Wednesday, September 30, 2015


And then there's this one…Brooks Wesley started Preschool! 
He is going to South East Christian just like Heath did. Only he is going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. One more day than Heath did, because it's what works best for my teaching schedule and our "Oma Daycare" schedule as well. He has the same teachers that Heath did for 3 year old Preschool though, Ms. Brigette and Ms. Nancy. 

Brooks is our wild, stubborn, shy, introverted, baby of the family! So, needless to say, we were a little nervous about how he would do in school. But we needed to push him to be a bit more independent, to encourage him to be social, and to give him fun experiences that are away from family. We knew that he needed to go to school and learn and play alongside his peers. But that didn't make it any easier for this anxious Mommy. We pray that he lets his funny, sweet, thoughtful, and bright personality shine! 

He had an Open House a few days before he started to check out his classroom and meet his teachers. 
I snapped these pictures of him before we went. 
He was VERY proud of his new Mickey Mouse t-shirt! 

And I got some great shots of him! 

When he wants to pose he has the BEST smile! 

He sure is a looker! 

He loves his new ORANGE camo backpack too! 

When we got to school, he was nervous to go into the classroom, but he warmed up and played with Mark and I. 
He liked the blocks. 

And he did all the puzzles! 

 He really liked this shape puzzle too. 

He was quite proud of his work!

Then we checked out the Housekeeping Center. 
He set the table and fed us! 

And of course, we needed to check out the playground too! 
He carried his folder everywhere with him! 

His favorite part was the basketball hoop! He picked up the only ball he could find and shot some hoops! 

Brooks sure is the apple of our eyes! And we know that he is LOVED and cared for at school each day! 

Brooks' first day goodies...
When I saw this Orange pack at Target I just knew I had to get it for my ORANGE loving kid! 

I still can't believe he is a Preschooler! 

Apples for his teachers! 

Ready to head out...

So proud of himself in another new shirt! 

 And he LOVES his new Avengers water bottle too! 

First day of school! All 3 boys were ready to go! Mark drops them off now that I'm working in the mornings, so he snapped this picture before they left! 
I just love the look of their 3 backpacks hanging in the front room. I pray for the amazing things they'll do at school each day- helping, loving, learning, laughing. So many fun opportunities for them! 

So the first day went fine. He was observant and shy. But each day he has warmed up more and more. We are celebrating every small victory: eating his lunch, sitting criss cross applesauce, participating in circle time, playing ball at recess, making friends in Gibson and Lyla, etc! And we are praying that he continues to let his light shine! That he takes risks, and lets loose, and makes progress each day! 
And we are setting goals each day as well: to try something new, to do some art work, etc. We sure love this guy and know that he is created perfectly in God's image! He will use his strong will and sensitive heart to do so much good in this world! And we are so thankful that we have 2 years of Preschool to grow and develop and gain confidence before Kindergarten! 

A few fun things from the first 3 weeks of Preschool: 

Stuffed Animal Day:

Alphabet Practice! 
Brooks always has stories to tell us about his day, mainly about his teachers. "My teacher say Follow Me!" "My teacher say, No talking. Eat!" It's very cute. So we know he's listening and taking it all in! 

Picking up his brothers from school! 

All 3 ready to head out to school on Grandma's Birthday! 
Aren't they adorable?! 

Well, check back for school updates throughout the year! I just know I'll look back and think "WOW their progress is amazing! Look what they've done!" We are so happy that they have great schools to go to, teachers who love them, and friends to have fun with! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

Goodness gracious, he is a cutie!! Can't believe he's big enough for preschool, but so excited for the fun he will have and the things he will learn this year. Preschool is big stuff!!