Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wisconsin Dells Wrap Up

Wrapping this trip up with a whole lotta pictures today! 

Starting day 4 with another shot at the Duck Races! 
It's hard to see, but there are the little duckies floating down the Lazy River. 

Brooksie cheering on his duck! 

 Trey and Brooks both won this day! The winners win this silly little Duck Caller. So we had plenty of Duck Callers to go around after two days at the races! 

Then we headed back to Lake Wildnerness for some fun in the sun! It was a beautiful day. Our warmest yet. 

This is where we would stand to watch everyone come down the tube and body slides. 

Love Love Love Love Love this girl! We had the best time! 

Nolan and Trey

Jill and I…these pictures just about sum up our week with no words necessary! 

They did this slide over and over again! 

Meeting up at the bottom

 We went down in every combination possible. 

This guy mostly watched, but he had a turn or two. 
He wasn't afraid of the slide and didn't cry going down. 
 when he'd get splashed in the face with water at the end…he didn't love it. Ha! Love his face in this photo! 

Having some chill time pool side. 

After tons of tube slide time we chilled in the Hot Tub for awhile. 

Mark bought us some yummy drinks to celebrate our last pool day together! 

Next up…back to the Wild West! 
This family slide is pitch black! The boys thought is was SO COOL! 


Brooks was so tired from such a busy week of play time! He zonked out on Mark's lap in the midst of all the splashing, screaming, and loud music! 

I took a few videos of the kids coming off of the slides and running back up to do it again and again. 

One afternoon, no joke, I swear Nolan and Trey did these blue and orange slides 50 times in a row. They went non stop!  Heath would get a little tired in the afternoons and hang out with me at the table or in the hot tub or find some ways to quietly play. But the older kids never slowed down. Mark and John and Trey did some bigger scarier rides here and there too to get a little adrenaline rush! And speaking of adrenaline rush…Nolan was seriously like on a high when he was sliding! He was so amped up and was jabbering a mile a minute! Trey was so sweet to listen and go along with all his creative game play! He even turns water slides into some super hero adventure! 

Here are some pics of the backside of the Wild West so you can see the slides that they loved so much! 

It was just the best to have a fun family vacation with my sweet family of 5! We needed it! 

 We walked from park to park across the resort. I loved this wooded area, so pretty! 

But on our last day we decided to catch a ride! There's a whole lotta love on that cart! 

Some more dry play time! 

Mark and John took Trey, Nolan, and Heath indoor mini golfing. It was a 3D course filled with aquariums of fish! Pretty cool! The boys had a blast! They hadn't gone mini golfing since Nolan was 3 1/2 and Heath was 1 1/2! Despite an unexpected accident at the end of the course…ahem, Heath…the boys had a great time! 

Looking down from the top floor of the play land. Can you spot Brooksie collecting balls and putting them into the shooters? He loved this spot! A million balls…his dream come true! 
Shooting at Heathy down below! 

We also had a ton of fun just doing "normal" life back at our suite. 
Uncle John wrestling Heath

Playing Spot It

Watching The Croods and munching on some popcorn after our pancake dinner! 

Lounging around...
I can not tell you how much it warms my heart to see my guy cuddled up with his Auntie Jill. Just wish it could happen more often! 

Here's what they were laughing at...
Oh Brooksie! 

After the kids went to bed each night we'd drink wine, eat ice cream, and talk for hours. Jill and I never have a shortage of topics to cover! And we've decided that wine and ice cream is our new nightly tradition when together! Good for the soul! 

 Friday morning we packed up and loaded up the cars. 

And then we snapped some cute pics...
Brooksie opted out of this picture…big surprise! Sometimes it looks like we only have 2 children. Ha! 

Trey took this one of us four! I think he did a pretty good job, a little blurry, but we're all in it! 

Jill and I laughed when we came out of our bathrooms this morning and saw what we were wearing. We looked like we planned it! So many people have since seen this picture and commented about how much Jill and I look alike as well, like we could be sisters. And I always tell them that we ARE! She is my heart. And this time together was truly refreshing. She just gets me. And not only can we talk about anything & everything, but we just have the best time together! I love her and her awesome family so much! We are already planning our Spring Break here in Colorado! Is it too early to start counting down?! 

After checking out, we hugged, hopped in our cars, and started heading home. But of course we planned a stop for lunch at the Oasis. Once again, squeezing every last second out of our trip. Then came more hugs, the goodbyes, and the tears. Always the tears. 
Thank you Sloothaaks for an amazing week! Every last second AMAZING! We love you!

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Jill Sloothaak said...

Love you, my friend. Times a million and infinity. Wish we could do the week all over again! Every last second was perfect! From the shoeless man in Wal-Mart to the late-night chats. Grateful for every memory made with you!