Monday, April 4, 2011

Butterfly Pavilion

We had a fun morning with my Mom at the Butterfly Pavilion! I had never been there before and I was so impressed with all there was to discover! It was SUPER crowded with school groups, so I'd like to go again with the hopes of having a little more room, and time, and quiet to explore with the boys. Here are some photos from our day.

This place was not just about the butterflies!
We saw pretty fish!

And creepy lobsters!

And touched starfish!

Inside the butterfly area...
My camera got so steamed up from the warm butterfly habitat! But the picture is still super cute!

Nolan loved watching the turtles & fish in a small pond!

And he RAN through the exhibit having a blast exploring! Here he is trying to chase and grab the butterflys! Can you see them just above the bush on the left side of the photo! We had to explain to him how this was NOT how to explore this delicate creature! Good thing they are fast fliers!

They also have a fun kid zone full of great activities!
Bug crayon rubbings

Peek-a-boo from a little chrysallis!

Nolan shooting bean bags to feed the caterpillars.

The boys had fun crawling under caterpillars...

and climbing on some butterflies & flowers!

After a group of about 100 5th graders entered this area we decided to head back out to check out some more animals! Here Nolan is touching a Horseshoe Crab and Sea Urchin.

And he even got to hold a REAL tarantula! He is so brave when it comes to animals! He loved it! Grandma, Heath, and I took a pass on this experience!

It was so hard to catch a good photo of the butterflies.

But I got a few! I never could snap one of my favorite big blue butterflies...they were fast!

Grandma and the boys! Nolan is proudly sporting his..."I held Rosie" sticker! Rosie is the name of the famous tarantula!

It was extremely humid in the butterfly pavilion! Here's a beautiful picture of my mom and I with deflated hair after our 2nd trip around the butterfly area!

A quick pic with the big bug on the way out!

We sure kept busy while my mom was here! The time just flew by! And as always, we had a project planned...and some project it was...more on that tomorrow!


thesloothaaks said...

That is a precious picture of you and your mom! We're looking forward to visiting the butterflies at Fredrik Meijer Gardens on Wednesday. Love all of these posts and photos!

boschkp said...

I took Tyler and Alaina there a few months ago and they loved it. Your boys are the perfect age to enjoy this place.