Monday, April 27, 2015

Trey's 8th Birthday!

While the Sloothaaks were in town it also just so happened to be TREY'S 8TH BIRTHDAY! 
We were SO happy to be able to celebrate with him! 
Trey requested his Mom's homemade donuts for breakfast! Which, by the way, were AMAZING! I can't believe that I had never had them before AND I can't believe that Jill knows how to make HOMEMADE donuts! They were so delicious and very impressive! 

Of course, if you have a birthday in a Johnson-Jansen house, you get a BIRTHDAY CHAIR! 
What a cutie! 

Trey loves maps and geography, so we made him a WORLD themed birthday chair. We got him this new Rockies shirt and some baseball cards and Tiny Teammates too. 

The boys threw the football around a bit. 

And then we headed to Roxborough Park for a little hiking. 
This was another spot that we had not visited before but had heard was a nice hike with pretty views. And it was just that. 

The kids all had fun running ahead. 

And we had fun walking and talking and trying to snap photos of our busy kids. 

Love this girl! 

We came across this little stream. 
I was nervous Heath was going to fall in…because if anyone would…it would be Heath…but we walked away dry! Phew! 

Love these guys! 

Brooksie walked off and on, but enjoyed his ride on Mark's shoulders too! 

We thought that tree in the background was pretty cool! And check out the blue sky…it was just beautiful! 

After our hike we were all hungry so we stopped at Chic-fil-a for lunch. A fun spot for the Sloothaaks because they do not have them in Michigan. 
The cow just happened to be there too! See Heath's tongue out. He learned that from his big buddy Trey! He LOVED Trey and thought he was so cool! He wanted to be just like him…even copying his every move! 

After some yummy food and playtime at Chic-fil-a, we headed downtown to take a tour of Coors Field! 

We saw a lot of neat things. Some of the information was boring or over the boys' heads, but they still had fun checking everything out! This little stinker was full of one liners in the group too. He shouted out, "NO ALCOHOL!" and "BOO CUBS!" at two different times! We were so proud. Oh my! He keeps us on our toes! 

Up on the Rooftop! 

Posing with the Dinger costume! 

Heath wanted his picture taken by all of the cool things he saw! 

In the visitor's clubhouse!
Of course I had to snap my picture with the Cubs jersey! 

We got to walk out on the warning track. 

And sit in the dug out! 

The boys thought it was super cool to be sitting where the players sit during games! 

Dug out views! 
It was a very fun activity to do with all of these boys. And Rowan was a trooper to go along for the ride! 

Later that evening we had dinner at IHOP…Trey's restaurant of choice and my boys were VERY happy with his choice! It's their favorite too! 

And then I baked Trey these cupcakes for dessert! 
Nolan picked out blue and orange for "the Tigers or Broncos or Bears". 

I'm pretty sure the kids all loved them! 
It was a very full and very fun day to celebrate one of our favorite 8 year olds! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

Such a special day for our birthday boy! The weather was perfect, the activities were right up his alley, and we got to spend it with some of our very favorite people! Love you for loving him so much!!