Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lost and Found

Here is a long post of once Lost and now Found photos and videos from the summer! A bunch of randoms that never made it into other posts…until NOW! 

Father's Day at Inge's Pool! 

These Enchanted Castle photos were taken on my sister's camera. She didn't get them to me until now, but they were too fun not to make it into a post…so now we are flashing back to our Chicago trip. 
Bumper Cars
Mark on a MISSION to bump any and all kids in sight. Ha! 

Go Karts!

The boys all had so much fun on their first Go Kart experience! 
Love the photo bomb in the background too! 

And a few more kiddie rides...

Oh man! I don't think I'll be able to handle the Tea Cups at Disney World! 

And finally…the Streamwood Splash Park.

Free Slurpies! 

Fell asleep with his hands in his pants while watching a show! 

Family Fun night with the Cottiers! 

Jess flew into town all the way from Belgium to visit with us for a couple days! 
We sure miss her and all the fun she brings to our lives! 

Ball Fight! 

Pool time! 

Selfie in the sun! 

Basement baseball!

Criss Cross Crash! 

So thankful that we can pick right up after years of not seeing each other. Thankful for this friendship made at Calvin and continued in Denver and now all the way across the world! 

Heath and I celebrating his summer learning with a Fro Yo sweet treat! He filled up a row on his sticker chart! 

Slide Pool! 
Nolan will do this, no joke, 50 times each visit! Ha! 

This kid LOVES to swim! 

He loves jumping into the deepest water he can find at the pool! 
One day after jumping in right here, he just started swimming all the way across the entire length of the deep end by himself. My Mama heart was sure beating fast as he continued to swim into the diving board area unphased. It was a funny moment for sure. I was super surprised he didn't get whistled at by any of the life guards. 

My chalkboard design for Mallory & Bob's MOVE to Colorado! We are so happy that they are taking this leap of faith to join us in Denver! 

These two have loved taking off on any and all wheels this summer and riding down to the 2 different cul-de-sacs on our street all by themselves. They love their new found independence and love to wheel away leaving Mommy behind. 

So what does Mommy do when she gets left behind? Draw with chalk. This one was for Brooks. He is obsessed with the song "What does the Fox say?" 

When the older 2 got back they wanted me to draw pictures for them too. Heath requested a dog named Spot. 

And Nolan wanted a Robin. 

A belated birthday celebration for Cara! The cousins were all SO happy to be back together and played SO nicely together the whole night, that we just sort of let them be. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and chatted and laughed and us adults enjoyed being back together too! 

So for some reason, I decided to take on a painting project all by myself this summer while Mark was working. I had been wanting to paint my dusty, dingy, and flat white painted walk in closet since the day we moved in. Yes, I know, it's a closet, who cares? But if you saw it, it was dirty, and needed some sprucing up. I also wanted to turn it into my own little feminine dressing room. (More on that to come.) So one evening while I was doing some touch ups, the boys came in to check on me and Mark let them climb out of the closet window and onto the roof.
They thought they were so cool! 
Fun memories are made in the littlest things. 

Nolan's long legs required him to get a new, bigger bike this summer. He has had fun riding it. And especially loves riding it in wide open parking lots where he can cruise wherever he wants. 

Heath also wanted to get in on the 2 wheeler action. He has learned to ride without training wheels. He doesn't go for super long distances yet, but he can do it! 
This is his first attempt. He is just so used to a strider bike that he still picks his feet up and glides from time to time. He just needs to break that habit and he'll be all good! 

Nolan also earned a reward from his sticker chart for random acts of kindness. 
He got to choose a fun family activity. He chose mini-golf. And he chose well. (Here they are celebrating Daddy's hole in 1!)

We had never actually gone as a family of 5 before. The weather was perfect and the boys were really, truly, so excited and thankful! 

We had the best time! 

I'm so glad that they enjoy this Johnson family favorite SPORT! Ha! 

I see many more mini golf matches in our future! 

One Sunday after church, we joined the Krauths at their pool. We swam and grilled and had the best time. 
Thankful for this fun family! 

This little sinker "helping" me with the laundry. 

Someone got a new backpack for school! He LOOKS all ready to start soon. This should be interesting! Ha! (And he also got a new hair cut too! Oh boy is it shaggy here!)

More pool fun! We pretty much went at least 5 days a week all summer long and are experiencing withdrawals now that we are back in school and can't go as often. 

Speaking of back to school…I've been so busy, that I have once again gotten VERY behind on the blog. That's my goal this week- get caught up! Be on the look out for more posts soon! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

So much pool time!!!! Love it! What a perfect way to soak up the fun of summer! I love your driveway art too! MUCH better than the animals I draw for my kids.... Ha!