Friday, June 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Another great Mother's Day this year! 
I took these sweet photos of my Kindies for their Mother's Day gifts this year! They turned out so cute! 

Brooks made plates for his Grandma and Oma to give to them for Mother's Day. South East does this as a fundraiser. Heath did it when he was in 3 year old preschool too! 

Moms & Muffins with Brooks! 
I love being able to join him in his classroom! Which doesn't happen very often since I am working mornings this year. So thankful that Mark can be Mr. Mom! 
He made me this little pot with a poem and his fingerprints. 
Brooks ate his muffins and most of mine too! 
I took the morning off so that I could attend. 
When I picked him up at the end of the day I spoiled him by taking him to McDonalds for lunch as well. 
It's fun to be able to do special 1 on 1 things with him from time to time. He has had to be a big trooper this Spring getting dragged around to games, not taking naps, eating random food at all hours of the day, and entertaining himself at a lot of playgrounds while Mommy watches ball and Daddy coaches. Life isn't always easy for the BABY of the family! 

My room all set up for my Moms & Muffins! I do a fun morning of pampering where the Kindies give their moms a makeover! It is so funny! 

And finally, my 3rd Moms & Muffins, 3 days in a row, this time at Mammoth! 
We ate muffins...
and made a craft. 
Love my guys and love their school! They put on great events! 

Mother's Day weekend was very busy for us with soccer, baseball, and choir! Nolan auditioned for a special singing part for their final performance. We were so proud of him for taking a risk! And he completely rocked it! He has a great voice and I'm happy he wants to share his gift with others. We really, truly thought he'd be in 5th grade before he ever auditioned to sing! He's done boom whackers and drum parts, but we were thrilled to hear him sing! He did a duet with an older boy, Landon. 
Landon did such a great job of being a leader and encouraging Nolan! It was so cool to see this neat relationship form. I pray that Nolan will always have friends to look up to who are examples of kindness. Watch the fist bump in the next clip. Priceless! 
They finished with this hilarious Mama song! Love our church, the diversity and culture my boys are a part of in this community is so enriching! 
Mark said that by the last duet, they sounded like one voice. I don't know technical singing terms, but he said it was their best! On performance weekends, Nolan is at choir for over 8 hours of rehearsals and performances. And of course, we wanted to watch him sing at each service, so we went to church 3 times as well! So this Mother's Day wasn't exactly relaxing, but so rewarding watching my guys do what they love! 

Our awesome team mom, Keri, had the boys on Heath's team make sweet Mother's Day cards between innings in the dug out! Loved this fun surprise! "I love you because you make me food." A little all over the place but I got the message. My life as a mom really all boils down to food! Ha! 

A Mother's Day card from Nolan. 
And gifts from Heath made at school. 

And the boys got me flowers, sandals, and a mani/pedi gift card too! I was spoiled! 

We were thinking a lot about my sister too on her first Mother's Day. 
And without her sweet Dylan in her arms. 
My BFF Kerri designed a beautiful book for her that she opened on Mother's Day. We love our nephew, he'll forever be in our hearts. 

 Somehow in between this all, we managed to squeeze in Skyping with my amazing Mom, and we got to see Barb at Nolan's performance and Heath's game. And this is how my Mother's Day ended. We all cuddled and crashed together in my bed. 
Exhausted. But loved being surrounded by the crazies who make me a mom! I'm so blessed to be their mom and could not have dreamt of a better life. God designed them perfectly for me and knit us together in the most special way. Even through the busy, and annoying, and frustrating moments, I'm glad that at the end of the day we have a safe, soft, forgiving place to land. 

Barb's birthday and Mother's Day always fall around the same weekend. So this year we organized a semi-surprising night out for her! 
We all met at Water to Wine and threw her a small, kid free party! 
She does so much for us and we were happy to give back and honor her in a special way! 
We drank wine, ate apps, and had yummy cake! 
We are thankful for such amazing Moms in our lives. They are excellent examples of humility and sacrifice and are an inspiration to many. 

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