Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a fun and full Easter this year. After being up all night with a puking Brooks, we had to rally for the Easter Bunny's visit, church, lunch at the Jansen's, and the famous Easter Egg Hunt! We were happy to have the Sloothaaks here to enjoy all of our Easter traditions with us! 

The boys were anxious to hunt for their Easter Baskets the second they woke up. So they quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to start looking! 
Heath found his under the TMNT blimp in the office! He got a MLB 2015 sticker book, some candy, Nike socks, and a NFL Lego guy. 

Trey found his in the front room cabinet. He got a MLB sticker book too. 

Rowan's was behind the living room chair. She got a new lamb Beanie Boo…her favorite! 

Nolan's basket was hiding in the dining room!  
He got Nike socks, a Dinger Lego guy, and a binder to organize his baseball, football, and basketball cards in! He had been wanting one for awhile now. That Easter Bunny is GOOD! 

And Brooks' was in the ball basket. 

He was still a little under the weather, so we helped him find it and check out what the Easter Bunny brought! Brooks got a Big Hero 6 DVD, some Tiny Teammates, Nike socks, and candy too! 

When we were all dressed and ready we headed out to church. It was nice to bring the Sloothaaks to the church we have called home now for almost 12 years. It was also nice to be able to celebrate our risen Savior together. It's because of His great grace that I have this amazing girl to call my friend. God has shown His love to me so awesomely through the true friendships I have been blessed enough to have throughout my entire life. Friendships that love and support, friendships that challenge and uplift, friendships that are honest and thoughtful and FUN. 

These two handsome gentlemen rocked on the front porch for awhile after church. 

And Heath got straight to work on his MLB sticker book! 
He was thankful for his beautiful assistant! 

Then we headed over the Jansen's for lunch. 
Brooks was feeling better and rehydrated! 

Eating lunch in the sun! 

Snapping Selfies with my girl! 

My two gnomes ready to hunt eggs!

Oma giving the rules! 

On the hunt! Brooks loved the sports eggs! 

Uncle John helping Brooks spot his next egg! 

So proud of his findings! 

Crazy legs on the run! 

His favorite color…ORANGE! 

This guy doesn't need any help anymore! 

We take this picture every year. Nolan loves his Oma! 

Another Selfie with my other girl! Love this sweetness! 

My main squeeze! 

Can you tell it was a gorgeous day?! The kids were all red and sweaty by the end of the egg hunt. 

Sorting out all the eggs at the end is one of Nolan's favorite parts. He was a good helper! 

The boys LOVE their baskets from Grandma! 

Silly basket heads! 

Oma gave them these cross stones too. Pretty cool! And thank you Oma, Opa, and Auntie Sue for hosting such a nice afternoon. We are so thankful for these traditions that make Easter one of our very favorite holidays of the year. 

When we got home Nolan and Mark got to work on his new card binder. 

And Heath put a few more stickers in his book. 
That evening we got Papa Murphy's pizza and just enjoyed a relaxing night together. It was such a nice day! 

We even managed to get this great pic of our family! I love it! 
He is RISEN! He is risen INDEED! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

We LOVED spending Easter with you!!!