Monday, August 3, 2015

Brookfield Zoo

I knew before we came home that one activity that we would FOR SURE do would be to take the kids back to Brookfield Zoo. I grew up going to this awesome zoo, and we brought Nolan and Heath a couple years back, but I knew they would enjoy it even more now that they are older. 

Thanks to The Vogels for giving us some free passes, we had the best time! 
We started out by the marine animals. 
The seals and sea lions were super active and fun to watch above and below the water. 

We always get Mold-a-Ramas for souvenirs. They are only $2 and you don't see them very many places, so they are a unique gift and experience for the boys. Brooks chose his first and got a pink seal! He carried it proudly all day! Thanks Flobby! 

Next we headed over to watch the dolphins in the underwater viewing area. 

The boys were so pumped to see the Dolphin Show! 

Nolan saw Dolphins at Sea World when we wasn't even 2 years old. We were visiting Brad & Jayne in San Diego. But he doesn't even remember them, so it was so exciting to share this "new" experience with the boys! 

Waiting for the show to start! Grandpa had to work that day, but everyone else was able to make it! Yay! 

Showing off his Mold-a-Rama! 

Selfies while killing time! 

And then the show started! It was fun to learn a few facts about the dolphins and to see them do a some tricks! 

This was Nolan's favorite part of the day! And mine too! 


Uncy Flobby boosting Heath up for a better view

This leopard was beautiful! 

Deep in the swamp! 

A "crocogator"! 

This was the ONE place all day where Brooks asked me to take his picture. Guess he likes fish? 

So happy to be HOME! 

While we ate our picnic lunch, this peacock was strutting all around us! What a gorgeous bird! 

Speaking of birds…my little bird lovers enjoyed these parrots too! 

Great photo ops! 

Brooks' favorite animals of the day were "these guys". He loved the penguins! And didn't want to leave the exhibit! 

Yes, I have loooooooooooong arms! Here's the proof! 
I think Nolan will follow in the Johnson footsteps and have "monkey arms" too! 
Heath, maybe not so much. 

This was another favorite of mine- fox babies! They were playing and scampering and following their parents around. It was so cute! You can see one baby off to the left, just his head peeking out! 

Next up was Nolan's Mold-a-Rama choice- a red giraffe! He was so excited! 
And Heath chose a gray Eagle. He said the birds were his favorite part of the day. 
Thanks Grandma! 

Hitching a ride! 

Showing off his Mold-a-Rama with a real live giraffe! We sent this pic to Auntie Jill right away! Giraffes are her FAV! 

Kanga and her Roo's. 

Nolan loved the map and was always checking it to see which direction to go and to decide where we'd head next. 

It wasn't the warmest day, but as soon as the misters turned on, you better believe Heath was running through them! 

It is such a beautiful zoo! 

Our last stop was the Primate Village! 

This is always a fun house to visit! The exhibits are amazing! 

The fuzzy white hair in the back is the zoo's monkey. The fuzzy white hair in the front is my monkey. 

Brooks spotted an "orange monkey"! It's way up top. 

Can you see the monkeys swinging from the trees? 

Hello down there! 

There was a baby ape in her Mama's lap! It was so cute to watch. 

Of course, the boys (and their Grandma) had to stick their heads in every possible sign! Ha! 

What a fun day! 
Love these peeps of mine! 
When at Broofield, you MUST take a pic with the lions! 

This was our last day and I'm so glad we spent it this way. A fun day with many memories made! We were so thankful that Grandma, Auntie, and Flobby were coming out to Colorado in just 20 more days. We didn't have to wait so long to see them this time! But the next time we will see Grandpa we will be in Disney World! We can't wait! 

Thank you so much for such a fantastic trip family! We love you SO big! 

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Cara Syers said...

Your arm measurement pics and comments that followed made me laugh out loud...looks like a cool place!