Sunday, April 19, 2015

Castlewood Canyon Hike

While my family was in town we decided to spend a beautiful day hiking. I had heard of Castlewood Canyon, but we had never been, even though it is only 20 minutes from our house. So this seemed like the perfect adventure for a Colorado Spring Break! 
Let the adventure begin! 

The boys

Brooksie & Grandma

The Newlyweds

On our way up! {We didn't find out until weeks later when we checked a map, but we ended up picking a "difficult" hike- it was a straight up climb at first, but wasn't too long and had lots of cool rocks and caves along the way. So we stopped plenty and it didn't seem too tough. Although their was some huffing and puffing from our city slickers! But they did great! Even the littles!}


This kid loves to climb! 

A kid at heart! 

This is such a cool shot that my sister got! 

Love this woman! She has been such an incredible example to me as a mom! The best support and so much fun! The perfect mix! 

The best we could get of the fam! 

Love this picture of Nolan. How does he look so grown up and so cool? He is the cutest thing! 

Momela and her girls

Momela and her #1 S.I.L! hee hee hee! 

Grand-Momela and her boys! 

Glad I have this guy to do life with. 

And this guy is pretty cool too! {Don't I look bad ass? Ha! I was trying.}


making our way back down…
following their leader

We made it! 

It was such a fun day! I love that our boys love to be outside exploring in nature and it was so special to share it with Grandma, Auntie, and Flobby this day! 

And of course, we were missing my Dad, Grandpa, so on the way home, Mark pulled over on the side of the road so that my Mom could snap a pic with this sign from his favorite town. Don't ask me why it's his favorite. I don't know. But for some reason Randy just loves himself some Franktown! If you know my Dad, you know this makes all the sense in the world! Ha! Love you Dad! 

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