Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We had SUCH a lovely Valentine's Day together as a family!

It started a bit early on Sunday when Nolan got to pass out his Valentine's to all of his cousins! He had been waiting to do this for weeks!
Giving Oma & Opa his "brotherly love" Valentine!

Passing out his "I WHEELIE like you!" Valentine to his cousin Cohen! He picked out each Hot Wheels car specifically for his "friends"! And he was super excited about his own new yellow "Ferrari California"!

Nolan wanted Oma to take his picture with their Valentine bags from "Omie & Opie". How sweet! If only he didn't always have that forced CHEESE smile!

When Mark got home from work on Monday, he and the boys presented me with these beautiful roses! A dozen fire & ice from Mark! Perfect because Mark always sings the Garth Brooks song "She's Every Woman" to me! You should look up the lyrics if you don't know them..."she's sun and rain, she's fire and ice, a little crazy, but it's nice..." Perfect for me! And the boys both got me a yellow rose. Yellow stands for friendship...I really hope and pray the boys always see me as their friend!

Nolan loves being my little "baker man"! He helped me make our dinner that night!

And this big guy just looked on! Oh how he would have loved to help mix the batter, but we all know how that would have gone! This little Monster would have had all sorts of messy fun!

Our finished product! Heart shaped pancakes!

Check out all our loot! The boys got cards, cookies, and candy from Grandpa & Grandma! And check out the HUGE Toy Story card they got from Auntie's 3-D! She sure knows how to spoil them!

She also got them these adorable t-shirts! This was the best pic I could get of them! They were too busy at the park to sit for long and the sun was too bright that in every photo I got of them they were squinting ! Nolan thinks Heath's "Love Stinks" shirt is hilarious!

Some people think that Valentine's Day is just a Halmark holiday. But I LOVE it! I love taking time to make treats for special people. I love giving and getting cards with words specifically chosen to tell the people you care about exactly how you truly feel. I love dressing the boys in red and getting pretty flowers to brighten up the house. I love everything about Valentine's Day! And it was a super fun way to kick off my next track off!

Here's to 3 weeks of lovin' on my boys!

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Cara S. said...

Glad that your three "boys" took such good care of you!