Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter. We went to church with Mal, Bob, and my Mom and celebrated our Risen Savior! Without his love, grace, and sacrifice, I would have nothing. These precious smiles are all because of Him! 
When I asked Brooks what happened on Easter, he told me "The rock is gone! Jesus is in Gitta's lap!" You see, Miss Brigitta is his teacher. And she was telling the story of Easter with a felt board. And when she took the rock away she put the Jesus piece in her lap to hide him and show the miracle! I couldn't stop laughing! Jesus was not there! He was in Miss Brigitta's lap! Ha! So we had to go over the story with him again- The rock was rolled away. Jesus was not there! He had Risen! He had Risen Indeed! Love the sweet hearts of my boys! 
And I love that they know first and foremost that not only did Jesus go to heaven, but that he now lives in their hearts! 

Earlier that morning the boys had a surprise from the Easter Bunny! I took a bunch of videos from their basket search- 
A trail of jelly beans led them downstairs to find their baskets! 

They love their Easter baskets that Grandma made. Such a fun family tradition! 

Later that morning we headed to Oma & Opa's to join the Jansen family for Easter brunch. It was still snowy out, so we were all inside this year. 
Monterey Jack himself! This kid is OBSESSED with cheese, so his brother's named him Monterey Jack- from Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers! Such a cute little nick name that he LOVES! 
The cousins all ate lunch down in the basement- their hangout! 
After we all ate, it was time for the famous Jansen Easter Egg Hunt! Barb & Bruce hid hundreds of eggs in their house! It was too wet and snowy outside. Bummer! But we managed to make it work with a lot of people and a lot of eggs in a tight space! The kids have a blast no matter what! 
Nolan could barely contain his excitement! He was hyper and crazy and could have used a few laps around the house! 
Oma calling out the next color! 
There were a few new categories this year- camouflage and wild animal eggs! 
Uncle Flobby helping Arie! 

All of the kids standing in attention! 

Brooks insisted on opening his eggs between each round! 
Finding a blue egg in the wine rack! 
Chillin' between rounds! 
Brooks found another egg in the bathtub! They really were hidden in every nook and cranny! 

And then, of course, when the hunt is over the organizing begins. I think we were only 2 eggs short when all was said and done! Nolan loves this part too! He loves opening his eggs and sorting them back out by color. Thank you Oma & Opa for a fabulous day and for all the effort it takes to pull this off- rain or shine! 

That afternoon we headed home to relax! 
We love these cuties, 
but they were on a SUGAR HIGH! 

And these 2 Easter Bunnies were exhausted! We had a couple of quiet hours at home that evening.  

Every year I make the boys an Easter Egg meal. This year it was their Easter dinner! 
They love cracking the eggs to find what's inside! 
Turkey, carrots, grapes, Grandma's famous Jello Eggs, and more! 
Pretty fun! 
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, 
Because He lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know He holds the future, 
And life is worth the living, 
Just because He lives! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

Boo for a snowy Easter, but YAY that the Easter fun continued anyway! We love our memories from spending last Easter with you! And I love your Easter Egg meal. So fun!