Monday, January 23, 2012


This boy LOVES himself some cereal!
He would eat it for every single meal of the day if I'd let him! He goes into the kitchen and points to the cereal cabinet at any given hour of the day! And since he can't say "cereal" yet, he makes a slurping noise when he wants it, like he's slurping the milk from the bowl.

Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries are his favs! But really he'll eat any kind...except for Raisin Bran. He likes raisins alone, but I think it's the bran flakes that just aren't doin' it for him!

I just couldn't resist posting these pictures of him eating his cereal! He devours it. And asks for more and more and more! He is a master at the spoon and he even picks up the bowl and drinks all the milk. Every. last. drop!

And one more thing he loves...
I loved how he set up his mini Buzz' in this little window sill...I just had to snap a photo! We have a total of 9 Buzz Lightyears of many different varieties hanging out around the house! And Heath loves to play with them all together. They sit with him at dinner, watch t.v. shows with him, and are taken in the car with him for almost every trip.

Love this funny little guy!


jillsloothaak said...

Sweet Heath! Auntie Jill L-O-V-E-S cereal too!! When we come to visit this summer, can I eat cereal with you??? We can slurp our milk together! Love you!

pamnrandy said...

I love Heathy!!!