Tuesday, March 8, 2016


February flew by! But came in with a bang! Lauren came to visit and she always brings the F-U-N! 
Cheers to 2016 only going up from here! 
Karaoke night! 90's R&B is our jam! 
We love you Lo Lo! Thanks for coming to support our girl. 

The Broncos went to the Super Bowl! 
That was pretty fun and amazing for our kiddos to experience. Two Super Bowls already in their short lives! 
We went to D.J. & Mariah's house for a fun party! Their basement is the perfect place to celebrate! The boys get pumped up before each game by singing and dancing to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win"! They are the cutest little gangstas ever! Ha! 
Ready to WIN! 
The big boys watching the game! 
Snuggles with my middle...
Chillin' with my big.
They WON!!!!!! 
We were all very excited! It was sort of unbelievable after an up and down season. But we were all so happy for Peyton Manning! Going out on top! 

Nolan had to write a Biography about a Famous American. He chose Walt Disney. He was inspired by him after our trip to WDW this past November. He had fun researching, writing, and planning his speech! 
They had to dress up and give a 30 second speech as if they were that Famous American. Nolan did fantastic! He memorized it and spoke clearly and even added a little humor in the end, showing everyone his "sketch" that he had made while presenting. He loved that he made his audience laugh. 
He held this sketch book and pretended to sketch this Mickey Mouse with his pencil as he spoke. He had the words underneath as a back up, but didn't need them! 
Then he drew this…ha! Maybe art isn't exactly his forte! He told me that he didn't have a tan oil pastel so Walt ended up being brown. Ha! But we could also listen to his speech from the QR code attached to his drawing. I just love this quote from Walt Disney that he found, "May Walt Disney World bring joy, inspiration, and new knowledge to all who enter this happy place, a Magic Kingdom where all young at heart, of all ages, can laugh and play and learn together." We really felt that when we went to Disney World. And I feel that quote speaks to Nolan as well- his attitude and outlook on life are just that- he's about joy and learning and laughing and playing. I hope that he is always a kid at heart! 

A little park fun on a beautiful Winter day! 
Love these crazies! 
And their Dad too! 

A President's Day hike! We love being outdoors and active as a family! We want to instill a love of nature and fitness into our boys. We live in a state with so many places to explore and weather that allows us to do that year round. We are so thankful. And glad that our boys enjoy it too! It's even more fun now that Brooks is getting older and more independent! 
Nolan and I found this little centipede worm guy on our hike. We thought it was a worm, but it had little antennae. So who knows what it was, but this kid loves creepy crawlies! 

Nolan brought this poem home from school one day. The message is so sweet but I love the rainbow writing the most. So cute. 

A little McDonalds with my littlest boy one afternoon. Every once in awhile I treat him to a fun afternoon where he doesn't take a nap and we do something fun together while his brothers are still in school. Making the most of our alone time when we have it! 

Can you guess where we are? They make me take a picture of them with the dog every time we go to Old Navy! 

Another Science Star annnnnd on the same day he was the "Secret Student" for his class. It was a good day in Kindergarten! We are proud of the responsible boy he is at school! 

This month I also "hosted" a sweet, little baby shower for Mandy. She is due with her third at the end of March, and we wanted to take some time to honor and celebrate the new life that is growing inside of her! 
Just a few little touches to make the day special. Gifts for the baby girl...
and gifts for her big brother and sister too! 
Favors for the girls.
We met up at a nail salon and got manis or pedis. 
Then we headed over to Snooze for brunch and gifts and girl time! 

It was the perfect morning of relaxation! We are so excited for the Leensvaarts and their growing family! 

Dude cheesin' on the new chaise we got for our bedroom! 
It's nice to have a place for the boys to chill! 

Heath loves basketball. I was too late signing him up to play on a team this year, so we put him in some shooting classes at the rec center instead. He had such a great time! The classes were for beginners, so there were kids there anywhere from 6-12 years old! He did a great job just getting right out there even though he was the smallest one on the court! 
He learned a lot and was very coachable! The coaches were great and really worked on form and technique. It was good for Heath to hear that it's not about making every shot right now, it's about building muscle memory, technique, and becoming disciplined as a player. He practiced and improved a lot in just 4 classes! It's so ADORABLE to watch him play- he just has this swagger. He's confident and makes these funny "I've got this." faces. Now we just need to get a hoop at home so that he can keep practicing! He is ready to join a team next year. 
Basketball overlapped with Nolan's choir schedule a couple of weeks. On the weeks that he was able to come and watch Heath, he watched, but also read. He LOVES reading! He's been crushing a few chapter books a week. 
And this would be Heath after practice each week. He wakes up so early. He is DEFINITELY a morning person. And he is rarin' to go from the second he gets up. He works and plays hard all day long! Non stop! So at night…he just crashes! And he is super snuggly and sweet. (Well, when he's not having an over exhausted melt down…it's either one or the other.) He falls asleep in my lap and I just eat it up! 

Celebrating Bruce's Birthday! We love our family tradition of an adult night out! 
This year we went to Season's 52 and had such a nice time! Thanks for a delicious dinner and good company Jansen family! Seriously…my steak was AMAZING! 

And finally, on February 29th…Leap Day, we ended the month with the start of our BASEBALL season! Heath is playing for the Parker Hawks this year and Mark is coaching. Until the time changes, we'll have cold and dark practices. But he's loving his new team and working hard. 

What a month! 

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