Thursday, April 7, 2011

Auntie Bobblehead

Every Sunday night we Skype with my family. We love this little tradition and it helps the boys to really know them even when they live far away! One day Mallory started bobbing her head from side to side and Heath started CRACKING UP! Since then she does it every week and it always produces laughs! Now when Heath sees her on the computer he starts bobbing his head back and forth even before she does! And that's where her nick-name "Auntie Bobblehead" came from. Nolan thinks it is hilarious!

Mallory is an orthodontic assistant and her office took a week off for Spring Break. And of course there is no other place she would rather be for her Spring Break then with her nephews. Here are some photos from our week together:

::dinner out at Dad & Dude's Breweria on the only night my Mom & sister were both here::

This picture cracks me up...just the daily stuggle of trying to get a good photo of the boys!
We were at the mall in search of new...

We got the same style as last year, just a brighter shade of blue! Aren't they too cute for words? And see that little chameleon took Nolan seriously 30 minutes to pick out just the right jibbit! He is so his Father's Son!

The boys spend a lot of time playing at the sand and water table on the deck! Check out Nolan's new flip flops- his first pair! We can't help it, but we buy our boys a lot of shoes! They are all just so fun!


::handsome nakie boy::

::movie & popcorn::

::more Froyo::
We take everyone there!

Mark went to Arizona for a Spring Break trip with his D.C. Baseball team. Mallory and I were on our own for 2+ days. So for a little relief from cooking we hit up 5 Guys one night. It's the closest I can get to a Portillo's we are frequent visitors here! And Nolan LOVES their french fries!

I walked into the living room for a split second and look who had climbed up the step stool!

We have had terrible windy days here lately. We went to the park with Auntie one day but did not stay was not fun to be out in the gusty weather!

::playing in the cave::

::drawing with chalk in the backyard::

::our first culinary masterpiece- parmesan crusted tilapia, red skin potatoes, and asparagus::

We love to try new recipes together!
::pulled pork sandwiches with giardiniera::
Have you heard of giardiniera?
If you haven' need to try it! It's Italian...and it's delicious!

::funny face::

::last night dinner at Lodo's- I got a Coors Light, Mal & Mark got fru fru drinks::

As you can see, we had a blast! I love my sister and so do the boys!
Auntie Bobblehead...thank you so much for choosing to vacation with us instead of some exotic local or an exciting new city! We miss you already and are counting down the days until June!

Stay tuned for a few more Auntie installments this week!

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thesloothaaks said...

I just LOVE how much you are posting these days! Lots of posts and they are all nice and long...with lots of photos! So glad for the recaps -- I was always wondering what you were up to, and knew that you were having a blast!