Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Our Chicago Friends"

While my family was in town Nolan kept referring to them as "our Chicago friends" when he would talk about them all as a whole. He just LOVES them and gets so excited to have them here and a part of his everyday life! Here are a bunch of random photos from their visit with us!
Auntie hearts her babies!

Nolan was waiting for Uncle T. to come so that they could take apart and put back together this lego like Spiderman. It was funny to watch them together. Tyler was reading the "menu", as Nolan calls the directions, and working seriously to put the tiny pieces together. And Nolan was talking, talking, talking and asking him a million questions. Tyler just tuned him out until he was ready to have Nolan help with a part. But that didn't stop Nolan, he just kept jabbering away even when not acknowledged!

Uncle T. and Heathy reading books after bathtime!

Photo Bomb!

Tyler got Brooks this little Northwestern sleeper for Christmas. Northwestern class of 2001, Northwestern class of 2033?

Saying goodbyes before dropping my brother and sister off at the airport.

Grandma & Grandpa sent Brooks our favorite Lou Malnati's pizzas as a BIRTH day present. Even though he's not able to eat it now, he will learn to LOVE it someday! And this gift made his Mommy so so happy!!! Yum! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

And here they are with their THREE grand SONS!

Brooksie and Grandpa before he left.

My Mom was here through New Years Eve so we partied with her into 2012!
We always take a picture together on each of her trips to Denver. We figured out that she was here in Denver for over a month total in 2011! That's a lot of time...and we LOVE it! If only we could get her to move here!

We had a New Years Eve Happy Hour with Mark's parents.

And then we ordered Chinese Food and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve.
It was low key and uneventful, but about all this new mama could handle.

And early the next morning we had to take Grandma to the airport to head back to Chicago. As each "Chicago friend" left Nolan would give them the sweetest yet saddest hug, with his head hung, his bottom lip puffed out, and a wimpery voice he would say goodbye. He was so sad to see them go! But we are already looking forward to a week with Auntie and a week with Grandma for Spring Break in March! And then we'll head back to Chicago in May. We wish we could spend more time with them all, but we are so beyond thankful for the fun times we do have with them throughout the year! We couldn't ask for a more loving, supportive, and fun family!

Thanks for visiting "Chicago Friends"! XoxoxOxo

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