Monday, November 23, 2015

November STUFF!

Before I even begin to tackle blogging about Disney World, I thought I'd throw together a quick post of November this and that...
Heath working on his Personal Timeline project! He's the cutest little worker bee.

Dads & Donuts at Mammoth Heights...

Brooks' face in this pic cracks me up! 

The boys have the best role model in their Daddy! 

Some much needed Mommy & Heath time! 
Love this boy! He's crazy and emotional and FUN! 

Peanuts Movie Night Out! 
Auntie & Flobby joined us! 

Ridin' & Scootin' to King Soopers for donuts & coffee.
 Then we headed over to Auntie's to visit. 
We love that she lives close enough to walk to her house!  

Heath's first DROP OFF friend's party! He was thrilled that I would NOT be staying for this party and that his brother wasn't with him as well. He thought he was so cool to be doing this Birthday Party on his own! 

Our first substantial snowfall!

The perfect snowball!

The snow is always fun for me for the first day…and then I'm over it! It can come again for Christmas, but until then I'll take sunny and 70 degrees! 

Daddy's helpers! 

The boys had so much fun playing in it! 
Mark took the boys sledding at Chap.
Brooks' face is super cute in this pic! He didn't want to sled but he had fun watching his brothers.

Our little stinker! (In more ways than one!) 

Heath had to disguise his turkey so it could escape getting eaten for Thanksgiving. Can you tell who he is? 

Adorable brother waiting in the school parking lot to pick up Nolan & Heath. 

More snowy fun! 
And now I have hundreds of photos to organize & share from our Disney World trip! I can't wait to relive the memories and tell our stories! Hopefully Thanksgiving break will provide opportunities for me to sit and blog! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had another fun Halloween this year! 
We started off with pumpkin carving! Brooks chose Mickey, Nolan made a cat, and Heath wanted a traditional Jack-o-lantern. They turned out pretty cute and the boys all had fun designing, scooping out the guts, and helping carve. 

After being Nolan's Room Mom last year, I decided to take a year off and just be the mom who donates items for the party. So I signed up to bring chocolates for Heath's Halloween party and water bottles for Nolan's. But then the Pinterest Mom in me could not help herself. And I had to fancy up the water bottles a bit! Nolan picked out these GHOST TEARS bottle wraps and we printed them quickly and taped them on. Easy and fun! 

Mammoth Heights knows how to party! 
We had a super fun morning of Halloween festivities! Here is Nolan with a few friends before school. 

I had to hop back and forth between parties because they were at the same time and I didn't want to miss out on any of the fun in either of the boys' rooms. 

Ghost bowling! 

Nolan getting himself some party food! 

Eating with friends! 

Back down stairs to Heath's Candy Corn addition game. 

Gotta love a good selfie! 

Jack-o-lantern bucket toss! 

Craft time!

Heath wrapping me like a Mummy! 

And then I wrapped him. But before I could snap a picture of my cute little Mummy, he used those BIG muscles of his and broke free! 

He made a Mummy craft too. 

Brooks' school doesn't celebrate Halloween. But they did do a bunch of Fall activities throughout the month. It was FALL in love with a good book month. So he had to put a sticker on his owl each time we read a book. The goal was 10 books, but we more than doubled that! He loves to read! 

After the boys' parties, I picked Brooks up from school and we headed over in our costumes to celebrate at Daddy's work! 

Mark's department dressed up like the characters from the movie "Inside Out". Mark was Bing Bong, the Imaginary Friend. He looked pretty silly! 

Then we went "Trick or Treating" in offices and cubes. 

Showing off his loot in Daddy's office! 

And then this happened on the way home. Exhausted from a fun day! Home just in time for a quick nap before picking up his brothers from school. 

The next day was the real Halloween. I'm not so sure I loved having it be on a Saturday. Brooks asked me about 15 times before 9 a.m. if it was time to go Trick or Treating. Ha! 

But when 5 o'clock rolled around my Mega Force was ready to GO! 
Blue Ranger! 

Silver Ranger!

Red Ranger! 
Brooks is OBSESSED with Power Rangers! This is why we chose these costumes this year. We always like to do a theme! And Nolan and Heath were nice enough to let Brooks lead the way! It's just a funny show for a 3 year old to like. Teenage crime fighters, crazy bad guys, and imaginary robots. But they are the good guys, which I like! And the boys think their crime fighting moves are in Brooksie's words "AWESOME!" That's his favorite word these days! It's pretty cute! 

Go Go Power Rangers! 

My cute Rangers and my cute sister Minion too! 

We started out by heading to Oma & Opa's house for some Trick or Treating! Pirate Oma greeted the boys at the door. 

All the cousins, minus Brooks. He was having a NO PICTURES moment. He has a love/hate relationship with pictures. He's either ALL CHEESE or nothing at all. 
Opa was a Lumber Jack complete with creepy scars! The boys weren't too fond of those! 

Super Hero Cousins!  

After some soup and snacks and pictures, we headed out with the cousins to Trick or Treat down Opa & Oma's street. The weather could not have been nicer! No jackets or gloves necessary. 

The anticipation! 

After cruising their block, we hopped back in our car to Trick or Treat in our neighborhood. We always love seeing our neighbors out and about and ringing the doorbells of friends on our street. So Halloween always ends up being a crazy night of driving around. But we never want to miss out on either experience. 
Once back to Stonegate, we met up with Auntie and Flobby and headed out for some more candy collecting! Brooks has had his eye on this Mickey blow up for the past few weeks, so he more than happily stopped to smile next to it when we Trick-or-Treated at this house! 
The boys filled their buckets and were quite pleased with their haul! 

The full size Snickers bars were the highlight of the night! 

We love our Mega Force and love special days like this with them! They are already brainstorming what our theme will be next year!