Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've always called my mom, "Momela". I'm not sure how it started, but it stuck. She's the best "Momela" a girl could have- caring, giving, supportive, crafty, and fun! And now it is such a pleasure to watch her be a "GrandMomela" to our boys!

Whenever we are together she has the best gifts for Nolan and Heath, creative ideas of what they should do together, and she just enjoys spending intentional time with them- whether reading books, playing Duplos, or watching Diego, they have the best time together.

She just came out for her Spring Break 2 weeks ago and the boys were most awesomely spoiled by her love! I took a ton of pictures so I'll be blogging a few posts this week with photos of all the fun we had!

This first post is just a random assortment of cute shots from our 7+ days together!

My Mom brought Nolan a Toy Story 3 Sticker Book. Did you all have one when you were a kid? I sure did. You know the kind where you buy the packs of stickers and they are all numbered. Then you have to match the number to the spot where you find that number in the book! I had completely forgotten about mine. But as soon as I saw his, memories of Barbie stickers flashed back into my mind! It was so fun to watch Nolan get into something that I enjoyed when I was a little! We still have a lot of missing stickers so I foresee many trips to Michaels in the future to buy more sticker packs in order to complete the book!

Look who is SO excited to have Grandma here!

A tackle and a tickle! Nolan has the best tickle spot right under his collarbone, next to his armpit! It never fails!


A little play time in Heath's room before bed.

Heath LOVES kisses...and from Grandma...even better!

Snuggling up to watch Nolan's new favorite show- American Idol. We started a new tradition where we put Heath to bed, and then have a little Daddy-Mommy-Nolan time watching a show together before it's Nolan's bedtime. Nolan loves listening to the singers and dancing along. After a few songs, he gets bored, starts playing with other toys, and then we know it's time for him to hit the hay so we can enjoy the rest of the show in peace! He asks almost every day if we can watch "American Idol"! So it was such a good time to share this tradition with Grandma too!

To say our boys are OBSESSED with potato heads would be an understatement...
They LOVE playing with them so much to the point where Mommy has to send the "tatos" on "vacation" for a few days just so I can have a break from them! But Grandma brought just the right present for these spud lovin' guys- a pack of Fireman Mr. Potato head accessories! We have sure played with them a lot in the past weeks!

Heath wearing "tato's" glasses!
And speaking of glasses...
Grandma & Nolan date night...
Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D!

Reading with Grandma...
Like Grandma, like Grandson...they both LOVE to read!

A new Parker Hot Spot- Froyo! We have visited 3 times in the past 3 weeks! Yum!

Nolan and my mom made their own playdough together and played with it everyday creating animals, and objects, and practicing letters!

And one last pic...for today! Grandma and her boys before she left to go home to Chicago!

Thanks Momela for a fantastic week! We loved cooking and baking and playing and shopping and eating and lounging and laughing with you! We can't wait to see you in June and the boys really can't wait to spend the whole week with you, Grandpa, Auntie, and Uncle T.- without Mommy and Daddy! They are already dreaming about all of the attention, candy, presents, new experiences, love, and pure FUN!

And just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more pictures...check back in tomorrow for our adventures at the Butterfly Pavilion!


thesloothaaks said...

SO FUN, Abbs! I am so happy to finally see some pictures of your week with your mom! You have lots of posting to do to catch up on your busy life the past few weeks! Can't wait to catch up soon. LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Each trip I make gets better and better as the boys are able to do more. Maybe someday I won't have to fly in...just drive over! Love you so much! Thanks, Hon! Momela

boschkp said...

So great to see your boys having so much fun with Grandma. Nice your mom is able to visit often. Being a grandma is so special!