Sunday, January 23, 2011


Better late than never! A few pics from Mark's birthday celebrations...

On Mark's actual birthday, January 13th, we celebrated with a quiet night in- presents and a Mexican dinner with Brad, Jayne, & Cohen!
As always...the birthday chair! If you know Mark, you know that he is incredibly excited that John Elway has joined the Broncos again this year! So I made his birthday chair Elway themed! Hoping for a great year for both Mark and the Broncos!
Birthday Smooches
Both of the boys loved helping Daddy open his gifts!
And they also LOVED this HUGE balloon that Mark got from his co-workers! It's still floating in our basement a week later!

The next night, thanks to our babysitting friends, Rick & Mandy, we got to go out for a nice dinner date!
And then, just last night we had a belated birthday celebration with Mark's family! Mark requested a healthy birthday dinner of salmon, asparagus, and rice-a-roni! It was delicious!

Time for more presents...all the cousins helped him open his gifts!
Except for this MONSTER...he was more concerned with trying to grab my camera as I tried to snap some photos! Don't let those big blue eyes and sweet chubby cheeks fool you...he is a TROUBLE MAKER...MISCHIEF is his middle name!
Cake time! Mark loves a moist chocolate that's what he got!
This little boy was SO EXCITED for cake! And had 2 pieces! Lucky guy!

How can it be that the 19 year old boy I first met on that fall day my freshman year of college is now 31?! Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun!

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