Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

While my sister was here we spent a day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! We love this little zoo tucked away in the mountains of Colorado Springs. And we hadn't been here since Nolan was Heath's age. So it was fun to see Nolan enjoy this place in a whole new way this time!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is famous for it's giraffe experience!

You can feed the giraffes at face level! Here's Nolan feeding the giraffe through the fence.

When the giraffes came up and over the fence he fed them, pulled away quickly, and giggled nervously!

Mal wasn't quite so sure of the giraffes! Their tongues are & bumpy!

And the giraffes totally freaked Heath out! Sometimes he likes animals...sometimes he not so sure!

After feeding the giraffes, we saw a few more animals, and then it was off to the Budgie House:
Nolan holding up his seed stick trying to feed a Budgie!

Right about now is when Mallory got pooped on! Right on her hair! It was hilarious!!!

After much hard work I finally got a Budgie to come to me! It was so neat for Nolan to see it up so close! Too bad he flew away when I passed off the popsicle stick to him!

Being Tigers!

The zoo has lots of little tunnels and caves to crawl in...

Mallory's favorite animal at the zoo...a cute little chipmunk!

Heath exploring in My Big Backyard!

And of course what's a trip to the zoo without a stop in the gift shop!
This shot is a little blurry, but cute none the less!

We walked out the doors at the end of the day with a lot of great memories, a monkey chomper, (Nolan's holding in this photo), and a book titled, Zoo Poo...perfect for my two boys!


thesloothaaks said...

What's a budgie??? I've never heard of them before! Fun day at the zoo! Looks like great weather!

Cara S. said...

Looks like fun! We still have never been there...we'll have to go some time!