Monday, August 25, 2014

Dykhouse Weekend!

We were SO happy to have the Dykhouse family visit us for the weekend as a stop on their cross country trip from California to Michigan! It had been a couple of years since we had seen them, but when we saw each other again, we picked up right where we left off! Friendships like that are just treasures! Pure gifts from God! We had the best time with them, relaxing around the house, playing, swimming, and just doing life together! 
5 boys age 6 and under is an insane amount of energy, but SO, SO good! 

We had the Krauths over one night for a little cook out! We were so blessed to make life long friends at Calvin. We pray that our boys will one day choose to go to Calvin as well. Our pocket books may not appreciate that choice, but the relationships that we pray that they will build there will be priceless! We'll see where God leads them! 

The kiddos eating dinner! 

Movie time while the adults socialize! 

I absolutely LOVED getting to meet miss Elleen Dykhouse! I did a lot of just holding her and snuggling her over the weekend! She is absolutely precious! And I treasure my girly time with my little "nieces"! 

Boys will be boys! They found rolly pollys and were feeding them apples! 

Betsy let me accessorize sweet Elle. After a few different bow options, I settled on this one. I have to choose the PINK when I can! 

Nolan loving on little Elle! I hope that he will always be sweet, kind, and gentle with the women in his life! 

Arie and Heath being silly little monkeys! 

Jack and Heath definitely hit it off! They both have a little bit of a mischievous side! But at the same time are as sweet as can be! Nolan chose to ride with Auntie Betsy and Uncle Ben and Arie on this ride! He loved their mini van and of course, their company! 

This girl. She is simply the best. So kind, so generous, so thoughtful, so fun. Love her! 

And these two. Teammates and buddies. 

Dinner at IHOP with 6 kiddos! A wild ride but OH SO FUN! Funny Face pancakes all around! 

I think they liked it! Thanks Dykhouses for treating us to a yummy dinner! 

We played a lot of ball this weekend. That's what happens with a house full of boys. Even the big boys NEEDED to get in on the action. A little Sonic and front yard football to end our last night together. 

6 kids are loud…throw in Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and the noise level is through the roof! Ha! 

Our attempt at getting a photo of our 5 boys...
Heath was not having it. And Brooks would not stand still for the photo. So these are the best we got. Silly, silly, silly! 

They were attempting to show how old they were. 6 (Nolan), 5 (Jack), 4 (Heath), 3 (Arie), 2 (Brooks), and less than 1 (Elle). That's a lot of kiddos! A lot of fun! And a lot of LOVE! 

Thanks Dykhouse family for stopping and staying with us for a few days! We sure love you a lot and wish we could see you more often! Lots and lots of LOVE to you friends! 


Jill Sloothaak said...

Love this post! That pic of you and Betsy is a keeper! And, I will pray with you that your boys attend Calvin -- they can come over for home-cooked meals and laundry and love!! :)

B and B said...

I hadn't done any blog reading in almost 2 months... finally came to catch up and this was the first post! How fun! We had the best time with you guys... so glad it worked out to reconnect! Thanks for graciously hosting us during your crazy busy summer. Xo