Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Memorial Weekend

We were more than ready for Memorial Day weekend to come around this year! We finally had a Sports Free Weekend! Mark got out early on Friday and had Monday off, of course. So we were really looking forward to some fun and relaxation together! 

Friday night we had Mal, Bob, and Lauren over for dinner. Lauren was in town which always means...
BALL FIGHT! The boys love their playmate! 

We grilled and all squeezed around the kitchen table together to eat! Love my FRAMILY! We stayed up waaaaay tooooo late playing games, singing karaoke, and having some drinks. So the next morning we were moving very slowly...
Dr. Brooks was checking out his patient. We just lounged around for the morning but then hit up opening day at the pool! 
 The weather wasn't awesome, but we've never missed an opening day. 
It was a little chilly so we only stayed about an hour. 

We came home and this one zonked out on the couch watching the Rockies with his Daddy! 

These two had a little play time on the deck. 

And then we headed to the Jansen's to celebrate Cohen's 6th Birthday! 
 The cousins all eating dessert on the trampoline. 

 The next morning we slept in, grabbed a yummy breakfast at Panera, and went shopping for flowers. 
We came home and planted and then snuck in another hour at the pool before another storm rolled in. 

We had a blast! 

Warming up during Adult Swim. 
It's always more fun when Daddy can join us! 

Monday was our annual Memorial Day trip up to the cabin…for maybe the last time. 
Sadly, the family has decided to sell the cabin. So we spent the day helping move furniture, taking home memorable items, and letting the kids explore! 
The kids loved the trailer we were using to move furniture. 
The took rides on it, played on it, and even ate on it every chance they got. Thankfully, Sue bought a "lodge" just 2 doors down from the cabin. So we will still be able to go up to the same area and still have a place in the foothills to unplug. 

The kids all had fun playing at Auntie Sue's lodge that day as well. 
Being animals!

Our last supper all together. As the boys have gotten older it is so fun to see how independent they can be in all of the open space. There were times this day when I wouldn't see them for an hour. They were off exploring and playing and throwing pine cones and making weapons out of sticks and hiking around. We are so thankful to have had this place where our boys can go and be surrounded by nature and creativity and freedom. 
We will miss the cabin but forever treasure our memories made there. 

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