Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Around the House...

With a newborn, life is busy, but we don't get out as much as we used to. I do take all 3 boys out by myself. We run up to Target, get groceries, or do a quick errand. But it is a lot of work and has to fit in around Brooks' feeding schedule. And thank goodness for all the new toys we got for Christmas and Birthdays...they sure have kept us busy and having fun when we are stuck at home!

Here are a few photos of life around the house these days...
We've tried to get outside a bit even on the chilly days!

We've had crazy weather...one day a snowstorm, the next day almost 70 degrees!

Nolan and Mark built a snowman!

Nolan was so proud of their creation!

He LOVES throwing snowballs too!

And we've spent a lot of time in the tub...
warming up and getting clean while having fun!

We got some new bath toys for Christmas from Auntie Mal so that has added to the fun!

And I saw this great idea on Kelly's Korner blog:
Glow Sticks in the bathtub!

The boys had so much fun and would have stayed in the tub for hours! It was like a rave!

It was cooler with the lights off, but they also enjoyed dumping the glow sticks in and searching for them with the lights on.

You can find glowsticks pretty cheap in the Target dollar bins from time to time but these also came courtesy of Auntie Mal. She's always good for some fun random gifts!

And finally, I just threw in this pic because I think it's too darn cute! But the boys have spent a lot of time playing together in their room. They love to go on the top bunk and bounce and throw all of Nolan's stuffed animals down. They laugh and think it's hilarious! Their mom, on the other hand, DOES NOT think it's very funny. It's naughty and messy, but there really isn't anything else more joyful than the sound of your 2 boys having a blast together! Even if it adds 10 minutes of cleanup to our bedtime routine!

So there ya have it...our terribly exciting life these days! And I'm finally starting to get caught up on blogging with all this time spent at home. Just a few more posts planned and all of my pictures will be shared! Yay!

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