Saturday, December 20, 2014

Poco a Poco

Nolan just finished his first semester of Colorado Community Aurora's Children's Choir- Poco a Poco. 
This last month has been full of choir rehearsals, even having to double up one weekend because we had missed a week. But he really enjoys his time in choir. He has a great voice and so I'm glad that he steps out of his comfort zone to sing in front of large groups of people. He can be shy but loves to sing! 
Here he is before his performance last weekend. He had three hours of rehearsal and three performances. 

Here's just a quick clip. It was hard to get good video of him when he wasn't being blocked by other heads. 

Followed by an afternoon of Christmas caroling at a Denver Homeless Shelter. 
It was my weekend to volunteer, so I carted around these 5 carolers all day! Nolan and Liam made each other laugh the whole time. The three crazy girls in the back were wild and giggly all the way down Colfax. (It made me thankful for my boys! Ha!)

Caroling at the Homeless Shelter was such a great experience for these kids. They witnessed first hand what it was like to have little food, clothes, shelter, money, etc. But what they witnessed even more were people singing praises to God despite having very little of value in life. Hearts open. Happiness. Smiles on their faces even though they don't have a hot shower, a change of clothes, and a comfy bed each day. It was such a good learning experience. And I'm so happy that Nolan was able to bless this group of people and that I got to be a part of it! 
It was crowded and hot and the smell was less than stellar, but the kids handled themselves so well!

After caroling we all went back to the church for a choir Christmas party. 
I helped serve lunch and run a game. And Nolan did his thing with his friends. It was cool to watch him have fun and do his thing with this group he spends so much time with. 

We also just got an email today from his choir director saying that Nolan was 1 of 5 kids chosen to win choir awards. The kids can earn awards for showing respect, honor, effort, and "singing to an audience of ONE". We are so proud of him for doing his best and earning this award! 

We have a few weeks off, and then rehearsals will resume for second semester. It's neat to watch your kids explore their talents and stretch themselves in new ways. I pray in everything that my boys will be happy and confident and will use their gifts to serve God each day! 


Barbara Jansen said...

We love that Nolan is a singer like his parents! So fun to watch him perform and to see him serve the community! Proud of you Nolan!

Cara S. said...

What a cool opportunity for Nolan to experience at the homeless shelter. And, Auntie Cara WISHES she could sing like you and your Uncle Marky!

Jill Sloothaak said...

Love this precious boy! What a special, God-given talent he has!