Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Catch Up!

It's been awhile again blog. But I WILL get caught back up this week with a few posts and a ton of photos! Just can't let this thing go! I love being able to look back at memories and special times all in one place! 

So last I left off with was our Spring Break SNOW!!! We always have a late April/early May blizzard and this year was no exception. 
The boys always love it. It lasts about a day and then we are back to Spring! 

Makin' pizzas for dinner! 
Easy and delicious! 

One Friday afternoon, Mal stopped by to hang out. The boys just got out of school so we were sitting on the front porch chatting and watching the kids play. Nolan was hungry and decided to make himself a sandwich. Outside. He's such a funny boy and growing up so fast! And he can eat like none other! 

May requires a lot of evenings like this when you're a teacher. 
My happy hour buddy! He loves himself some Chips & Salsa! The spicier the better! Looking forward to our new deck and patio being built this month! Mark finally wore me down! 

Soccer Saturday! This cutie grew a lot this season. He became more aggressive, loved playing goalie, and had a lot of fun! 
Oma came to watch Nolan play! We are thankful for such supportive grandparents! 

Hawks continue to play strong! Love watching Mark guide these guys! He loves the game and we are loving the competitive league too. 
It's a big commitment with a practice and two games each week. And the games are up to 2 hours each. But he has grown so much. He's learning the real game, growing in perseverance, becoming more skilled, and having fun and making friends on the team! 
And we are so proud of him! 

We bought a kite at Costco a few months ago and were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to fly it! 
We went to Mal & Bob's one night to give it a go! 
It was SO fun! The boys LOVED it! 
 I hadn't flown a kite since I was about Heath's age. He was our master kite flyer. 
It's just one of those things that every kid should do. 
It was pretty windy!
We all took a turn! And the open space right out the Urbik's back door was the perfect spot for it! 

Then the boys headed to the park for a bit. They like the freedom to roam at Auntie's. She has 2 parks in walking distance. 

Chilling. Love when the 3 of them spend time together sweetly. 

Celebrating Uncle Brad's B-day! 

Cinco de Mayo! Olè! 

Mal babysat Brooks one Friday morning that they both had off! 

Hawks ready for another game! We've had some COLD ones this Spring! 

And a rainy soccer game as well! 

Church greeters! 

I snapped this pic of Heath one afternoon when I was volunteering in his classroom. So cute!

Heath reading to Brooks one night at bedtime. So sweet! 

Happy Birthday Uncle Ricky! 

Cheering on my guy! 
For someone who isn't really that competitive or into organized sports, when it's your own child playing, it all of a sudden means a lot! 
We are happy to be keeping almost the entire team together for Fall Ball too! 

Showing off his shorts from his buddy Trey! 

Mark had been nagging me and dreaming of this new vacuum for quite sometime. He finally bit the bullet and bought it. If you know Mark, then you know, he's "all talk Jansen". I've been encouraging him to actually make things happen! And it finally did. He's been vacuuming a bit almost every day! Ha! Which I don't mind one bit. His favorite features are the under the oven attachment and the ability to make it compact for doing stairs. 

Nolan wrote an Autobiography at school. 
It was so cute and well written and about 4 pages long…but I'll just share this little poem that was included in it as well. 
Apparently Brooks is chopped liver. And apparently black ice is a fear of his. Never knew that. Ha! 

Brooks' cute class picture! 

Heath was PUMPED for his friend Zander's birthday party at Sky Zone! 

Shopping for patio furniture. Can you see Brooks "sleeping" on the lounger in the back? 

Teacher Appreciation Week- We always like to do a small little something for their teachers each day during the week. 
Monday started off with thoughtful notes. The school organizes this around a theme each year. 
Tuesday- COFFEE- a must! 
Wednesday was a fun little goodie bag of BRIGHT items...
For Nolan's long term sub…he's a young guy who just graduated in December. Nolan knew just what he'd like- Mtn Dew and he chose that Snickers specifically. He loves how funny Mr. LaPorta is. 
Thursday! Hope they were winners! 
And Friday- my personal FAV! Nothing Bundt Cakes! 
We love being able to do a few small things to let our amazing teachers know just how much we appreciate all they do for our kiddos! 

Mark did a few sweet things for me as well that week...
He's a keeper! And he's been buying me Chuckles ever since our days in BHT! 
I got a few thoughtful gifts from students and my school as well. I love my career! There's nothing else I'd rather do! 

Heath was SO excited to send Flat Stanley to Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle T. and Auntie Laura! He remembered Nolan doing this project in Kindergarten and was so happy that he would get to do it too! 
He was so excited when his Flat Stanley's made their way back to his classroom and his teacher read them aloud to the class! 
Thanks for doing this project family! Only 2 more years until you have to do it again…for the last time! 

Go Nolan! He worked so hard and won the Sportsmanship award at soccer a few weeks back! 
After a double header that day it was a fun reward! 
Auntie came to watch him play too, which was icing on the cake! 

Brooks was SO excited for Water Day! It was actually kind of chilly that morning, but he said he had fun splashing in the kiddie pool, splashing Miss Birgitte, and eating popsicles on his towel! 

Nolan had to write a How To and then "Be the Teacher"! He had to choose something to teach the class, then provide all the supplies to teach his "students" how to do it. He chose to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. (actually Sun Butter to be safe in a nut free classroom) We practiced every night for a week and made a LOT of PBJ's. Then I was able to join him in the classroom to see him present. It was so cute. A little chaotic. But he did great! They called him "Mr. Jansen" and he had to state his objective and have an attention grabber when his students needed to refocus. He walked around between steps and checked in on his student's progress and gave compliments. He was a natural. He said he was the only one who did that. Helps when your teacher mommy coaches you I guess! Ha! Mammoth does a great job in incorporating a lot of public speaking assignments into their curriculum. So Nolan is more than comfortable speaking in front of his class and doesn't get nervous. I am super proud of how he rocks tasks like this. I don't ever remember having to do projects like this, this young! 
Here's just a clip because the whole thing is about 30 minutes! 

Heath's class won the Compassion Project Challenge, donating the most care package items for children with cancer. So they got to have a special pizza party with the principal and silly string her as well! I was happy that I was volunteering at school that day so that I could watch! 

Heath was so happy to finally lose a top tooth! It has been about 9 months to a year since he lost the bottom teeth! The tooth fairy brought him 4 quarters!!! Love his cute new smile! 

O.k. that's it for now! Coming up…Mother's Day, End of the School Year, Pool Fun, and SUMMER!!!! 

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