan's room a couple of weekends ago. They had so much fun and goofed around and laughed forever! UNTIL…we were woken up VERY UNEXPECTEDLY to Heath crying! He had an accident in Nolan's new bed. AHHHHH!!!! He never does this, so we were so surprised! But we let the boys put themselves to bed that night because they are so excited, and we're sure he probably didn't go to the bathroom before he tucked himself in. (even though he told us he had) So they ended up having a sleepover in our room in their sleeping bags while the mattress and bedding were being washed and sanitized! Life. It's always an adventure. 

Having fun at Brady's 7th Birthday Party! 

Brooks loves this game! 

Chuck-e-Cheese on a Saturday night…that's where we're at in life. 

The boys had an absolute blast and were pretty independent. It was fun to be able to sit back and watch them go! 

Thanks for a fun time Brady! We love you bud! 

St. Patrick's Day...
We started our celebrations a day early with Shamrock Shakes! 

This is a Mommy Must Have on St. Patrick's Day! A Johnson family tradition. (Don't mind the no make up and workout hair in these pictures…had to get some exercise in to justify the shake…ha!)

The boys bugged me for one all month long! And it was finally the day!  

Brooks had a blast playing in the play land! We went a day early because Mark was traveling for work on St. Patrick's Day and we wanted him to join in on the fun. 

On the actual holiday, Nolan and I woke up early and snuck out to pick up some green sprinkle donuts for the family. 
Heath was so excited for his treat! 

I snuck this little note in Mark's suitcase before he left. 

And of course, we sported our best green! 

When we got home from school that day the leprechauns had been up to some fun in our house.
They must have been eating lunch with all of these GREEN guys! They made a few little messes,  played with green stuffed animals, used our toilets (think green!), and even left the boys a note. They had so much fun running around the house to see what mischief those little green men were up to. 

We had green pancakes and milk for dinner. 

And they freaked out over this fruit rainbow! It was gone in 5 minutes or less…no joke. Then we wrapped up the evening watching some silly St. Patrick's Day videos on You Tube. I always love planning a few special activities on every holiday. These are the things kids remember. Fun stuff. 

Writing notes and drawing pictures for Great Grandma Johnson in Michigan. 

Our morning commute. Dropping brothers off to school. This boy NEEDED to bring along 2 soccer balls. He's crazy. Crazy cute! 

Wow! That was a lot! I just needed to get it all out there in order to get caught up quickly! I'll be posting a few Grandma pics this week while I'm off on Spring Break! Woo Hoo!