Thursday, April 14, 2011

One last sister post...

Wow! I only posted 3 times all last month and now this post marks number 11 for April! Can you tell how busy we've been?! But it has all been oh so much fun!

I want to wrap up my blogging about my sister's Spring Break with these two quick videos she caught on her flip cam! I really need to get myself one of those! They are so easy to use and upload! Much faster than my old (well not really, we got it just before Nolan was born) camcorder. I hardly ever post video on the blog because it's such a pain to upload! It has a mini tape...doesn't that seem old fashioned?! But at the time we bought it, it was the only thing compatible with my Mac! Technology sure does change in just a couple of years!

O.k. so here they are!
#1 Crunch Berries are depressing!

#2 Body Slamma Jamma

Thanks again Mal for a fun filled week, for watching the boys, for spoiling them, and for hanging out with me for 9 straight days! We LOVE you!!!

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