Saturday, January 29, 2011

quite the change

{Last Weekend}
Playing in the snow! So happy to be wearing his boots!
He LOVES them!
And I love his sweet little profile!
He looks like such a grown up boy to me here!
And if you look closely here, you'll see he is coming after me with a snowball!

{This Weekend}

Playing in the warm sunshine!
With short sleeves and flip flops on!

We've had quite the change in the weather!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Better late than never! A few pics from Mark's birthday celebrations...

On Mark's actual birthday, January 13th, we celebrated with a quiet night in- presents and a Mexican dinner with Brad, Jayne, & Cohen!
As always...the birthday chair! If you know Mark, you know that he is incredibly excited that John Elway has joined the Broncos again this year! So I made his birthday chair Elway themed! Hoping for a great year for both Mark and the Broncos!
Birthday Smooches
Both of the boys loved helping Daddy open his gifts!
And they also LOVED this HUGE balloon that Mark got from his co-workers! It's still floating in our basement a week later!

The next night, thanks to our babysitting friends, Rick & Mandy, we got to go out for a nice dinner date!
And then, just last night we had a belated birthday celebration with Mark's family! Mark requested a healthy birthday dinner of salmon, asparagus, and rice-a-roni! It was delicious!

Time for more presents...all the cousins helped him open his gifts!
Except for this MONSTER...he was more concerned with trying to grab my camera as I tried to snap some photos! Don't let those big blue eyes and sweet chubby cheeks fool you...he is a TROUBLE MAKER...MISCHIEF is his middle name!
Cake time! Mark loves a moist chocolate that's what he got!
This little boy was SO EXCITED for cake! And had 2 pieces! Lucky guy!

How can it be that the 19 year old boy I first met on that fall day my freshman year of college is now 31?! Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's go to the Movies!!

Nolan had his first "friends" birthday party last weekend! We had so much fun planning and preparing for his movie themed bash!
Nolan's invite and Popcorn Bucket cupcakes...
I designed the bucket, printed it out, cut the top with a scalloped scissors and taped it on to the cupcake baking cup. The "popcorn" on top of the cupcake is made with cut marshmallows glazed with diluted yellow food coloring! They were a big hit with the kiddos! And looked pretty real!
and his birthday chair!
Goodie Bags for the kids!

Nolan's friends were all dropped off at our house! Rylan was the first to arrive...Nolan was watching out the window and saw his car pull up. He ran to the door and shouted, "My friends are here, my friends are here!" He was pumped for a day of his favorite things!
Everybody piled into the car and we were off to the MOVIES!
Can you tell they were excited?!
Ready to go into the movie theater! (Left to Right: Nolan, Rylan, Payton, Alaina, Brady, and Addie) We saw "Tangled"! It was super cute...especially the little chameleon!
Watching the previews! They all did awesome watching the movie and loved munching on popcorn & candy!
After the movie we came back to our house for pizza, presents, and cupcakes!
The usual CHEESY smile with his birthday chair!
He was very excited to get the DVD "Despicable Me"!
He also got Mr. Freeze and The Penguin for his Batman set!
Nolan got a lot of Duplos for his birthday! He LOVES them! When he opened this one he said, "This is what I needed!" He and Mark have a lot of fun building creations and playing with the Duplo people and cars!
Blowing out his candles! He seriously has the funniest method for blowing out the candles! He blows through his teeth. His face cracks me up! Check it out below!

And he obviously LOVED his new had to join him for the singing!
One last smile before he dug into his delicious but oh so crumbly cupcake! After 6 kids ate them our floor was one crummy mess!

Nolan just had the best time at his first "friends" party! He has talked about it every day since! He tells me who sat where in the car and in the theater, who got him what, and what everybody's favorite part of the movie was! It is so fun to make these memories for him and to watch him truly be so excited when having new experiences! Thank you to all his friends who came to party with him! You helped make his day so special!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Animal Parade"

Last week we headed downtown for our usual appearance at the National Western Rodeo & Stock Show Parade or as Nolan calls it, "The Animal Parade". As usual Nolan loved seeing the cows walking down the busy Denver streets and the horse poop was just as fascinating as every other year. Heath has been warming up to animals a bit lately and in true Heath form he growled at every one he saw walk by.

Can't get enough of those big blue eyes...or those chubby chubby cheeks as well!
The whole crew: Cara, Brady, and baby Landon in the stroller. Jayne and Cohen- also in his stroller. And Nolan & Heath- both of which are not looking at the camera.

Nolan thought this guy was pretty cool because he looked like Woody from Toy Story!
And of course he couldn't get enough of the tractors! Especially if they were a John Deere!
A fun afternoon! I'm so thankful for my work schedule that allows me to do fun outings like this with the boys!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 31st!

Happy 31st Birthday to this handsome fellow!
Everyone who knows you...LOVES you! You are incredibly funny, unbelievably patient, so level headed, carefree, loving, playful, and MY husband! I am one lucky lady! Thank you for being the best dad ever and for filling my life with JOY!

xoxo Wifey

Monday, January 10, 2011

a mash-up

Here is a mash-up of pics and video that fell through the cracks in all my other posts this week!
Auntie & Heater havin' some snuggle time
Mark and his AWESOME White Elephant gift...needless to say we did not bring the beauty home with us!
Uncle T. and The Boy Wonder
And the best we could get of Nolan as Batman and Heath as Robin...thanks for the fun t-shirts Tyler!
Nolan LOVED the noise makers and New Years garb!
Grandpa, Grandma, and the Grandkids
Uncle T., Auntie, and the boys
Taking pics for my parent's New Years card...
Get silly....LOVE my Dad's face in this pic and how Heath has HAD ENOUGH! Mallory apparently did not get the memo!

Goodbye Sweet Home Chicago!