Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gone are the days...

Gone are the days where my mom & I can spend hours on fun projects together! We used to enjoy sewing, crafting, doing puzzles, baking, and cooking in peace!
Now it is JUST. TOO. HARD!

With 2 crazy kids in the house we get next to nothing accomplished! Well, maybe one of us can work on whatever GREAT idea we have, while the other one is changing diapers, wiping noses, feeding snacks, reading books, playing Wheelies, or doing some other kid related job!

But the point is...we just don't get to do them TOGETHER any more. Because by the time we have maybe 2 whole uninterrupted hours during nap time we are busy cleaning up after the boys, fixing our own lunches, and plopping down on the couch in pure exhaustion for a few guilty pleasure minutes of G.H. until we hear the inevitable cry of my youngest, not-so awesome, napper! Leaving next to no time for projects!

And my latest project definitely could have used 2 sets of eyes and 2 sets of hands to create it!

So, I had seen this slice of jello happiness on this cool, creatively inspirational blog: Funky Polkadot Giraffe!

I mean, isn't it AMAZING!

I immediately knew the boys would LOVE IT and that my mom & I HAD TO MAKE IT while she was here! We stocked up on jello and all the ingredients. And we decided to make it on a day I wasn't working so that we could tackle it's intense time line.

Well, to tell you the truth, it ended up being my mom's project. (Remember...the 2 busy boys!) And it ended up taking hours. And we figured out it was pretty difficult to make. AND most importantly, we learned that my refrigerator is NOT level! So here is what "we" came up with...

Not quite as impressive huh?

Our layers were not quite as even.
See those scuzzy looking layers...it was super hard to get the sweet and condensed milk not to break apart when you poured the hot jello layer on top of it.

But none the less...the BOYS loved it! They thought the colors were cool. And they'll take jello any way they can get it really.

they didn't love it for long. After a serving or two they were quick to realize that this sweet rainbow goodness was really rubbery & thick and not that fun to eat! And here we had a whole 9 x 13 dish full of it!

So we had to get creative in it's usage! We gave some to Payton & Brady- they scarfed it down right away and even took some home. The word is still out on if they still thought it was good after their 2nd tasting!

And then we moved on to finding more inventive purposes for jello. And naturally, like a rubber ball, it seemed to find it's way propelling through the air! Us big kids- mainly Mark, Mallory, and I thought it was way fun to chuck jello at each other when the other person wasn't looking!

So thank you Funky Polkadot Giraffe for a great idea. Maybe I need some tips on how to perfect it. And thank you mom for making it! If not to eat, to play with!


Cara S. said...

My kiddos LOVED it, uneven lines and all :) Thanks for sharing, and I love the pic of you getting ready to chuck the rainbowy goodness across the room!

thesloothaaks said...

Funny! It is gorgeous jello!! But really? Is JELLO ever worth that much time??? :) I have a delicious layered jello recipe that uses ice cream in some of the layers...it's really pretty when it's done, and yummy too! I've only made it once because it took so much time, but maybe you'd like to tackle it! Love you!

Anonymous said...

It was FUN to play with!!! NOt so much fun to eat, in my opinion! Miss you!!

Auntie Bobblehead <3